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  1. There is no options out there that are better than running Allen / Heinikie and seeing if you can sneak up for Zach Wilson in the draft. Lets review:


    --Derek Carr for 2 firsts:  So a JAG that cripples the team in the draft for years, not sure if serious.  Absolutely not.  Would do a 3rd on him at best.

    --Darnold:  Come on, is the idea to get better or worse?

    --Watson for your entire draft for the next 3 seasons:  Price is too high and the idea that he is upset he didnt get to hand pick the GM screams entitlement and attitude issues.  PASS.


    All three of the above are total non starters which leaves us with:

    --Fitzmagic:  I love this dude, but hes the definition of journeyman, how many wins does he buy you over Allen/Heinkie? 

    --Mariota: Pretty sure he has been on the verge of being out of the league a few times, again dont think he buys us much over what we have in house

    --Minshew:  Would prob buy the jersey, but AGAIN im not sure I see realized value over what we have


    So, HOLD with those DIAMOND HANDS or put together a mini package to get into Wilson on a rookie deal 


  2. 3 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    I wasn't criticizing him, or maybe I was, but I said it's gonna come off ****ty on my part. Kudos to him for everything he's gone through, but while that's a great story, if he's not trustworthy in terms of counting on him to play then he's done his part in inspiring the troops. I also don't think anyone is questioning his desire or drive. If anything, that makes this reality even more jarring. You know he's doing everything he can to get himself out there and a calf strain had now taken him out of almost 4 games (if he doesn't play Sunday). I for one would love to see him play and be healthy but it's very clear that's not happening again.


    I cant imagine a world where he is a 16 game a year QB with everything that happened, but damn if I dont want the fairy tale ending to the movie :)


    19 minutes ago, TheShredder said:

    Uh, No!

    Why?  Why would he?  There's no position in the organization that's going to pay him enough to make that worth it.  He's not a mentor.  He's a veteran NFL QB.  Just because Mahomes benefited from watching him prepare, practice, and play doesn't make him some guru mentor.  Haskins was around him longer than Mahomes.  When Smith retires, he's the type of quiet multi-millionaire family man you will never see again until one of his sons is in college balling out. 



    Yeah prob what will happen - I just find him to be such an inspiration and really a high character winner that I want guys like that around the building.  But your scenario is much more likely


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  3. How anyone can be remotely critical of Alex right now is beyond me.  The man is literally the greatest comeback story in the history of sports - and pre AND post injury is the ONLY QB we have on the roster that has continually won with this organization.  The win rate statistics are undeniable and jarring.  Unlike some of the pure trash potatoes we have had in this org and at that position, he is pure class.


    Anyone who would question his drive and desire is quite frankly out of their mind.  Now at some point will it be time for him to hang it up if that leg just wont cooperate long term?  Sure, but for a man that nearly died to a football injury and is willing to come out there and make a run for THIS organization.. yeah i got a long leash.


    Hope he actually joins the org in some capacity after retirement - which is hopefully after a year tutoring our new QB :)

  4. 2 minutes ago, dyst said:

    Doug was a definitely a Snyder/Allen move to shield themselves from the fans with former players. Doubt it had anything to do with his resume. 


    Agree in a disingenuous organization this hire was one of the most disingenuous moves I've seen - and its played out about as well as to be expected


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  5. 8 minutes ago, owa said:

     this is his dream and this was his dream team (disregard Danny for a moment) and to have it crashing down on him is not pleasant to watch.  Even more unpleasant is watching people celebrating this.  Just not what I want to watch.  While I don't even like him, I hope he finds success elsewhere and lives up to his potential.


    Believe the giants were his dream team


  6. 6 minutes ago, CapsSkins said:


    When Morgan Moses started to say something and Dwayne cut him off: "Nononononononono relax" or calm down or whatever he said. Just disgraceful. Plus the Thomas Davis video from TC. 


    Even more jarring was the Oline faces during this exchange, I think he was close to getting KO'ed. It was so clear in that moment they knew he was a blowhard chump and had zero repect for his blathering


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  7. The end of an era - as I said the moment he was drafted, fat, slow, lazy,I smell a BUST - dont think anyone could have summed it up better.  A potato brained sloth drafted by a vile and disgusting owner and a lame duck coach - what could possibly go wrong.


    I really dont know what any of y'all saw in him, he was an ass from the moment he was drafted and never really showed anything on the field.  That "live" arm you speak of - literally a club flag football QB can throw it hard - or as baby simba likes to say "spin it" - its hitting what your aiming at that matters.  His attitude and behavior was abhorrent from the jump and I disagree that hes a "good guy" I think hes a phony, fake, self centered weirdo.  


    Good riddance **** pants simba - ill see you at your soon to be opened car wash with your daddy and throw you some ones to shove up some paid strippers buttcrack.

    On the bright side, Ron defeated cancer twice in a single year



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  8. 1 minute ago, Idaho fan said:

    Is there a Haskins hate club? I wanna join.  Not since Fat Albert have I liked anyone less.  He is up there with some gems.  Archuletta,  Sanders.... someone needs to start a poll.  

    Then when Haskins came out during that time out to wish Heineke luck.  What a complete egotistical moron.  


    Fat Albert literally tried to doink my buddies wife at RTC and I like him more than Trashkins


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  9. Just now, -JB- said:

    Unbelievable you can talk about culture in one breath and then still start Haskins in the next.  It’s one thing if Haskins was great or hadn’t already broken Covid protocol but good god isn’t it easier to set an example with a completely garbage player?? 


    This.  Ron def lost respect by this gutless decision - dont know if he caved to Dan or what but marching this potato brain loser out there was the most predictably bad decision in the history of the NFL.  You cant preach culture and doing things the right way then toss it all out at select times, and for what? 

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