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  1. Well ****, now we’re gonna have to pay someone else to take him off our hands
  2. Same here! Wasn’t that the game where Ramsey came in for Brunell and lit it up?
  3. Our chance to steal this game is now! Steelers playing without their starting RB for the 2nd week in a row, and now elevating a kicker from their practice squad. The stars are aligning " Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner is eligible to come off the reserve/COVID-19 list on Monday, but it still is considered unlikely that he will play against the Washington Football Team, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter." . . "Meanwhile, the Steelers on Sunday downgraded kicker Chris Boswell (hip) to doubtful for Monday's game. Matthew Wright, signed to
  4. Love the fact we got a prime time slot, 5pm on a Monday is perfect.
  5. If I see one more person speak in some sort of weird 2020 shorthand baby talk, I’ll punch myself in the crotch repeatedly. ps also doesn’t help that most kids haven’t been in school for close to a month around here, longer in some places. I have one at home, and he “ain’t learned nuthin wit dis mood all week”
  6. Or they accidentally won their only game week 1. And they probably won’t accidentally win against the Steelers this week.
  7. Any way you can mute Talib’s color commentary? It’s cringeworthy .
  8. Haskins is trash that should have been taken out at the trade deadline. Now we’re all subjected to 1/4 of ES’ers sticking up for him when they probably didn’t like him in the first place. I don’t understand where everyone keeps coming out of the woodwork for this guy
  9. We show up, and blow up two weeks straight. Blow up in the good connotation of the word. redskins: 27 Giants: 10
  10. I’d comfortably rate Haskins performance today a solid if not overly generous 2/10.
  11. Lest we forget Brock Osweiler.....
  12. I met Mark Rypien in 1992 at Chuck E. Cheese in Herndon. I shook his hand. It was huge. I was 9 years old. It was pretty cool.
  13. I will literally take anyone under center that is not wildly inaccurate like Haskins. He’s been terrible to watch through 3 games, and has shown no progression. I love watching football, but he’s one of the most difficult players to be excited about on the field Sunday’s.
  14. It’s unfortunate. Peterson was one of the lone bright spots on this team the past two seasons, and literally put the whole team on his back the year Alex Smith went down. I went to the Minnesota game last year. Wasn’t shown on Tv, but during a commercial break they announced Peterson, zoomed in, and got a standing O from the home crowd. Got goosebumps again thinking about it. He was really fun to watch these past two seasons as a Redskin, and deserves that gold jacket in a few years. Keep it classy AP!
  15. Here on the Outer Banks of NC, Red Wolves were reintroduced to the wild back in the 80’s. Still a small contingent near Alligator River. Red Wolves are a federally protected species, currently “critically endangered”. I like the name “red wolves” better than the others discussed, however what’s the connection to Washington other than a marvel character? To be honest, if we aren’t going to be the Redskins anymore, let’s just be Washington. Take a page out of the English premier league and just go by your location.
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