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  1. I heard recently if you want to switch numbers you have to buy all outstanding Jersey stock at retail price easy for Landon Collins, maybe not Kam Curl lol
  2. If that’s the case it’s a failure. There is no way that is their intention. A backup plan, sure. Your statement makes it seem like that is plan 1a. At this guys size/measurables, which are according to RAS the 2nd best profile ever measured among drafted tackles, combined with his 35 starts at LT and RT, if he ends up a guard we need to fire our oline coach. scherff moving to G was one thing. He had agility/length concerns at T that we’re apparent before and after the draft process, and immediately at training camp. Cosmi has no such issues, and honestly, his height alo
  3. UKs post above is what I was responding to, might be the only instance in this thread. But it’s a common enough theme on this website and it drives me bananas lol
  4. Why are we always trying to replace guys lol. Kendall Fuller at $10 mil is a good deal now and in the future. He’s exactly the kind of player Ron wants. Guy can play outside, slot, and FS. He’s won a championship. And he’s performed at a high level, just not as consistently as we’d like. Guy hasn’t met a WR screen he can’t shut down. We’re so quick to get rid of guys on our roster just to sign other FAs on the market, or overrate the talent we drafted. The grass isn’t always greener lol
  5. Ron values position flex too much to not have a few RB/WR/DBs be able to return. I don’t think he’ll keep a guy that can only return and provide no real value elsewhere
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