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  1. Can someone break down Pitts? Is it just a size/speed thing? Does he run excellent routes? Can he block better than the average bear? Because in my mind he plays the same position as Jimmy Graham. And I can’t tell if he’s more TCU Josh Doctson or NFL DK Metcalf hopefully that made sense
  2. @Thinking Skins I think it’s a simple as accuracy, especially on short throws. We couldn’t sustain drives, and Dwayne couldn’t consistently hit RBs in the flat. This lead to more 3rd and longs. Allen and Smith being automatic in those same throws has moved us from essentially worst/first in third down conversions, mostly by staying ahead of the chains. There is an element to the running game and Gibson improving here for sure, but to me. The accuracy difference is clear as day. Alex has thrown some back breaking INTs that have likely lost us games. But I’m more willing to p
  3. When did Spencer Kieboom retire? Saw that floating around Twitter today. Wasn’t he in the future plans?
  4. Jeremy Reaves back to back excellent plays at FS. Excited to see how he develops
  5. Should I be rooting for the Lions or Texans in regards to us having the best draft pick? I would think Texans so more teams have more wins, but I’d say more likely lions find a way to take a QB the Houston? help me find a rooting interest lol
  6. I think with Wall it’s that we know we aren’t winning anything ever so we’d prefer to lose with guys we know and love then get our hopes up that ‘we might figure it out’ next time we hit the reset button
  7. **** man. This is like watching RG3 tearing his ACL, knowing it’ll never be what it could’ve been. I know a championship wasn’t in the fortune but I hate to see it end this way
  8. You can't have success as a football team if you don't have confidence to be able to get even 1 yard or a 3rd or 4th and short. It's embarrassing. We don't even try to run in the red zone. I would expect us to run a QB draw before any sort of tailback even sniffed the ball if I was the other team in the red zone. And we haven't even done that this year! This might be what the league has been steering towards, but the decision not to carry a fullback when Scot says he's building a strong, tough,"know you played us" kind of team is baffling. It's basically punting on short yardage runs all
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