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  1. Tbh...does it MATTER what GM we brought in? No matter who's running the football operations, Snyder's still running the business side. And Snyder sucks at business and organization. Unless you had a HOF level guy who was willing to go to war with Snyder to have full control (and the only guy I could think of who could do that's even theoretically available would be Parcells) and run the organization how he wanted. Just a regular old GM wouldn't suffice - you'd need a new owner, or someone to be the defacto owner like Stephen Jones is in Dallas (I don't think just a GM could literally rip t
  2. Indy might not have a choice. I think they are in all out rebuild mode at this point since we don't know if George will ever be the same. And the Cavs still have assets to offer. Waiters + Thompason + Haywood is defintely fair value, even if you factor in the divison rival factor.
  3. Dalton was around and they had the ammo to get him with 2 2nd round picks and a 3rd to play with at the time. They could have also traded down further, picked up another 2nd and change, and picked him late 1st. Kaep was also available, and Kaep is a good QB, thoug he's getting unfairly blamed for the 49ers relatively poor start (that entire team has fallen off a cliff kinda). You could have taken a shot with Colt McCoy as well, who isn't very very good but he would have been a reasonable developmental prospect without the benefit of hindsight. Shanahan appeared to be whollly uninterested
  4. If I had my wish, Ted Leonsis would sell all his teams immediately. He's one of the worst owners in sports, and he's damn lucky he lucked into Ovie and Wall. Imo, Danny is a lot better than him, because while Danny tends to suck at hiring competent managers, he actually wants to win a title and cares about the team's performance. Ted Leonsis literally does not care about winning beyond what's required to get fans in the seats and buzz in the media. He's a marketing guy, his expertise is not in building things, but in trying to market mediocre products with gimmicks and glitz.
  5. Yeah, I'm getting a bit scared now. Jay Gruden is a good hire on his merits - but so was Kyle Shanahan. Haslett as DC obviously scares me. I'm worried that Allen is a classic nepotist, and someone who's not results-based. That was the problem with Shanny, and I hope it won't be a problem with Bruce.
  6. Your score is: 3574 (Drafting Ability: A-, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 28 (ATL): Akeem Spence, DT, Illinois (A-) Round 3 Pick 23: A.J. Klein, ILB, Iowa State (B+) Round 3 Pick 26 (G.B.): Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (A) Round 3 Pick 30 (ATL): B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary (A) Round 4 Pick 22: David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado (B+) Round 5 Pick 21: Adrian Bushell, CB, Louisville (A) Round 5 Pick 29: Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas (A-) Round 6 Pick 23: JJ Wilcox, SS, Georgia Southern (A) Round 7 Pick 22: Braden Brown, OT, Brigham Young (A) Would have t
  7. The problem with RealGM is that you have what is the equivalent of a bunch of leech doctors and folk doctors pretending that they know more than the people who study modern medicine. hands11 pretty much does no actual analysis and just spouts off based on his gut tells him, but he says it in this jivey way that makes him seem like some old basketball sage, lol.
  8. Maybe. It's entirely possible that without RGIII, we're looking forward to next year coming off a 9-7 or 8-8 season with a young core of Morris Clairborne, Jonathan Martin and Russell Wilson. Not that I'd trade RGIII for all those guys combined twice over, but this team was on the right track long before he traded for RGIII. The point is, Ted Leonsis is bad at running pro sports franchises, and loves to pretend he's good at it, and vomits spin about how brilliant he is. Also, the thing with the Harden situation is that Harden is already a top 15, maybe a top 10 player, who's 23. I've seen en
  9. So is it significant that of the 3 teams Ted Leonsis currently owns (granted it's early for the Caps), all 3 of those teams are currently the worst teams in their respective leagues record-wise? It's funny how we've ripped on Danny for so long, but Ted Leonsis is several orders of magnitude more inept. And he's so much easier to hate, because of his Mitt Romney-esque ability to completely ignore reality and continue to regurgitate spin. Ted was lucky he lucked into Ovie and Backstrom to make people think he knew what he was doing.
  10. I'd find a way to package Wall to get rid of Nene. and hopefully get a lottery pick out of it. Or maybe even another lottery pick for next year. I'd see if I can make a Ves and Crawford package into something. Ves is 7 feet tall and has a few skills and is fairly athletic, can't we get something for him? Basically: Wall + Nene for Dragic, Dudley and Brown + Top 3 protected Suns pick which turns into unprotected in 2014 Probably not the best return for Wall, but we get useful players and a potentially high pick. Vesely and Crawford for a draft pick maybe? I'm not a fan of Crawford's sty
  11. The incompetence of the Wizards deserves its own 30 for 30. Also, I'm still bitter about what Ernie did to Gil - Gilbert in his prime was a championship-level player and we not only built a crappy team around him that amplified, not masked his flaws, we ruined his career after that.
  12. I think Wall can still be better than Russell Westbrook - not quite the scorer, but a significantly better passer and a guy who can guard 1s, 2s and even some 3s. Harden's talent isn't the kind of talent that pops off the screen like Wade/Kobe/LeBron, but he's an above-average athlete with excellent fundamentals and is just incredibly efficient. What's encouraging is that while his efficiency, while down from last year, is still quite high. 58% TS% on 28% usage rate playing 39 MPG on a fast paced team is really, really good with not even a credible 2nd option around him is really good. Nene is
  13. More or less. It's so hard to get to first tier, it's almost pure luck. Unlike in the NFL, where you can become a contending franchise just by making one balls of steeI move like trading a 3 first round draft picks for a guy who you think will revolutionize the NFL, or by drafting a stud QB with your top pick and building an effective system around him, or even just by drafting really well in every round and building a beastly defense with a game manager QB, doing it in the NBA is so up to chance that it's impossible to really plan. What if the Clips don't win the lottery and can't get Blake
  14. Honestly, could LeBron get that Houston team to 50 wins? That team outside Harden is about as bad as the teams Kobe in his prime had to work with. I doubt prime Dirk could. Maybe KD could? CP3 had sub 50 win seasons with better teams than that. KG got 50 wins out of awful talent but those Rockets don't even have anybody as good as Szcerbiak. Didn't Wade have a 15 win season? I'd say the only guys I can think of in the last decade that could win a lot of games with the talent Houston has is current LeBron, maybe prime KG, prime Duncan, and maybe prime Kobe depending on the strength of the con
  15. Title contention? No. But could we win 50 games with a healthy Wall, Harden and Nene? Maybe. And then, what else do we do? Wish upon a star that Beal can put up 25 ppg on .580 TS%? Hope that somehow someone better than Harden is up for trade in 2 years when Ariza and Okafor are expirings? Hope that we get Wiggins or one of the other studs in this draft? For all we know, we could end up with the 6th pick again. Think of it this way, the Grizzlies won 46 games two years ago, and were on a 50 win pace last year, and they don't have a single player on that roster better than Harden. And it's no
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