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  1. interesting take - I've seen a few douchey comments for sure from his "camp" - guess time will tell
  2. Really? Id hate to see what you would think about Haskins, cause that comment is about 1/10000th as turdish as half the stuff on Haskins pages. Also scroll down a bit and its 95% team, WE (often capitalized), us from Burrow - Haskins is me me me - JB will be 3x the NFL QB Haskins is or ever will become , book it.
  3. Agree - heart and desire is not a "learned" trait, you either have it or you dont. In fact when those that don't try to act like they have that type of moxie, it comes across as turd-ish - probably why you saw the lineman looking like someone cut the nastiest fart ever when Simba was trying to "rally" them or whatever that display was.
  4. Understand your contention of my assertion; lets revisit around game 8 of next season
  5. My point is more along the lines of the Redskins make A LOT of mistakes, like immense numbers of embarrassing and incompetent moves - however, ref: the article saying they are "ruining" this QB, I just dont see it. I see a lot of other reasons he is a failure, but I do not think the team played into the result heavily (beyond making the mistake of the pick, which is a different discussion on owner meddling). I am hard pressed to ever defend the team management but in this case, I think the criticism is a bit misplaced. Hope that makes more sense
  6. So silly - he was going to bust out of the league no matter who took him, the Redskins just have a way of accelerating a players demise. For once I would say the Redskins are not to blame here
  7. If you cant see the difference in the messaging between Coach (<paraphase>Hey, Alex is in the building too, we are going to see what we got and go from there, best man wins) and Doug (<paraphrasing> I think this coaching staff KNOWS DH is the starter here) I dont know what to tell you. If its a good cop bad cop skit as alluded to above - and I've stated this before - if we drafted someone so mentally immature and unstable that they have to play these constant mental games, then we def made a huge mistake (spoiler alert, we made a HUGE mistake)
  8. Doug Williams needs to shut his trap, seriously he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth, he is a liability who is being kept around out of charity and legacy and not what he offers the organization. What happened to there being a one voice, coach centric culture? At minimum, he is undermining the coach and completely out of line, or his facts are just plain wrong and no one has been "anointed" the starter? This is exactly the type of dumb contradictory communications coach was brought in to stymie. If anyone is "sure" that "Simba" is the starter after putting up some of the worst stats of any quarterback in the NFL last year they need to have their head checked.. Oh Doug ....
  9. By all accounts, Mr. Davis did it right - pure class all the way, wishing him all the best in his next ventures..
  10. ggarriso

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Random thought, if we stay and take Young this would be the fourth year in a row we used our first round pick on a DL/EDGE (not counting the Haskins debacle; we still took Sweat in the 1st) - that has to take its toll on the talent across the rest of the team - if you get a silly offer to get a ton of pieces, you have to take it
  11. ggarriso

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    It really depends how much you trust this structure for scouting and college evaluation. Assuming Burrow goes to CIN (if he doesnt you take him without any hesitation) a RG3 type trade of multiple firsts (and second(s)) over a pass rusher is a no brainer from a pure statistical value standpoint. That said, you have to have a talent evaluation team in place who can actually land on some or most of those picks. If your eval is trash then the team should probably just make the safe lower value move (in this hypothetical scenario) and take Young
  12. Completely respect the argument, and I generally agree, I am not a huge Herbet guy (having only watched a couple games) but I do not believe that the current solution is a good one. I would be more inclined to bring in a savvy vet (assuming Alex cant go) who can really compete for the job, which per leaks it sounds like that is the direction RR might head. That said, if we were to trade down and have multiple first round or early second round picks and a QB is there who RR grades as a top level talent, I dont think we desecrate him for pulling the trigger on it..
  13. Respectfully, you kind of are dismissive when you use language like "Just go bro" (whatever that means), followed by text dripping with condescension. Anyone who has looked at the Redskins QB with a objective eye has major doubts about his ability to compete in the NFL, and the OP likes what he sees in a (slightly) less touted college QB. Based on the raw numbers the Redskins QB posted last year, it wont be too hard for Herbert or any of these other guys to top him and obviously there are lots of people with major concerns about his intangibles.
  14. Someone else - Haskins should be the backup and we find a real starting QB
  15. Thats correct - I dont think hes the answer and I dont like any of his intangibles. I think the big reason he had alot of detractors is that he is the pinnacle of Danny meddling. It is well known that Jay and the talent team did not have him graded as a first round but were overruled by the FO, the placated by giving up this years #2 to get Sweat. Then he comes in and, honestly, made a fool of himself on many occasions (too many to document) and had very very well documented commitment issues (again signaling entitlement). Im a hard sell on the guy at this point, but a quiet camp (from an incident standpoint) and a productive 2020 where we see quality QB play and most of all true grit and heart, I could be turned.
  16. Respectfully, just facts and stats - you can wrap them with as many excuses as you like, but they are indisputable and the ultimate measure of logic. simba was at the bottom of basically every measurable statistic for a QB in the NFL, almost off the charts bad in several. Below Daniel Jones, below Minshew Mania, below almost any other QB that started a game. By all accounts this pick came directly from the owner who has gotten exactly zero right in his entire NFL ownership career, what makes anyone think he got this right? Oh, and we crippled ourselves in this draft to do it because he had to appease Jay who wanted to draft Sweat, who is also looking like he may not pan out as a first round level talent. Honestly, does ANYONE think if the Redskins GM (....) offered DH for DJ straight up to the Giants tomorrow they would accept - of course not!
  17. ???? I wish that were the case but thats just an inaccurate statement. Daniel Jones more than doubled "simba" total QBR at a paltry 53.6 over 26.4 - DJ threw twice the # of touchdowns to interceptions (24/12) while dannys boy "simba" went even (which is horrendous in todays NFL) (7/7). Giants looks like they could have someone that could develop into a serviceable starter and we have a project with huge question marks on heart, commitment, and ability to process the NFL game. Give 30 other teams the choice between the two and 30 teams take Jones, and its not even close.
  18. ggarriso

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    This dude is a straight human stain and I have a hard time supporting any org that employs him
  19. ggarriso

    Who should be the next GM?

    Just to parrot how good it is that Bruce Allen is gone, 49ers are gonna play for the super bowl w/ a coach we couldnt use, rams played with a coach we couldnt use and the Chiefs will play leveraging resources they fleeced us for a mediocre QB who will never play again. bruce is the worst
  20. ggarriso

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I would take that in a heartbeat, Simmons could be as good or better than Young in the pros, seems to have a good demeanour and you get 18 and 37, sign me up
  21. I thought I knew you!
  22. can anyone translate the JDR tweet for me? Is he taking a dig at the previous coaching staff while molly coddling "Simba" ? If so, I am obv not on board w/ that - throwing 50 TD's in college is irrelevant, look at the list of guys who have done it and you see several NFL busts. He had known attitude and commitment issues last year as noted by multiple members of the coaching staff - handing him praise just because he "threw in" when he got his way (starting qb) is reinforcing bad behavior. If we hadnt drafted a project headcase the staff would not have to play these mental games just to keep him invested, what a debacle DANNY BOY - thanks a bunch for another trash move causing organizational friction. What I wouldnt give for Burrow.
  23. If your watching this game and you dont take Burrow if hes there your absolutely blind, he is light years ahead of "simba" in every aspect of development and hes got heart
  24. ggarriso

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    spot on analysis, as usual SCS