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  1. If the TMZ reports are true this is next level bad.. When Caps #92 was photographed with coke and claimed to not be involved it did not pass the sniff test and any statement that Nicholson was "unaware" of the goings on wont either.  The fact that the org. let him take the field sort of makes me sick. If the fatality was "self inflicted" in anyway or not, this situation is super sad and I really hope that he could not "have done more" to try to save a life.


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  2. 1 minute ago, Capsman said:

    I think it’s time to make plans to draft a QB.  I’ve seen enough.   Maybe get a 4th or 5th rounder for Haskins, be done with it.  New coaching staff, NFL QB, hope a new, remotely competent defensive DC can improve the defense.  


    Would be nice, theres no picks coming for haskins 

  3. 1 minute ago, veteranskinsfan said:

    Take Haskins out of the second half.  He has already suffered a sufficient beat down he will not forget.  Do not make him go back out there in this game.

    He needs a break if the team wants to not destroy his confidence completely.


    lol! "sheesh" "league done messed up"  


    Quite possibly the worst "QB" to take the field in NFL history - BUST!


  4. Oh if I could only be graded on the Haskins curve in life.  He did nothing but run a custom made potato offense that gives the team exactly zero percent chance to win the game (which is a good thing btw, so they have the opportunity to draft a QB).  Turtling up and letting him complete Division B flag football passes does nothing for anyone, but again anyone that watched the tape on him knew this was what he had.  He brings no spark, no leadership, and no touchdowns, and no chance of winning anything (which again, is great news)

  5. Just now, goskins10 said:


    You are kidding right? He had zero chance. And he did have pocket presence. He didn't throw a stupid pass that gets picked.  That is not on Haskins at all. Crazy to blame that on him. 


    Thats our idea of pocket presence now? running around in circles (slowly) waving the ball around like its a candy bar


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  6. 1 minute ago, mistertim said:


    I think the Skins mindset right now is "try not to get blown out". 


    Nailed it - basically they are shortening the game and running a potato offense for their mentally challenged rookie QB;  they might keep some games within 2-3 scores but they will never threaten to win an NFL game like this


  7. Just now, Apollian said:

    wow, as a Rookie QB, you need your line to stop giving away penalties, and you need a tough performance from your defence. and so far, Haskins is getting none of that help.


    he sucks just as bad as the rest of them.. putrid, the whole lot


  8. 7 hours ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:


    That said, if they were just unlikable creatures but actually knew how to put together a football team, I'd let it go.  The problem is they don't, so they literally have zero redeemable features.  


    Thats a key point IMHO and why I think alot of the fan base is actually actively cheering against them, they are repugnant at the ownership/FO level 

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  9. 1 hour ago, goskins10 said:

    The bottom line on Haskins is it's entirely too early to definitively determine what he is or is not going to be in the NFL no matter what you saw in college. That is why evaluating QBs is such a crap shoot, even more than any other position. He needs playing time and intense development time. Either he picks it up and makes good on his talent potential or he doesn't. But to write him off now is reckless.


    I think this is what rubs this situation SO raw for many of us, with a good talent evaluation team you can hedge your bets and make it a bit less of a crap shoot.  By all accounts, and I believe there is something to this narrative, the football talent team did not want him at the position we took him but were overruled by this disaster of a ownership team because they developed feelings for him because he didn't bully Danny's son or something?  It was like the final straw in the narrative that things will never change here.  


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