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  1. ^^ @Kurd Cudins Mitch Hedbergs jokes were the original tweets he would be thriving
  2. I’d just like to clarify that my point about Brady/Manning was more about the NFL and QBs gaining power and general im not endorsing us to trade for those same people, or that it’s good for any team per se. just pointing out that it shouldn’t be surprising the QBs in that elite tier are finally using their leverage to get what they want instead of playing the teachers pet also I want no part of Darnold. Give me Winston over any of these scrubs we’re talking about trading for. At least he’s performed at a high level. He’ll I’d rather rock with TH and KA
  3. idk why this is surprising. Yeah it’d be nice if they would just follow orders and play where they are but that’s not the world today. this is becoming the NBA at QB. We all know the value of QBs, and they’re finally coming to realize the power they have. Brady and Manning both won by going to a new team that was ready to win now. And they were able to bring in their guys and do it their way. who, at the top of their craft like Wilson or Rodgers, wouldn’t want that? Anyone at that level of play has enough ego (or experience) to believe they could do the same
  4. Guys we haven’t really seen Winston play post-lasik. This man has been squinting since pee-wee, while putting up heisman numbers and then 5000 yards in the NFL Put him in a less risk averse offense than the Rex Grossman’s wet dream he played in under Arians and that’s as high upside as you can ask for compared to guys like Mariota, Darnold, etc
  5. I still play 13 on the 360. I actually prefer it to 14, 14 has a new engine, 13 is the golden years
  6. Historically games would come out yearly as the players at each team changed, it was a roster update. If that’s auto-generated, will be curious if they take a longer approach to this until they get the likeness. like just pump out seasons/content/dlc whatever over 2-3 years as opposed to every year
  7. Look if they just hook it with a dynasty mode I can play online with a buddy, it’s all I need. They can’t use likeness of players, so ultimate team business model won’t fly here it’s dynasty/road to glory or bust for this.
  8. The blacks face swapped with Mike Pence because everyone’s a secret Muslim
  9. I think we’ll exit this off-season with a consolation prize QB. Mac Jones, Jaime Newman, Tua, Tyrod, Fitzpatrick, Bridgewater, Winston, Jimmy G. Someone in that mold i don’t think that’s our intention, it we just won’t have enough to take a realistic big swing
  10. This is what folks are missing. Ron established the culture, and chase is cemented as the catalyst and team leader. As great as Deshaun is, that’s shooting your team and efforts in the foot. You have to find another package if he’s the goal.
  11. I think it’s obvious Ron wants to swing for the fences at QB. More likely than not, a trade. Ron brought Hurney and Mayhew in, rather than sticking with Kyle et all. He wants to be absolutely certain of his target, and the compensation ramifications. More experienced heads, with better relationships across the league, will help him decide what is likely the most important decision he’ll make in his Washington tenure. he’s not running this back with Allen/Heinicke/Smith. I’m anticipating a trade to the top 3, or a Stafford/Prescott/Ryan level move. They could swing
  12. New KOTOR is hype have the first two and the restored content mod in iOS. Plays like a dream on iPad surprisingly
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