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  1. The ones in 203 and 240 are great seats. You just already have great seats
  2. Thanks for the update. I did get in touch with the ticket office yesterday and pre-opening yesterday there were two in my section two rows back and closer to the aisle (202 row 6, seats 5 and 6). But what someone said about ticket exchange is also true about transferring your tickets. Since they didn’t tell us about the relocation process occurring this year before issuing the tickets, I had already transferred tickets to a friend who then transferred them to his son. The ticket office said if I got my friend’s son to transfer them back to me, I could then call them to move. I figur
  3. Since 2005. Still nothing after the initial email saying I’d get another one last week. I tried texting the ticket office but no response.
  4. Hmm. I haven’t got an update since the one saying it’s Mon - Thurs with more info to come. Should I be worried?
  5. That’s awesome! Sign her up for some peewee football - American or European. Too cute. I’m glad it was a good time and well handled, too. Looking forward to games this year.
  6. I was surprised yesterday to receive a small package from BDA. Inside were two Washington Gold baseball hats and a pin! My first WFT gear! Funny that I just purchased a shirt during the 25% off sale on Tuesday. I think it comes today. Keep the perks coming, Mr. Wright!
  7. I don’t see any tickets for sale anymore. I can select parking but that’s it. Anyone else?
  8. You do not. I’m saying that if I’m going to be spending 4+ hours sitting directly next to someone that I’ve had no previous close contact with, I’d prefer to know we are both COVID negative first. For anyone that would not fill 2 or 4 seats with their own household, they’d be in the same position of either risking their and their guest’s health, buying a $100+ ticket and not using it, or getting tested to be sure you all don’t have it before spending time together. Comes up fine for me. Midfield is sold out now. Maybe you have your window time wrong? Call your ticket rep if you are stil
  9. So my window is open. Home side middle is gone. Also, they are only selling 100 level not 200. Plenty of seats left. Must purchase in blocks of 2 or 4. You can add more than one block to your cart, though. I am single and if a friend and I could get tested I'd go, but in Virginia (where I live) you have to have symptoms or need the test for travel or work. I guess we could lie, but that seems like...lying.
  10. I still haven’t gotten my refund check and got this email. I just ASSUMED when it said there was a Washington Gold option it was gratis. My god the nerve.
  11. FYI: Although it’s not on the online form as an option, you can call your ticket rep and ask them to send a check. Since I already had paid off my credit card bill, I requested that and they asked me to select “None of these” on the form. I also verified my seat location is assured for 2021. Same as you all, I have no interest (haha) in Snyder making interest on my money for a year. The WFT is definitely in need of anything close to decent administrative office management (probably all Allen was helpful with? (except for looking the other way or encouraging sexual harassment))
  12. I didn't get an email? Is it in Ashburn?
  13. I tried looking to see what's available now and it says "Your Upgrade Time Has Expired." Is it over already?
  14. Mine too! I am in 202 after being on the visitor’s side 200s. It’s such a nicer experience that although 50-yard-line seats would be my ultimate, I passed on the ones in 221 in the perfect spot. I just can’t bring myself to leave the home fans!!
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