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  1. It's really annoying how damn likable Freddy Freeman is.
  2. I am absolutely fuming mad right now. This is the worst coaching from Davey yet in a string of just awful awful awful managing. We will NEVER win a play off series with him as the coach.
  3. I want him gone tomorrow. I dont give a crap about how well the team is playing. This is fireable.
  4. #firedavey #firedavey #firedavey
  5. Worst at bat of the season right there?
  6. Davey will throw him out there on Friday night if it's a save situation. I have no doubt.
  7. Holy moly that Rodney changeup!
  8. So Davey is still Davey, then? Cool. Awesome. Perfect.
  9. Matt Grace is hot, hot, garbage.
  10. You guys know anything about podcast?
  11. "See you upstairs later" Bob Carpenter sucks so gd much. The homerun was awesome though
  12. I don't think there's much Martinez could do to make me hate him as much as Matt Williams. Which is also why he is such a bad coach. He's so mediocre, he's so bland, he's so...Jim Zorn.
  13. When a walkoff extra inning win still kind of feels like a loss, because Davey gets to keep his job!
  14. FP just said the highlight of the entire 2018 season for the Nats was the fact the ballpark hosted the All star game....
  15. Tony twoooooo baggggssssss!!!!!!