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  1. I still haven’t gotten my refund check and got this email. I just ASSUMED when it said there was a Washington Gold option it was gratis. My god the nerve.
  2. FYI: Although it’s not on the online form as an option, you can call your ticket rep and ask them to send a check. Since I already had paid off my credit card bill, I requested that and they asked me to select “None of these” on the form. I also verified my seat location is assured for 2021. Same as you all, I have no interest (haha) in Snyder making interest on my money for a year. The WFT is definitely in need of anything close to decent administrative office management (probably all Allen was helpful with? (except for looking the other way or encouraging sexual harassment))
  3. I didn't get an email? Is it in Ashburn?
  4. I tried looking to see what's available now and it says "Your Upgrade Time Has Expired." Is it over already?
  5. Mine too! I am in 202 after being on the visitor’s side 200s. It’s such a nicer experience that although 50-yard-line seats would be my ultimate, I passed on the ones in 221 in the perfect spot. I just can’t bring myself to leave the home fans!!
  6. I sent an email to the ticket office and got this response very quickly: “Thank you for reaching out! The offer that was sent today is a "Today Only" offer. Anyone who buys season tickets today will receive and autographed Adrian Peterson jersey. The seats that are available online are not the best locations, our current Season Ticket Members will have access to the best seat locations during the upgrade program later this month. Additionally, with our new membership program, Redskins Gold, current members will receive random giveaways and exclusive access to gameday experiences. A
  7. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 13 years now. I definitely appreciate the changes Mr. Lafemina made. They were steps in the right direction to respecting us STHs. Discounts on food, honesty on ticket availability, the open-view bar area at the endzone and some action to slow/stop selling tickets via resale (StubHub, Ticketmaster) for extremely low prices. I am very concerned about his firing. I am one of those fans who did not attend the Eagles game. I could have gone, but really wasn’t excited about it. I asked my friend who was planning to go with me and she said she’d go i
  8. Yeah I was actually just letting folks who may be considering 100-level tickets that, at least for this game, they would have been able to sit the whole time as well. Everyone sat, 200s and down. (and I love the 200 level too!)
  9. For those of you who didn’t get your “season ticket benefits package” (the name for the box with the charger, USB drive, and pin), I stopped by the ticket office at the stadium on Thursday night and picked it up no problem. Both peanuts and popcorn were listed as 50% off for STH ($2.50 instead of $5), but none of the ones that listed popcorn at that price had it. The one place that DID have popcorn did not honor that price. Anyone else have luck getting the discount? Joy P.S. My new seats are awesome. Home side under cover but don’t even know it unless you
  10. You guys saying that even if you said Digital tickets were fine you still get a package? --Joy
  11. I got the email. Upgraded. OMG Sec 202 Row 4!!! I'M ON THE HOME SIDE BABY!!! --Joy
  12. My window opens at 2pm. Kinda wondering how this works. New process this year with receiving an email when the window opens...
  13. Yup. It was happening when I renewed on 3/1, but the story didn't get to me until the afternoon or maybe the next day that he wasn't at the combine. I always knew there was a chance his alcoholism would send him away, but I didn't expect this, especially right as the offseason gets going full swing needing its GM. (And I doubt it's his alcoholism at this point after reading today's WaPo.) Insanity. I feel duped. Still, I have to think I'd still renew. I'm a dumb die hard used to the abuse.
  14. Wow. That's disturbing. The only thing you may be missing are the visitors side 200-level seats. Make sure you go to Navigator and choose "Lower Level" so that you can also see those. There is still a pair in Sec 218 right now for example (not what you're looking for of course.) Thanks for the info.
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