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  1. 16 minutes ago, GOATFrerotte said:

     RG3 fandom was nuts, but he actually had value after his 2012 season. 




    This - I hate the rg3 / Simba comparison - RG3 gave us the most magical NFL year of my adult life.  For that season, we were the most exciting team in football, we played an insanely fun, electrifying style of football - the sky was the limit.  I hated the idea of switching to Cousins because I did not want to give up that Read Option style of football and that dream I had of havint this unique and fun player to cheer for.  We all know how it ends, but I keep my RG3 jerseys because that 2012 season was honestly the most fun I had with NFL football since I was a child.  I do think RG is the perfect backup for Lamar, and still has value in this league.


    Contrast Simba who clearly didnt want to even be drafted here, has played a boring style of bad football and had numerous off the field issues.  I dont see it being any comparison at all.





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  2. 1 hour ago, Warhead36 said:

    People choose interesting hills to die on.


    I had bet a few A&M friends that my meager salary would be more than "Junkie Football"'s NFL salary within 5 years;  a bold bet in its day as he had just won the Heisman.  They refuse to accept defeat under the pretense that Manziel will "rise again" in some near future to the NFL.  The denial there was strong as he also had major mental issues and additional clear substance issues going on.


  3. 3 hours ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    Great post that I want to highlight. 


    These Haskins apologists are going to look really stupid in a few years, at some point in time they will run out of excuses and others to blame for Dwayne's failures.  


    Agree - Its almost beyond that, its a sickness almost - a Simba Derangement Syndrome (SDS).  There were people clamoring on here for a "second, maybe third round pick" in exchange for Simba, are you kidding me?  This toxic stinkbag is worth nothing, zero - he is a depreciating negative asset.  I dont know if we have a bunch of Ohio State fans here or people who had sons who went to HS with Simba like DannyJr,  but there is no reason to get behind this debacle at this point.


    Even beyond that, when a few of us select S-tier posters called out this trashy behavior (and play, frankly) early we were attacked with vicious and vile personal accusations and character assaults by SDS posters who had never even met us before.  Some were so upset they demanded the "mods" come and censor our speech.  In their minds,  it had to be something personal - we had to be Michigan fans, or something.  Sometimes people just show you who they are, and if you need to run the labyrinth in your mind to justify their behaviors (draft night, terrible body language, social media debacles, losing on and off the field, lack of interest) maybe your missing the mark for some reason or another.  Most of them have sulked away at this point, which ironically, they said we would do when we were proven wrong by the great Simba - I hope they learned a hard lesson by their embarrassing behavior.  



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  4. Wow!!!  Not even able to follow basic health policies when the coach of the team is in the highest risk category for a bad outcome.  This guy is a sack of trash.  To all of you who viciously attacked those of us who were simply prophets and truth tellers about Simba (lack of) character, demeanor, and prospects - shame, I hope you realize how embarrassing that all was now.  I had just assumed his inaccuracy was him trying to make sure the WR's were socially distanced from the field; guess he was just bad.


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  5. Say what you will about Ron and the gameplan, X and O, time management etc, but the man is UNIVERSALLY praised by everyone he has ever come into contact with for his work ethic, culture, and integrity.  He is simply trying to build HIS culture here (in the middle of a pandemic, scandals, and with cancer) and "Simba" simply doesnt fit what he is looking for.  Simba was garbage on the field, and garbage off the field.  HIs "career" here is DOA;  barring injury I would bet big that he never sees the field as a WFT player again,  maybe gets taken on by a team as a flyer for a year before he lands ultimately in the XFL or a car dealership.  "Simba' doenst really want to be a NFL QB, he wants to be a Social Influencer - thats why you will always see him chiming in on "hot button" topics on social media, playing catch with other head cases like Antonio Brown (and then having the audacity to play GM and suggest we should sign the maniac), smiling and joking with other teams stars after blowout losses, and taking selfies during games.  The problem for "simba" is, to be a social influencer you have to be good, or likable, or funny - he is none of that - just boring and bad. 


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  6. Grant Paulsen posted some interesting stats on Twitter this afternoon - even with this somewhat uneven performance Allen outperformed 90% of Haskins games overall - and his drive sustainability was better than any Haskins led game.  Allen is the better QB by almost any measurable stat and obviously from the eye test.  Yes, we lost, but Allen did not do weird stuff on social media, get carted off the field with a "sprained ankle",  make strange excuses in the press conference or any of the other embarrassing garbage "Simba" did.  Thankfully, its over, he will likely never play another snap for this ball club barring injury.  At least Allen plays with heart, and contrary to what "Scott Turner" (fire him too btw) says, I will never begrudge a player putting their body on the line to keep a drive alive.  All said, as my friend above said, there are only non football reasons to want "Simba' back on the field


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  7. 12 minutes ago, mistertim said:

    And yeah that's the same sort of dismissive attitude Haskins had when he refused to admit that he stared guys down in the Browns game. That presser annoyed me too. Dude just refused to take responsibility for his poor play.


    Who can forget his mythical "wrist injury" after another one of his piss poor performances that just magically disappeared..  Seems like "Simba" gets a lot of ailments right around when he poops in his diapers - im starting to wonder if he needs to seek professional help


  8. 7 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    Sounds to me like they realize Dwayne’s a good dude, that has a lot of work to do if he wants to play in this league.


    Which isn’t far off from what many of us think.  


    I mean I don't necessarily think he is a "horrible human being with bad intentions" but I do think he is a spoiled entitled brat, with a extremely fragile mentality, who is not a good teammate or football player and has major issues including maturity issues and has not shown respect to his teammates or coaches.  I don't think he is Jeffrey Dahmer or anything, but I do wish that Snyder had never stuck his nose into our draft board :)



  9. 3 minutes ago, SoCalSkins said:

    A 5 day illness would require medical supervision for a professional athlete in the NFL.  This is all a farce. He came in to do the covid test so he stays in protocol so they can trade him. 


    This. I cant believe this is not being discussed more - either he has a major medical situation (hope not) or else he is coming in and saying "my tummy still hurts" knowing the doctors will send him home.  

  10. 20 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:


    Cause those people need to see the light.  We're just doing good work here.

    This! There has been a small elite group of truth tellers who called "Simba" from day one as a bust - a few called the entitled, lazy, bad attitude early on too. I find it comical that people are such hardened defenders of "simba" when it was abundantly clear that he did not even want to be drafted here (I cant fully blame him on that, btw).  Some posters got really invested and even attacked other posters here over the issue - personally, andwith baseless accusations; it was honestly embarrassing.  It was also hard to watch the desperation and subsequent denial set in while he performed at historically poor level and became more and more comically bad off the field.  I just do not understand how some of you cant see it -- multiple regimes want nothing to do with this guy. get enlightened darn it!!!!  At some point in the very near future everyone should have the choice between being a WFT fan or traveling out wherever "Simba" lands, prob 2022 XFL.


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