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  1. It is not impressive in the least that only 6 NFL teams have drafted more current NFL players than the Redskin have? Another way to look at it is 25 teams have drafted fewer current NFL players than the Redskins have. Not only have the Redskins become more draft centric, but the quality of the players they drafted is good enough that even if they do not make it here, get traded, etc., they end up on another roster. The Redskins are in the top quarter of the league when it comes to draft picks landing on a roster. I had no idea that was the case and am a little impressed by it.
  2. To me this is the biggest difference between this team and the teams the Redskins have fielded in the past. Although I am not a fan of Dan or Bruce, I really do like the change of direction the front office has taken towards building a roster. Whoever is responsible for that change of direction, you get a big thank you from me. The team is winning in spite of the attrition and I feel strongly that is because of the emphasis on building through the draft as opposed to signing older, more fragile veterans to lucrative contracts that more often than not, do not live up to their contracts. I know this is common sense, but this is HUGE in the grande scheme of things as far as I am concerned in how this team has lifted themselves from being an afterthought to a middling team, and even possibly a good team, depending on how you view their 6 wins against their 3 losses thus far.
  3. slaga

    Giants fan here

    No its not. I always want a lot more sauce than pasta on my plate...
  4. I am going to break the chain here. I think for once the Skins actually win a game they should win, although the Giants keep it closer than they should. 30 Skins 24 Giants
  5. Actually that is kind of the turning point though between the contracts of the 2 QBs. For $6 million more than the Vikings paid Kirk for 3 seasons, the Skins have Smith for a 4th year. The Vikings will be doubling down on Cousins or investing in a different QB during Smith's 4th year with the Skins. Where Kirk's contract ends at year 3, Smith's is only 60% of the way through its duration.
  6. You are correct. The contract is essentially a 3/71 contract for Smith with options for years 4 and 5. Washington has Smith 2/55, 3/71, 4/90 or 5/111. Which ends up being 27.5/year, 23.7/year, 22.5/year or 22.2/year respectively vs. 28/year for Kirk. At the 3 year mark Smith will have made 85% of what Kirk did, which his closer than I initially thought. It is a little murkier looking down the road though. After year 3, the Vikings will be looking to pay Kirk again or finding his replacement while the Skins still have Smith under contract for a couple more years at a much more manageable salary.
  7. 71/4=17.75 84/3=28 The author is saying that Washington would not pay Kirk $84 million but is willing to pay $71 million (implying almost the same) for a statistically less productive QB, when in fact Washington is paying Smith roughly 63% of what the Vikings are paying Kirk per year. On top of that, the Vikings fully guaranteed the contract, which is unusual in the NFL, and Washington did not.
  8. BFS, I am not quoting you because I agree/disagree with what you said. I just quoted a portion of the article I wanted to talk about. This is along the lines of @Califan007 thoughts that the author of this article is not exactly truthful. I am going from memory here but, ... A. Isn't Kirk's contract fully guaranteed, which is unusual for an NFL contract. Meaning if he is cut on Day 1, Kirk is still owed the full 84 million. Smith's contract guarantees total 71 million but it is not fully guaranteed. If the Skins choose to cut him at some point, Smith may never see $71 from the Skins. B. Isn't Kirk's contract for a shorter duration that Smith's? On a per year basis, is Kirk not getting significantly more money per year than Smith, in "guarantees", Leaving out these facts is intentionally misleading people.
  9. slaga

    **** the Cowboys

    Finding a way to celebrate the first 50 years for 2 years is just..., so... Dallas (lame). What is so significant about the an annivesary that would make one celebrate the anniversaries rather than the actual years themselves? Seriously no one celebrates their 50th weddding after 51 years of being married, except maybe Jerrah I guess. It just doesn't make sense.
  10. slaga

    **** the Cowboys

    Per Wikipedia, the league expanded to include the Cowboys for the 1960 season.1960 Season # 1 1961 Season # 2 1962 Season # 3 1963 Season # 4 1964 Season # 5 1965 Season # 6 1966 Season # 7 1967 Season # 8 1968 Season # 9 1969 Season # 10 1970 Season # 11 1971 Season # 12 1972 Season # 13 1973 Season # 14 1974 Season # 15 1975 Season # 16 1976 Season # 17 1977 Season # 18 1978 Season # 19 1979 Season # 20 1980 Season # 21 1981 Season # 22 1982 Season # 23 1983 Season # 24 1984 Season # 25 1985 Season # 26 1986 Season # 27 1987 Season # 28 1988 Season # 29 1989 Season # 30 1990 Season # 31 1991 Season # 32 1992 Season # 33 1993 Season # 34 1994 Season # 35 1995 Season # 36 1996 Season # 37 1997 Season # 38 1998 Season # 39 1999 Season # 40 2000 Season # 41 2001 Season # 42 2002 Season # 43 2003 Season # 44 2004 Season # 45 2005 Season # 46 2006 Season # 47 2007 Season # 48 2008 Season # 49 2009 Season # 50 2010 Season # 51 For the math-challenged foks. Looks like this is the 51st season for the Cowboys. Oh, and I almost forgot. **** Dallas!:dallasuck
  11. slaga

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I hate the Cowboys! How's that for a random thought?