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  1. Grant Paulsen posted some interesting stats on Twitter this afternoon - even with this somewhat uneven performance Allen outperformed 90% of Haskins games overall - and his drive sustainability was better than any Haskins led game. Allen is the better QB by almost any measurable stat and obviously from the eye test. Yes, we lost, but Allen did not do weird stuff on social media, get carted off the field with a "sprained ankle", make strange excuses in the press conference or any of the other embarrassing garbage "Simba" did. Thankfully, its over, he will likely never play another snap for
  2. Random semi medical Q on Ron - noticed he is pulling his mask off to spit alot during the games - today watching the presser (which I think is inside) he leaned to the side of the podium and spit on the ground.. Is this cancer related?
  3. Im pretty sure OP was doing a bit, or exaggerating intentionally
  4. Who can forget his mythical "wrist injury" after another one of his piss poor performances that just magically disappeared.. Seems like "Simba" gets a lot of ailments right around when he poops in his diapers - im starting to wonder if he needs to seek professional help
  5. I mean I don't necessarily think he is a "horrible human being with bad intentions" but I do think he is a spoiled entitled brat, with a extremely fragile mentality, who is not a good teammate or football player and has major issues including maturity issues and has not shown respect to his teammates or coaches. I don't think he is Jeffrey Dahmer or anything, but I do wish that Snyder had never stuck his nose into our draft board
  6. Young, Moses, and "Simba" for the #1 overall - draft Trevor - i'd do it
  7. Theisman said he has tried to reach out to "simba" and "simba" is unresponsive. my money is on angling for a trade. bad look
  8. Lets see how strong that thing is, carry Aaron Donald!
  9. This. I cant believe this is not being discussed more - either he has a major medical situation (hope not) or else he is coming in and saying "my tummy still hurts" knowing the doctors will send him home.
  10. The drama continues - 1067 reporting "Simba" not practicing today. Was "sent home" sick (not covid related)
  11. This! There has been a small elite group of truth tellers who called "Simba" from day one as a bust - a few called the entitled, lazy, bad attitude early on too. I find it comical that people are such hardened defenders of "simba" when it was abundantly clear that he did not even want to be drafted here (I cant fully blame him on that, btw). Some posters got really invested and even attacked other posters here over the issue - personally, andwith baseless accusations; it was honestly embarrassing. It was also hard to watch the desperation and subsequent denial set in while he performed at hi
  12. I literally just stood up in my house when alex took the field, now im nervous as can be..
  13. ALLEN with the scamble TD - its so nice not watching that sloth simba poop his diapers back there! refreshing!
  14. just cut this pile of garbage already and be done with it. As i said, "simba" (haha) is a running joke, on and off the field. At this point, his baby tantrum is now national news - no team is going to give up anything worth the hassle. Good riddance "SIMBA"
  15. I agree w/ this part of your post, I theorize that he assured lord Danny he would give DH a shot when he accepted the position. "Simba" is literally a running joke both on and off the field, and (if it happened) Coach should have never ever made any assurance to our owner - who has supervised over 20 years of complete incompetence (on and off the field). There was an article from Ben Standig that concerned me a bit in which Rivera detailed his exchange with DannyBoy where (in response to benching Simba) Dan said (paraphrase) "its your football team" - "and you will have to live w/ your deci
  16. Im not sure its even worth debating his play at this point, a (bad) practice squad QB who is actively and openly committing seppuku
  17. Rumor on social media is that "Simba" is now unfollowing all WFT social media accounts. If true, he is literally becoming a caricature of himself
  18. Not to derail the DH thread, but would we be legitimately looking at the greatest comeback in sports history?
  19. As someone who called the Haskins bust from day one ( and was in turn accused of vile things by certain members of this msg board ) I feel a level of empty vindication. This should essentially write the end of his story, at least here in Washington, as I do not see him as the type of personality to "rise to the challenge". At some point a critical player is so performing at such a poor level that they make it impossible to evaluate anyone else on the roster, and I do feel like we were to that point with Haskins. Further, he continued to show his immaturity and, frankly, piss poor and entitl
  20. haha hes not worth that - hes a liability not an asset
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