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  1. This is their chance to give Kane a short run with the title IMO. He's underrated and under used really, and a heck of a lot better worker than Khali. WWE needs to shake things up right now, and putting the belt on a guy who has maybe two moves in his arsenal isn't the way to go.
  2. I'll admit that I don't want to believe that Benoit did this. I've been a big Benoit fan for a long time and I just don't want to believe he's responsible. I do think we need to let the investigation run it's course and at least wait for the autopsy results before pointing any fingers here. It wouldn't be the first time an initial report was wrong, whether it's one implicating Benoit or not. So for right now, I think it's best to wait for the official word. Aside from that, this is still a tragedy for the still living members of the Benoit family. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.
  3. So if Bret screwed Bret...does that mean Vince blew up Vince?
  4. This is either going to be the start of something really great or just another major letdown. I was really pumped to watch Raw this week and I'm cautiously anticipating the rest of the week and Raw next week. They could really make this a great angle or they could drop the ball big time. Unfortunately, the latter seems to happen more often than not. We'll have to wait and see...
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