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  1. Coach Zorn was commenting on how his son was decked out in redskins gear and just absent mindedly stated out loud what colour his sons sweatshirt was. Thats why he said maroon, black and yellow. This is not a consiracy to change anything, just a guy who said the wrong thing by accident. I am going on record as a Zorn supporter, so besides that fact that some folks wont even give him the slightest chance to succeed (Remember when he said "I have done nothing to earn your respect yet"?), a mistaken refence to colour does not make him an idiot. Hid didnt know. I bet he does now. So sell your tickets and picket redskins park and call Coacj Zorn an idiot. I'd rather wish him good luck and continue being a skins fan and not a little hen.
  2. Even the burgandy on our helmets has changed slightly with the advent of the mettalic helmet paint. add yellow pants and call it a day
  3. has anyone noticed that the skins have slowly changed from the white socks with a burg/gold stripes, to a all burg sock? The burg. sock arrangement is for the white pants uni, and is sorta a holdover from when we wore white on white. It is bringing us luck during a late season run, just like the white on white did. Am I way too anal about thier socks? do you care? thanking you in advance...