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  1. So, after eight seasons, I decided to get season tix again. Why? Glutton for punishment. I feel like a whore...anyway one club seat with field pass, tunnel pass (never done that before). If one asks, "Why one ticket?", it's because no other fair weather fan that I know want to go and pay!
  2. How about this? T dubs becomes a coach and trains GC coming back with a MCL injury. How long would that take? With regards to Will's beef with the Skins: being a player is like being a contractor, if said contractor loses trust in his employer, contractor gone and gets a job somewhere else. 'Nuff said.
  3. I can relate. As long as I'm able, I will never give up my tickets. Uh-oh, I think my wallet is crying
  4. The preseason would be fine with only two or three games and if Snyder didn't charge full price for them. I've a friend who's a Steelers fan and he'll get tix for our preseason game for only 30 bucks a pop. I prefer white jerseys and burgundy pants which what Gibbs preferred too.
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