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  1. Is the Carling cup now the Capital One cup?
  2. Just 4 hours to go! ---------- Post added August-31st-2012 at 02:02 PM ---------- Van der Vaart officially goes to Hamburg
  3. And Charlie Adams goes to Stoke ---------- Post added August-31st-2012 at 01:09 PM ---------- Guess they see their chance to surpass the Gooners
  4. Just saw a tweet from Fox Soccer that Tottenham have made a late bid for Dempsey
  5. From "2012 Redskins Roster cuts and what not (cut to 53)" thread
  6. Just saw that Iniesta was voted UEFA's best player in Europe.
  7. Nasri is a good player and he hasn't done anything too bad while at city (yet) but from his behavior on the international level it's clear that he can be a real douche. It appears most french players have an element of douchiness to them. So what are the team allegiances here? GHH=Lverpooll, El= Arsenal?
  8. Didn't catch the humor in your post, that's funny ---------- Post added August-30th-2012 at 02:00 PM ---------- I don't believe this happened without a pic :pfft:
  9. Yeah, I've come out as a city fan on this thread before. Before you call me out as a bandwagon fan I started watching the EPL in 2006 when I was immediately attracted to City and I've been follwoing them faithfully ever since. City has a huge following in NYC too
  10. Holy crap, City never catch a break during the group draw! Madrid, Ajax, and Dortmund is tough
  11. I haven't watched wrestling in a while but tonight has been great! Kane and Taker together again brought back great memories. Now I just need an Austin sighting and I will be satisfied.
  12. Mae Young's son was hilarious. Jeez, does anyone have less rhythm than Mick Foley?
  13. Glad Ernie didn't have the chance to give him this contract. He wouldve gave him $50 mil.
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