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  1. Saints going white over black tonight, while we are sporting burgundy over white.
  2. Teams are now allowed 3 pants options plus the option for whatever your designated Color Rush pants are. So technically, our gold pants could be used as the color rush pant, if the first three options are already filled. Teams are also now allowed to use the color rush at any point in the season and also mix color rush elements (i.e. Color Rush jersey with a non Color Rush pant). With that being said, are we still going with the same throwback this season? I would imagine so, but I heard any news about it this year.
  3. One school of thought about Gibbs preferring to wear white at home was that he was influenced by his time in Tampa and San Diego. Tampa has been known to wear white at home often (not exclusively) and during the Air Coryell years in San Diego (Gibbs was the O Coordinator), the Chargers wore white at home full-time.
  4. The only saving grace this team has in terms of having a qualified GM want to come here, is that there are only 32 of these jobs in the entire world. THey are highly coveted. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it's starting to feel like Bruce's days could be numbered.
  5. My guess is that we will not see anniversary patches on the jerseys. The team usually reserves them for "milestone" anniversaries like 50th and 75th anniversaries. Although, we did see a 70th patch.
  6. I would not worry about this happening. The all gold uni is happening because the team was told it has to for the Color Rush program. Keep in mind the team submitted a proposal at the league meetings to allow teams to opt out of Color Rush due to "garish uniforms". Management wants no part of some Nike cluster**** redesign.
  7. Maybe now that the team is moving to this new template, they'll go back to a burgundy collar on the white jersey?
  8. The Thanksgiving nightcap is exempt from Color Rush as well (since it's branded a NBC/SNF game versus NFLN/TNF game). Here's a pic from last year's nightcap. Both teams have their regular duds on....
  9. When I first heard we had a Thanksgiving game, I thought to myself that we would not wear the Color Rush unis this year since Color Rush unis aren't worn during Thanksgiving games. Then I realized we play Dallas the following Thursday. I bet we wear the all gold then.
  10. If we go this route, I'm hoping we do it right with the proper gray facemasks, thinner 1/2" white stripes on the helmet, and the bigger helmet decal. Do it right or don't do it at all.
  11. Are these throwbacks something that is happening for sure, or your guess as to what may be happening? I would love it to be true.
  12. Yeah, I got excited when I first heard the news, then people in the know (Uniwatch, etc.), explained to me that it's really just a formality.
  13. From what I've been told, the burgundy on the team's marketing (t-shirts, merch and the like) used a different shade of burgundy than were featured on the unis and helmet. The official burgundy has been changed to match the burgundy on the unis.
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