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  1. Haven't posted in a while, but i felt like i had to for this bump.  The original "paloffs is now" was closed and locked, so I started this thread to fire up ES towards the end of the 2007 season.  Worked like a charm.


    Those of us who were around then remember how fun and excited this place was when we started our late season comeback and proved the doubters wrong. 


    Paloffs forever.....

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  2. 1) The Eagles have no recievers at the moment, they only have 3 half sized pee wee players that couldn't even make our practice squad. There is no way I see the Eggles beating the Saints. Furthermore, I would say the Saints have a greater chance of winning out than we do due to ease of schedule.

    2) I'm rooting on the Gmen to lose out... Face it, they suck. Plaxiglass is hurt, Eli is terrible, Toomer is too old and Brandon Jacobs has fumblitis worse than CP of last year. There is a good chance that if the Giants lose to Buffalo they couldn't even beat New Englands backups if they chose to rest Brady and Co.

    that weak eagles team beat us and a cowboys squad that we lost to. you think their defense can beat our offense and the boys offense, and not handle the saints?