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  1. I am pretty much in agreement with @MartinC above..  I dont think this is some advanced mind warfare, I think the talent evaluators are doing their diligence on all available options (and who wouldnt on a potential top 5 QB) and the question was along the lines of "If we bring you in you'll be in a competition w/ our current QB(s) - that cool?".  My completely uneducated guess is that its still 80% CY (especially in light of his comment about meeting "Danny" (ugh ).

  2. 8 hours ago, joeken24 said:

    First off, I believe Haskins is going to be a helluva player. Those wishing him anything less.....we lets just say I normally get banned for replying to them, because I kinda know where it comes from. So I'll be like Marshawn and keep quiet on that bull**** so I don't get banned....



    Be careful with your assumptions and virtue signaling 


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  3. 1 hour ago, JamesMadisonSkins said:

    has a really mature air about him.


    you HAVE to be kidding 


    1 hour ago, Gibbs828791 said:

    I would pay 50 bucks to get into a party at a bowling alley to see Dwayne implode!


    $100 but Daddy will let you take a "Selfie" infront of the Haskins & Haskins Simba backdrop ;)


  4. What a complete and utter asshole - GTFO of here "Trent";  he literally slandered peoples names last year when in reality all he wanted was more MONEY.  The team stood buy him when he was suspended for doing drugs and this is how he has repaid them.  This was about  MONEY from day one and anything else he put forward was a smoke screen for his greed.  Seriously - get out of DC Trent



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  5. This villianization of Gruden is unfair and preposterous.  The only facts known are that  


    --he was overruled by ownership and the organization made the pick against his wishes (almost undoubtedly)

    --his job was on the line and he needed to win 

    --he felt that colt and/or case gave him a better shot at winning - at the time


    What there is zero evidence of:


    --Gruden had some type of weird "personal" grudge against DH (even in light of DH's multiple public "gaffes") (aka Gruden did not like him personally)

    --Gruden "wanted" DH to fail or to "ruin" him

    --Gruden is bad with QBs and his "system" caused DH to fail 

    --Gruden is back channeling with media now to try to make DH look bad (this one is beyond idiotic, DH dug his own hole with his attitude and performance)


    Now my personal opinion is that Gruden was not the right guy for the job, as reflected by the results, but I do not buy into this evil Gruden is the cause of all DH issues narrative


  6. 5 minutes ago, mistertim said:

    That's the biggest issue. Do you take a guy at #2 overall who has had an injury history going all the way back to high school? Who's had at at least 3 surgeries for injuries just since he's been in college? Do you truly think he'll suddenly turn into Mr Durability after he gets into the NFL? History seems to say it's unlikely. 


    I am NOT a DH guy, but seeing the injury history laid out like my weekly grocery list would give me pause too 


  7. 12 minutes ago, Stadium-Armory said:


    I think you're confused about the definition of sunk cost. It isn't about his play. It basically means "you've already spent that money it can't be recovered so it isn't a factor in future decision making".  


    Stadium-Armory summed it up well - my assertion is not based on my personal prediction about the future for DH (well documented in this thread) but rather just saying, DH is on the team, the pick is gone, its a sunk cost.  This pick should not be about reflecting on resources already spent but rather about what makes this team most competitive moving forward.  If the coaches and talent evaluators believe that Tua (or anyone else for that matter) is a top 5 QB for the next 10 years on the level of a Brees or Rodgers, they absolutely have to take him if they do not feel they have one on the roster - the position is that critical.


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  8. 12 minutes ago, mistertim said:


    Well, on the flip side of that one could say that it also makes very little sense to jettison a 1st round QB after only 7 starts when he played well and showed promise in his last few games. Wouldn't it be worth it to see if he continues to grow instead of immediately spending a #2 overall pick the next shiny object when there is a potential generational pass rushing prospect sitting in your lap there?




    For better or worse, Haskins is a sunk cost - the biggest mistake any organization can make is to double down on a gaff or stubbornly stick by a bad decision.  QB is hands down a more impactful position than EDGE in todays NFL, and IF the coaching staff (for whatever reason) does not believe that DH has the stuff to take this team to the next level and if the staff does believe that Tua has it, they have to pass on Young and go to Tua.

  9. 33 minutes ago, KDawg said:

    Instead, I read that Dwayne doesn't really watch football because he doesn't love it. Which is okay, but it puts you way behind the 8-ball. 



    Another classic Haskins quote - that actually came out of his own mouth - something along the lines of "I like football but not THAT much, I prefer to watch netflix when im not in the building".  If Tua is there, you take Tua - but anyone expecting to get a 2nd round pick out of a guy that has known attitude and work ethic issues and put up a pathetic 27 QBR last year is out of their minds - you keep him on his rookie contract as a cheap backup/insurance policy for Tua.  Right now my guess we would be looking at a 4th or so to unload him.



  10. 7 minutes ago, skinbuck said:

    Another day, another turdish soundbite from Burrow, this one on twitter. "Considering retirement after I was informed the football will be slipping out of my tiny hands. Please keep me in your thoughts."


    He continues to make Haskins look mature and Aaron Rodgers secure..



    Really?  Id hate to see what you would think about Haskins, cause that comment is about 1/10000th as turdish as half the stuff on Haskins pages.  Also scroll down a bit and its 95% team, WE (often capitalized), us from Burrow - Haskins is me me me - JB will be 3x the NFL QB Haskins is or ever will become , book it.


  11. 1 hour ago, mistertim said:

    part of me feels like that sort of drive and focus is something a person tends to have or doesn't.


    Agree - heart and desire is not a "learned" trait, you either have it or you dont.  In fact when those that don't try to act like they have that type of moxie, it comes across as turd-ish - probably why you saw the lineman looking like someone cut the nastiest fart ever when Simba was trying to "rally" them or whatever that display was.


  12. 1 minute ago, Pick6 said:


    We all get it, you hate Haskins. Not sure what dude did to you personally.


    My point is more along the lines of the Redskins make A LOT of mistakes, like immense numbers of embarrassing and incompetent moves - however, ref: the article saying they are "ruining" this QB, I just dont see it.  I see a lot of other reasons he is a failure, but I do not think the team played into the result heavily (beyond making the mistake of the pick, which is a different discussion on owner meddling).   I am hard pressed to ever defend the team management but in this case, I think the criticism is a bit misplaced.  Hope that makes more sense :)



  13. 52 minutes ago, arftech said:


    There isn't any.


    If you cant see the difference in the messaging between Coach (<paraphase>Hey, Alex is in the building too, we are going to see what we got and go from there, best man wins) and Doug (<paraphrasing> I think this coaching staff KNOWS DH is the starter here) I dont know what to tell you.  If its a good cop bad cop skit as alluded to above - and I've stated this before - if we drafted someone so mentally immature and unstable that they have to play these constant mental games, then we def made a huge mistake (spoiler alert, we made a HUGE mistake)


  14. Doug Williams needs to shut his trap, seriously he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth, he is a liability who is being kept around out of charity and legacy and not what he offers the organization.  What happened to there being a one voice, coach centric culture?  At minimum, he is undermining the coach and completely out of line, or his facts are just plain wrong and no one has been "anointed" the starter?  This is exactly the type of dumb contradictory communications coach was brought in to stymie.  If anyone is "sure" that "Simba" is the starter after putting up some of the worst stats of any quarterback in the NFL last year they need to have their head checked..  Oh Doug ....

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  15. It really depends how much you trust this structure for scouting and college evaluation.  Assuming Burrow goes to CIN (if he doesnt you take him without any hesitation) a RG3 type trade of multiple firsts (and second(s)) over a pass rusher is a no brainer from a pure statistical value standpoint.  That said, you have to have a talent evaluation team in place who can actually land on some or most of those picks.  If your eval is trash then the team should probably just make the safe lower value move (in this hypothetical scenario) and take Young

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