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  1. Just curious; is anyone going to WrestleMania next year? I went to 21, 22, 23, skipped last year. Trying to decide if the big 25 will be worth it.
  2. Oh man, can you imagine if Cena would win the title this year after defending it successfully two 'Manias in a row (AND winning it the one before that)?! Predictions look good to me other than I think I have to take Batista over Umanga (as Regal would say). Wasn't it almost kinda weird seeing The Rock at the Hall of Fame ceremony?
  3. I only have the 360 version (which those uni's aren't in), so that's my bad.
  4. In Madden '08 the only uni options other than the current look are the ones with the spear helmet, and the plain burgundy helmet; nothing like what the Skins wore against the Giants.
  5. Just wondering what you guys think: do you like that the Skins virtually always wear white (tradition), or do you think they should normally don the burgandys at home?
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