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  1. LLandryistheshiz

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Should be up to Taylor's family. Whatever they decide is the right thing to do.
  2. LLandryistheshiz

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/braden-holtby-and-then-we-got-mario-kart-tattoos "The interesting thing about that Pittsburgh series is that … honestly? I think we probably played better against them in the playoffs the year before. But for whatever reason, we got the little breaks this time. Game 6 in overtime, they ring one off the post. Three minutes later, we get a breakaway and Kuzy goes down and buries it to win the series. Honestly, the emotion that I felt when that shot went in was probably even more overwhelming than the emotion I felt when we won the Cup. I’ll never forget the feeling I had skating down the ice to get to Kuzy, knowing that we’d beaten them. It was just pure euphoria. People make a big deal about the hatred and the rivalry with Pittsburgh. But the reason why it was such an incredible feeling was because of how much we respected them as a team. I really mean that. That whole run, we were just playing free. We weren’t sitting around the hotel before the game feeling anxious and reading Twitter. We were literally sitting around the TV playing Mario Kart, acting like kids again. "
  3. LLandryistheshiz

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    Live look at LeBron
  4. LLandryistheshiz

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

  5. LLandryistheshiz

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    lol it’s really the only thing EA Dice consistently hits the mark on
  6. LLandryistheshiz

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    First video. Not sure how quality is but this is a classic sniping bout for me. About 4 minutes of ripping headshots for a 17-1 start up in their faces
  7. LLandryistheshiz

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Absolutely slaying BFV... not sure if anyone else is still playing lol. Thinking I might make a little youtube channel just for fun... although my projected audience would be myself and the 2 other guys I play with frequently Haven't made videos before... thinking about just doing a highlight reel from the last week or two of games. Anyone have experience making videos on PS4? @Chew? Currently ranked about #6900 (...nice) in score per minute on PS4.
  8. LLandryistheshiz

    The alliance of American football

    Players and Coaches I've heard of: Arizona Hotshots Rashad Ross (Redskins) Josh Huff (Eagles) Scooby Wright (Draft thread) Sterling Moore (Saints) Dexter McDougle (Maryland) Nick Folk (Jets/Cowboys) Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss) Atlanta Legends Aaron Murry (UGA) Denard Robinson (Michigan) Garrett Hudson (Redskins) John Kling (Redskins) Younghoe Koo!! (Chargers) Michael Vick (Coach) Jen Welter (Female Coach, Cardinals) Birmingham Iron Blake Sims (Alabama) Trent Richardson (Alabama) Amba Etta-Tawo (Maryland) Nick Novak (Redskins) 20 Alabama and Auburn players I've never heard of also on the roster. My favorite to be a pipeline for the kids who were the worst of the best and runaway with the league Memphis Express Zach Metterberger (LSU) Christian Hackenberg (PSU) Zac Stacy (Rams) Demetrius Rhaney (Redskins) Brad Wing (NYG, LSU) Mike Singletary Orlando Apollos De'Veon Smith (Redskins) Jalin Marshall (Ohio State) Terence Garvin (Redskins) Will Hill (Florida, Ravens) Josh Evans (Redskins) Steve Spurrier Lito Sheppard (Coach, Eagles) Salt Lake Stallions Matt Asiata (Vikings) Branden Oliver (Chargers) Kaelin Clay (Draft Thread) Sealver Siliga (Draft Thread) San Antonio Commanders Marquise Williams (UNC) Cyril Richardson (Baylor, Draft Thread) Joey Mbu (Draft Thread) Nick Rose (Redskins) Mike Riley San Diego Fleet Gavin Escobar (Cowboys) Damontre Moore (Cowboys) Mike Martz
  9. LLandryistheshiz

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    https://www.nba.com/wizards/john-wall-injury-update-2-5-2019 "Washington, D.C. – Wizards guard John Wall will undergo surgery to repair a ruptured left Achilles tendon. The procedure, which has yet to be scheduled, will be performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay, WI. Wall is expected to return to full basketball activity in approximately 12 months from the time of the surgery. Wall had developed an infection in the incision from initial surgery on Jan. 8 (a debridement and repair of a Haglund’s deformity and a chronic Achilles tendon injury in his left heel that was also performed by Dr. Anderson) and he suffered the rupture after slipping and falling in his home. The rupture was diagnosed by Wizards Director of Medical Services and Orthopedist Dr. Wiemi Douoguih during a procedure to clean out the infection. Wall averaged 20.7 points, 8.7 assists and 3.6 rebounds in 32 games for the Wizards this season."
  10. LLandryistheshiz

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    Continuity in an offense for a young quarterback might be the most important thing for them. And if your OC made him that much more effective than the guy before... you need to keep that guy for your QB. Kitchens probably isn't the best HC fit for every team, but I think he's right for the Browns right now. In the NFL, you don't have time for a young QB to master yet another scheme, just in time for his contract to expire. You need to strike quickly. He's also not a guy who was in football because his dad or uncle was a coach. He's self-made. Good hire for the Browns, in my opinion.
  11. LLandryistheshiz

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Gotta have them on weekdays to drive attendance, weekends will be well attended anyway. Player TBA = Bryce Harper or player signed with the money they would have spent on him
  12. LLandryistheshiz

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Idk about posturing, if it’s false it would basically be an outright lie; what team would want to work with Boras if he constantly did that? i think it’s more likely they put out a good offer they knew would be ‘under-market-value’... signed a bunch of other guys with his money, and acted like they couldn’t spend more on him, so they could say they don’t ‘need’ him. All the while knwoing they they would come back in with a stronger team, and be able to say, “hey we feel we’ve already got a great team with more weapons, and having you back would put us over the top, so we’re willing to up the offer to make it happen. Let’s win a championship” that all plays way better than waiting to see if he’ll re-sign before doing anything else, keeping you hostage with the same team he was just on. hopefully this is a master stroke by the FO; and I don’t sound like an idiot a week from now
  13. Doesn’t say if they were fired or resigned... any chance this is a power play from those execs to say to the league/owners that they’re beyond repair, and don’t want their name attached to this sinking ship of a franchise?
  14. LLandryistheshiz

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Terrible use of assets. Was playing above his contract with another year of control. But sure, let’s cut this guy. Now we traded a 4th for a garbage 1 year rental in haha, to replace Nicholson who was just arrested, and DJ is cut, so we can’t even get a COMP pick when he signs elsewhere.