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  1. 2 hours ago, Panninho said:

    You know talk is talk but there is some serious growth shown in these words.

    Total fluff/propaganda piece from the team.  Facts:  "Simba" sold "tickets" to his "draft party" to try to elevate the "Haskins and Haskins" (lol) brand, and wanted to be drafted by the Giants, threw a baby fit when he was not and his family rolled their eyes when the Redskins called.  This is not genuine at all.


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  2. Is this even real life?  here are Minshews stats with a pretty pedestrian supporting cast


    Record: 6-6 / TD: 21 / INT: 6 / Yards: 3271 / CP: 60.6


    Here is "Simba"


    Record: 2-5 / TD: 7 / INT: 7 / Yards 1365 / CP: 58.6


    So in EVERY measurable category Minshew was better than "Simba" and by a wide margin overall, yet posters would rank Simba higher?  He was one of the worst QB's to take a snap in the NFL last year overall, and its not even really close, and he compounded it by embarrassing himself over and over again.. sheeeesh (lol) :)




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  3. 1 minute ago, dyst said:

    If Haskins’ best is Alex Smith, we will need a new QB. Alex is a competent QB but no where near great. 


    Honestly this is an insult to Alex Smith, he took multiple organizations to the playoffs and had this putrid sack org with a winning record before the injury.  Haskins came in and laid out some of the most putrid stats for any QB anytime - so we will need a new QB :)


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  4. 22 minutes ago, MartinC said:


    I can only imagine Haskins backed over your dog or something. 


    I always get nervous when I see I was quoted by an admin :) Point being putting Haskins anywhere on the same plane of the universe as a QB who had like 1.5 vaguely serviceable starts against middling teams (in losing efforts before tapping out) against a QB who took his team to the Super Bowl is just not fair or valid for purposes of evaluation of the Redskins QB situation moving forward.  




  5. 12 hours ago, kingdaddy said:

    The Niners just went to the Super Bowl with a QB who is borderline average at best. 



    compare the stats between JG and "Simba" they arent even on the same planet, they arent even in the same universe - not even close.  Thats just the numbers, without even getting into the intangibles where "Simba" is off the charts embarrassing



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  6. My biggest issue with the work thus far (minus my well documented issues with the QB situation and how we now have not one but two flag football QBs) is that I think we picked up depth without picking up any real gamers (what did Scott call them, blue chip? Red chip?);  I actually do not feel like the team is any better talent wise than they ended the season last year, but perhaps the sum is more than the parts and these guys all fit in RR's grand vision ?  I almost wonder if they are going in for 20' being a development year and 21 being the year to truly compete.



  7. 1 hour ago, volsmet said:

    A rookie QB with a grotesque Oline, no veteran wr, no competent TE, an old rb nobody wanted, 3 rookie WRs, and a HC that wasn’t particularly good who didn’t want him .. ... he outperformed reasonable expectations. Nobody was less enthusiastic about DH, prior to the draft, than I was. 


    Fair play, but we agree then that its now or never, no excuses even if the team is not markedly improved this year talent wise


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  8. 1 hour ago, paloosa said:

     I guess Ron Rivera is going to be like every other coach that has come here only to leave with a losing record and never be a successful head coach anywhere else. 



    I am not exactly sure what their plan is for this year, I really believe they might be trying to stash away cap money for 21 which would be a clear tank for trev plan.  They have a 3-13 roster, and by all accounts havent really improved it any, picking up a stockpile of career backups.  I like Riverboat Ron but I think this is where not having a real GM costs us, and big.



  9. 33 minutes ago, crabbypatty said:

    It's got nothing to do with Allen-itis. I said yes they are roughly equivalent.



    wait what? - starters or not its not even been close - Dallas is far better than our football team in just about every measurable way over the last 5 years

  10. 49 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

    I put it on a combination of Snyder, Allen, Jay and Haskins. 



    You lived up to your namesake in this post; I am just so angry when I think about what Snyder has done to the org I loved that my posts often come across as NATT (Negative All the Time) :) agree w/ all points within for the most part



  11. 6 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:

    He flat out said he chose Mayfield over our QB situation so until we stabilize the franchise and find our QB good luck getting skilled players in free agency.


    I think this is a key point - our QB situation and lack of a serviceable option is now costing us in FA.  No skilled player is going to want to come here and let their career die at the hands of Simba.  Look at what happened to Terrys stats after "Simba" took  over for the season;  I think his attitude, demeanor, and immaturity probably also play into a FAs mental calculus, I mean who can forget the comical moment he was trying to "inspire" the O-Line and they were basically laughing at him - the dude is a massive joke to anyone thats not a complete Redskins homer.  Somehow even with this new regime, Danny is still finding new and creative ways to drive the organization into the ground - I put this mess 100% on Snyder.


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  12. 2 hours ago, BRAVEONTHEWARPATH93 said:

    I’m not totally convinced he’s no threat to Dwayne. The fact that they used a draft pick to get him convinces me even more. 

    I mean Kyle Allen doesn’t have the same pedigree but I think there is an argument that he was as good if not better than Haskins was last season. 


    Believe his total QBR was around 36 to Simbas 27 - so almost 10 points better, but they are both trash overall :)


  13. 1 hour ago, Alcoholic Zebra said:

    So Joe Flacco just got released.  His next contract (if he gets one) will be pretty cheap.  He seems exactly like the non-threatening veteran QB that can push Dwayne to work harder.  Provide "QB Competition" despite not actually...you know, being good enough to compete.


    Only thing about that is Flacco would SMOKE DH in a real competition.  There is no NFL QB you can bring in that wouldnt be "threatening" to "Simba"  and his sensitivities, now word on the street is the Redskins cant land a quality WR because they do not want their careers to die at the hands of Danny and his sons HS buddy Simba.. What a situation :(


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