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  1. hahahahhha this is comical remember that time a player got drafted and then led a team to the playoffs? me either.  its over haskins humpers.


    --rolled his eyes at the team that drafted him

    --complained about not being drafted by a rival team

    --created some awkward some media presence and marketing thing with his dad where they had to do some weird cult ish

    --acted generally disinterested in playing football on a regular basis

    --explicitly stated that he was "not THAT into football" and preferred video games

    --arrived fat and slow

    --was universally criticized for not putting in the work to be successful

    --was so bad that people thought he was dyslexic or somehow mentally challenged

    --blames poor play on mystery injuries that come and go

    --takes selfies with fans during an actual game

    --attempts to become some form or armchair GM asking the team to sign highly questionable individuals

    --attempts to become some strange social media influencer 

    --offended multiple NFL vets including AP and TD

    --unable to absorb any level of criticism

    --frequently celebrating after losses, clearly no burning desire to win

    --agent releases a statement throwing the rest of the team under the bus

    --benched by coaching staff

    --relegated to inactive status by coaching staff

    --cries like a baby and has diarrhea for like 8 days 

    --still sucks at football

    --doesnt know how to take notes


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  2. 4 minutes ago, GothSkinsFan said:

    When you get beat by a 59 yard FG with 3 seconds left after your kicker missed a 43 yarder earlier, maybe the problem is your kicker (and running a reverse where you have no business doing so).


    Sure, alot of poop in the poop sandwich, but its undeniable that Young's mental collapse and boneheaded play directly led to the team losing the game.  


  3. 34 minutes ago, Daniel.redskins said:

     We should have taken Tua.  We would have a brighter future.  Young got manhandled today. 


    Yep what i was saying all along, if you watched him against real competition in college he was easily handled.  Oh and I heard he treats fans like garbage too.  Tua plays with heart and grit, wil be a great QB.  Great pick skins


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  4. hahhahhaa you guys, come on, this is getting comical.  Hes a bust - he sucks - he is trash on and off the field.  Ron is not playing 4d chess trying to motivate Haskins' fragile mind because he is this once in a lifetime generational talent.  Every comment about every player isn't a subtle wink to "simba" to "step up" - the HDS (Haskins Derangement Syndrome) is strong here.  Coach has enough on his plate than to spend cycles running a mental matrix to try to get this crybaby to put on his big boy pants and take the pacifier out of his mouth.  As the coach, he has the option to, you know, play the players who are performing to a level that is commensurate with his expectations.  The ONLY reason simba is even dressing for the game (if he isnt overtaken by Montez) is because of a catastrophic injury to one of the grown ups.

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  5. 38 minutes ago, mojo said:

    Aside from the off the field stuff, my problem with Haskins is so slow footed and awkward in the pocket.  He really a statue, couple that with his lack of accuracy on deep throws and its a mess.


    Lack of accuracy in general, the Haskins Humpers keep talking about this so called "arm talent" - its comical.  What talent?  He does not have a cannon like a Josh Allen and he CERTAINLY does not have touch like a Brees/Brady type, so what "talent" are they talking about.  Maybe the talent of turning the WR core into Ringling Bros trying to make circus catches all over the field.  Even his one "goto throw" of the short slant typically had WR having to break stride or jump all over the field to reel in his lame ducks.  He is a slightly above average NOVA flag football QB at best..  B league, not A league.


  6. 3 hours ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    Something tells me the passion to be great is innate, and either you have it or you don't.  I haven't seen much to suggest that Haskins has that innate fire, but we'll most likely get an opportunity to see if that is the case or not.


    This - every coaching staff has said in their own way he is a phony who isnt up to the task.  Sort of like leadership you either have it or you don't - this is why the OL was literally laughing in his face when he was trying to deliver his "motivational" speech - when you dont have "it" you come across as disingenuous.  People will always fall back to their default and his is not a highly driven NFL QB.  Cooley said it, you risk losing the team completely by putting him back in there because everyone "in the room" knows the dude is a chump who is far more likely to crap his pants on any given day than become a viable NFL starter.  Again, Ron has put the grown ups in charge, anyone who needs a pacifier needs not apply.  Win or Lose, I like the mentality.




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  7. "Simba" tanked his own "trade value" - no one wants this bust - not for a day 2 pick, prob not for a day 3 pick.  His own piss poor play and pathetic attitude dictated that situation, he is dead weight, a third string never has been who will soon be on the street.   Any commentary to suggest Ron (who again, has a reputation for integrity and honesty) or this team somehow under-minded this great haul we were going to get for "Simba" is just misguided.  he sucks, and everyone knows he sucks


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  8. 13 minutes ago, GOATFrerotte said:


    Cult of Colt was very Washington/Hawaii specific, like you can ask people do they know who Colt Brennan is and who drafted him and most wouldn't have a clue. But you're right about Tebow, he had far more success than Haskins, which makes Haskins appeal even stranger.


    I have never seen someone put in such low effort to get such an intense cult following, and these guys are intense - you hate on ol "Simba" and you get the kitchen sink back - they are super funny, but its one of the stranger things I've seen.

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