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  1. i consider a fighter "stunned" when the body has a movement they can't control. sort of like when Randy did the harlem shake after Brock hit'em with that elbow. or when Fedor's legs turned to jello after the shot by Fujita. when was he hurt by forrest or chuck?
  2. i don't see a quick KO. think about it, have you ever seen Rashad hurt in a fight? the only time i can remember him being stunned is after a shot from 260lb Brad Imes in the TUF Finale, but he recovered quickly. Rashad took a flush shot from Chuck in the 1st round and shook it off. Rashad's chin is underrated, he can take a shot Rampage's defense is relegated to punches. he has great defense for punches, horrible defense for kicks/knees. i can see alot of leg kicks from rashad with him moving out of Rampage's range before Page can do damage. Rampage is counterstriker by nature, Rashad won't c
  3. http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f2/roger-huerta-acting-career-photoshop-thread-official-899094/ sherdog is already going in on Huerta's acting career :rotflmao:
  4. http://www.fightline.com/news/2009/0108/379643/quinton_rampage_jackson.shtml should be a great fight
  5. Friday Night Fights returns tonight on ESPN2 with one of the most exciting prospects in boxing, 2004 Gold Medalist Yuriorkis Gamboa Gamboa is one of the more exciting offensive fighters i've seen in a long time, but he has a fatal flaw of leaving his hands down which makes his fights more competitive than they ever should be. still his head movement speed is great, which is probably why he feels he can leave his hands down like that. despite that fatal flaw, he has ever punch in the book and lightning quick hands on offense.
  6. http://sherdog.com/news/articles/huerta-passes-on-ufc-contract-15722
  7. http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=7912&zoneid=13 WEC is adding a Flyweight division for 125lb fighters
  8. Rich was dominant, but the MW division was practically on life support at the time. he fought Shamrock (i think at 205), Evan Tanner, Nate Quarry, and Loiseau before being destroyed by Anderson. Rich was definitely dominant, but it could've been because he was the big fish in a small pond
  9. The Crow was a pretty exciting fighter until Rich literally beat the spirit out of him for 5 rounds. hopefully he can regain that form he once had
  10. http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=7898&zoneid=13 the most exciting fighter in the history of MMA has been granted his requested release from the UFC
  11. Joe C might beat Dawson but it damn sure wouldn't be easy. i would actually pick Dawson in that fight, but its pretty much a toss up
  12. he's only interested in fighting past their prime former stars.
  13. Gomi lost again early this morning by sub...........how the mighty have fallen Jorge Santiago sub'd Kazuo Misaki (top 5 MW) in the 5th round of a pretty good championship fight. Santiago has completely evolved as a fighter since he was last in the UFC. he's a completely different fighter now, i would love to see him return to the UFC, he could do some damage
  14. tarver did have a rematch clause, but those can be worked around. i wouldn't compare it to Punisher/Quintana simply because Tarver is on his last legs, he's not goin to get better. sure he still has some skills, but time is not on his side. he wasn't necessarily outclassed by Dawson, he was overwhelmed by the younger, faster, stronger Dawson.
  15. there is absolutely no reason why Dawson should have to fight Tarver again. its sad when a one-sided domination gets a rematch
  16. you can't be a wild striker and succeed against Anderson. hell i don't think he makes it to a title shot. Wandy's best days are behind him. i think he gets beat at MW before he has a chance at Anderson
  17. my top five submissions of 2008: 1. a normal gogoplata is rare enough, the fact he did it from mount is ridiculous. sure his opponent was essentially a grappling dummy, but to be able to do this in an actual fight is amazing 2. Hazelett's transition was slick was hell. from a whizzer to armbar almost instantly as time was almost up in the round. 3. Daisuke Nakumura vs. Andy Olugun: flying armbar..........nuff said 4. Aurelio was smooth and slick with this one, happened almost instantly. the entire fight lasted 16seconds. i can't remember a quicker fight that ended in a sub. 5. anothe
  18. i was debating that. Yoshida was down longer than Wandy and nobody knew Koscheck was capable of somethin like that. people definitely know Page has dynamite in his hands Rashad's head kick happened almost 2 years ago i think i did forget about Wandy destroying Jardine though.
  19. 1. Rashad KO'ng chucky was the exact opposite of what most anticipated happening. combine that with the fact that chuck was laid out for a few minutes, and that it led to Rashad's title shot, its got to be #1 2. Koscheck just plain killed ol boy. yoshida was down for the count of 100 3. Rampage finally gets his revenge, sweet indeed. he left Silva switching on the mat. 4. Rory Markham with the gangsta walk off after the kick 5. another case of sweet revenge after the robbery that was their first fight. honorable mention to Jeremy Stephen & Junior Dos Santos for the uppercuts from
  20. i'm certain that shot didn't help matters. lol
  21. discussing, they happened overnight/early this morning
  22. eddie let out a scream right before he tapped, i hope he's not injured. those leg/knee/footlocks are dangerous. one second your fine, the next your ligaments been ripped apart
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