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  1. Affliction's undercard is being shown on HDNet live starting at 7pm(est) the main card starts at 9(est) on PPV Pay-Per-View Bouts: -Fedor Emelianenko (#1 Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Andrei Arlovski (#4 Heavyweight in the World)* -Josh Barnett (#2 Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Gilbert Yvel -Matt Lindland (#3 Middleweight in the World)* vs. Vitor Belfort -Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou -Paul Buentello vs. Kiril "Baby Fedor" Sidelnikov -Dan Lauzon vs. Bobby Green HDNet Bouts: -Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (#7 Light Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Vladimir Matyushenko -Jay Hieron vs. Jason High -L.C. Davis vs. Bao Quach -Antonio Duarte vs. Albert Rios -Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speigh
  2. Pros that picked Fedor to win: 26 Pros that picked Arlovski to win: 4 Pros that did not pick a winner: 1 don't forget that the WEC card is Sunday night. Varner/Cerrone for the LW title, and Faber/Pulver II. WEC always puts on great cards. Varner/Cerrone will be a war guaranteed
  3. Vitor decisions Lindland Barnett submits Yvel Sokoudjou tko's Sobral Fedor tko's Arlovski on another note, i don't hate Machida at all, i'm actually a fan because i actually appreciate his technicality. that said, he needs to do something to be more exciting. i'm not sayin he has to become wild and reckless, just open up a bit more
  4. i don't think they're afraid of fighting him, hell Rashad said in an interview shortly after he won the title he has no problems fighting Machida. although that match would resemble a game of tag if it ever materializes. Machida's problem is that he's perfectly content to be boring and win decisions. as technical as he is, he can't afford to be boring in a division stacked with exciting fighters. Machida will get his shot if he beats Thiago Silva, but he better make the most of it. Boring fighters don't last long in the UFC. hell look at Koscheck, a 2 years ago he was a known as a blanket, now people actually anticipate his next fight (by the way which is at UFC 95, the guy is one of the more active fighters out right now) i think the thing that bugs me the most about Machida, is that he has all the skills to be an exciting fighter, but its like he just prefers to stay in a shell and pot shot for a decision victory
  5. i'm going to go with Mosely in the upset. people forget that Cotto was about boxing Marg before Marg broke his will. Shane has a better chin and more heart than Cotto, i'm guessing he has enough in the tank to outbox Marg for a close decision victory. Marg gets buy on pressure and an iron chin, he's still not a technical boxer by any means so Shane will have his opportunities to score, his chin just has to hold up.
  6. if i could afford it (i'm a broke student right about now ), i would definitely go to both. i agree, they are losing a bit of revenue by holding both events on the same day. i agree with your list for the most part, although i have Miguel Torres @ #5 and Rashad at #6, and Aoki has to be at least an honorable mention
  7. promoting boxing and MMA is completely different. boxing promotes specific stars, MMA promotes the event as a whole. nobody gives a rats ass about a boxing undercard, people always care about who's on the undercard of MMA events. promoting MMA like boxing will not work. for as much grief as I give Dana, he has the right model for promoting MMA right now.
  8. lets not forget he destroyed Tim Sylvia in 30secs when AA couldn't pull the trigger in the last 2 fights:
  9. depends on how arlovski approaches the fight. if AA comes out aggressive trying to end it, Fedor takes him to the ground and pounds him. if AA is timid, Fedor bullrushes him and KO's him standing. AA's best chance is the aggressive approach, although i'm not sure that will be enough. fedor's well rounded enough to fight anywhere and is a great gameplanner. this is a man who stood toe to toe with CroCop when CroCop was among the best striker in MMA
  10. i can't give GSP p4p just yet, when he was recently KO'd by a blown up LW. he redeemed the loss for sure, but as longs the Fedor is still winning, i think he has to be #1 (especially if he gets by AA, as that will defeat the only knock him against of not fighting top opponents (which is not terribly accurate to begin with) GSP is 2 or 3 on my p4p, him and Anderson switch around alot on my list
  11. thats AA's best strategy, to try and end it as quick as possible. AA has a history of going into a shell once he gets hit, his chin isn't that sturdy to begin with. i wouldn't be surprised at all, if Fedor KO'd him standing. i wouldn't say GSP is a much better fighter. i would actually argue that BJ is the more skilled of the two fighters, but GSP has a better work ethic and more heart, which makes up for the skill deficiency. you gotta remember that even though GSP got the victory in their first fight, BJ physically hurt him way more than GSP did to BJ :2cents:
  12. dana = vince mcmahon basically dana has done more than virtually anyone for MMA as a sport, but he has history of going overboard on things
  13. he has a little more than a puncher's chance. thats about it though. i see Fedor taking him down and displaying that patented ground n pound to win though. i dunno about that. i've heard plenty of stories of other fighters taking a little time away from training to make sure they peak at the right time. if that was case, and the UFC creatively edited it to make it seem like BJ was just goofing around, then i can understand him being pissed.
  15. looks like Pacman/Hatton seriously might not happen: :doh: go away Oscar
  16. 116-111 for Berto is a joke and that judge should have his credentials revoked. i scored it for Collazo by one point, but can easily see the argument for Berto with a score of 114-113. time for Harold Lederman to hang'em up, his scoring on the past few HBO cards has been atrocious. he gave one round to collazo in which Collazo landed 7 shots to Bertos 25 i think its a good shot at a rematch. the fight itself was very exciting and warrants a rematch, but next to that, Berto showed he's not yet ready for the big boys of the division (Margarito, Cotto, Punisher, Clottey)
  17. judging by some of the other stupid **** i've read of his, that doesn't surprise me much. he should probably stick to training and leave the political commentary alone. secret service should send Yoshida to his house for a repeat performance:
  18. i'm still kinda pissed Shogun/Coleman got a fight of the night bonus check. that type of fight should not be rewarded in any fashion
  19. punisher called him out a couple of fights ago, Berto's management team & promoter quickly drew silent only fighter i've heard say he wants to fight the Punisher is James Kirkland, it could happen if Kirkland gets past Joel Julio in early march. Julio is tough fight for Kirkland though, so the fight with the Punisher may never materialize Punisher would hurt Berto though. Berto has tremendous handspeed, but he can't fight on the inside to save his life. punisher could use his reach to pick him apart, or get inside and destroy Berto's body
  20. i think Bisping would've had a better shot against Franklin. Hendo will take him down and i don't see Bisping being able to get back up.
  21. you are the first person i've heard describe the fight as boring. it was fight of the year quality. if Berto has no stamina, why was he able to clearly win the 11th & 12th rounds?
  22. Andre Berto & Luis Collazo just put on a Fight of the Year type of fight. i had collazo winning slightly, but the judges gave it to Berto. wasn't a robbery though. Berto fought his ass off in the championship rounds. toe to toe war for 12 rounds, if you missed it, try to catch the replay on HBO this week