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  1. 20 or 25% I heard. Also heard that they’re thinking on having it all opened by summer. But that’s in passing watching the morning news.
  2. The fee of using the ****ty ass platform known as Robinhood.
  3. Oh, I got in at .12, rode it to .40, got out, got back in got out, then I started to ride ETC, got out of that, back in to Doge. Trying to flip between the two. Totally a gamble. And yes, my strategy sucks. It's a good thing I'm not reliant on this little pittance of an "investment".
  4. Yeah, I've sold plenty at a loss to move into something that's making money. Know what happens next? That investment turns into a loser too. Sell that at a loss. Rinse repeat. I'm not a good market gambler. I got lucky like 3 times. PLTR, AMC, CCIV. But every time, I sold on the way back down after when I could have taken more profit (cause I'm a greedy ****). Made a ton on Dog and ETC too, but then they tanked. It's a ****ing gamble. I do bet there's still plenty of volatility left in dog coins though.
  5. I think it's probably over. But now, I have an average cost of .65 since I was flipping between Doge and ETC so now I'm just chilling down a cool 25% or whatever. You live by the meme, you die by the meme. Gonna have to wait on that lambo.
  6. Tell them after the second vaccination that Trump will assume the presidency based on the third stanza in the 32nd amendment.
  7. The problem is that people are taking their outdoor mask habits indoors cause they're ****ing dumb.
  8. It's all about the ETC now. Dog is so yesterday.
  9. I mean Wilson didn’t injure anyone.
  10. Shoot, the Rangers are ****ed. Threw it all away because their owner is Dan Snyder level stupid. They are so screwed. Hahahaha it’s hilarious. Wilson is a swag god.
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