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  1. I mean he could also play any random clones still out there too.
  2. If the ghost of Jason Witten could manage to still inexplicably get open the last 3 years or so, I’m confident Thaddeus can find his own holes in zones and enough flat routes on bootlegs, while being an above average blocker, to hold his own.
  3. His 10 yard split at 1.54 looks pretty good to me at 87th percentile. But the next PFF graphic says he takes forever to get going. which is it lol
  4. @Skinsinparadise love me some Dalton Keene. Can only speak anecdotally as a VT fan but don’t remember many drops over the years, and plays his ass off in every phase. Shows up when his name is called. he got a ton of reps as RB and FB in addition to TE. Very much a Swiss Army knife kind of guy. Someone that values versatility on offense and ability to play special teams will draft him without hesitation. Team called him Rambo, great personality and scheme versatility for a guy like Rivera imo.
  5. 1) We need to stop overrating Kelvin Harmon. Nothing should be handed to him. He’s decent, but he’s not the route runner Sims and McLauren have proven to be. Separation isn’t there. We learned with Doctson that a jump ball receiver is less valuable because of that. This is why we went after Cooper. He is an incredible route runner, just like McLauren. clearly this is valued by our staff. 2) we aren’t signing Cam Newton. We’ll sign a QB after the draft, or draft one in late rounds. 3) WR might be a pickup after the draft too, once the surplus of good ones get drafted, prices will come down on the average players still out there
  6. Don’t get the hand wringing over our depth signings. Gotta fill holes on the first, second, and third layers of the depth chart... especially with new systems on both sides. Scheme fit is imperative. we went from 2 or 3 legit 4-3 linebackers to enough to withstand injuries and create legit competition. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and if you have to start playing folks out of position (like we historically do), that’s when the good coaches attack. Would’ve like to shore up TE, backup QB, LT, WR. and FS by now. But there’s time for the market to settle and keep prices reasonable. No need to spend everything the first two days on guys that may not be worth it
  7. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/18/21185141/ps5-playstation-5-xbox-series-x-comparison-specs-features-release-date specs our for both. Seems fairly equal all things considered.
  8. I think a lot of folks would feel good having Cam as QB in a Vacuum. But that isn’t a realistic path to winning, given the scenario with our current QB investment and draft pick situation.
  9. We can of course literally afford him, what I’m saying is, from an asset allocation standpoint, you are putting yourself incredibly behind the 8 ball. 22 on cooper fills WR hole. 21 on Cam and you still have that hole, and a QB who will want a new deal and evidence that you’re building around him. makes more sense to build around a cheap QB, or pay someone next year when you can get Alex off the books much cleaner.
  10. We can’t afford Cam Newton this is useless speculation. We’re riding with Dwayne or drafting Tua this year. If Dwayne kills it, we stick with him. And if Dwayne sucks or doesn’t improve enough next year, they can get rid of Alex, and Dwayne, and bring in a rookie (with a top 10 draft pick), or a vet. We simply can’t spend $50 million combined on QBs and succeed. Especially now that there is an extra playoff spot up for grabs, the line between rebuilding and playoffs is even thinner.
  11. What is everyone seeing in Njoku that I’m missing? From the draft til now has he been anything other than fast with decidely average receiving stats? Can he even block? He doesn’t solve the issue we’ve been having at TE. It’s the same problem as Reed/Davis and he’s not even as good as they’ve been when healthy