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  1. Aaron, just took a quick look, plenty of availability in both endzones both 100 & 200, also 106, 206, 216 - 218, 225 - 228, & 236
  2. I'm curious why it is that folks that don't have or don't want to pirchase ST's are so tore up over those that do? It's almost as if they are trying to justify their own decision not to puirchase ST's by convincing those of us that do that it's not a good idea. I have no issue with someone that wants to sit in front of their HD TV and watch the game, I couldn't imagine that it would ever be the experience I am looking for but hey, if that floats your boat, go for it. For me, the live game day experience makes it worth my money, yes, my money to spend as I see fit.
  3. Aaron, quite a few 200's ands 100's on the Visitor side last I checked...I'll lok again in the morning and update.
  4. Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones that sits in a section with many of the same folks week to week, no matter, it works for me and certainly one of the reasons I renew year to year that and the fact that IMO, nothing beats watching the Skins live.
  5. Hoover-ball hit it right on the head far as I'm converened. establishing a relationship with the folks in your section adds to the game day experience.
  6. My window opens later today, I need 6 together....what's my chances....LOL, ok, guess I'm staying in 112
  7. Hey DButz65, 112 is about 60% sitting and 40 % standing....I'll trade with ya anytime man LOL
  8. Littleyog, I understand completely and agree with you, was just curious as to your location. As far as those aisle seats, been in mine for 5 years and one could easily make a case that they aren't "all that" but my wife is handicapped so we make the best of it. Best of luck getting all this worked out with theTO.
  9. Littleyoug, I'm curious where your seats are located. After 40 years of ownership, I would suspect they are pretty darned good. tshile, in defense of the TO, in 9 years as a STH, I have probably emailed the TO 5 - 6 times and have never not gotten an answer, in fact I just emailed them last week (in tyhe evening) and got an answer the next morning.
  10. I like the moves so far and will wait and see what additional moves the Skins make before I decide but I think I enjoy the game day experience enough to give this a couple of years and see where it's going. And yes, I'm one of those people that like to know where I'm sitting and who the folks around me are...all part of the game day experience.
  11. Just got my tickets, never seems to get old, it's like Christmas in July ;-)
  12. I agree with LCA77 I have 6 seats for 8 years now, love where I sit, love the friendships I've developed with folks sitting around me. We like our beer guy (Teddy) and look for him each year, We like knowing where we are going and what is around us if we need anything. We like knowing how long it'll take us to get there from our tailgate spot. At the end of each season we confirm with each other that we'll return to the same location and it's part of the fun sitting with and interacting with those folks. It's not for everyone but that interaction is a major part of attending for me and my gro
  13. there's also the sun to contend with on that side of the field. Brutal early in the season.
  14. I think you'll love them much more intensity in the LL. We are in 112 and since the new Video boards were installed, the seats are great.
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