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  1. i can't see a fighter fighting in a winner take all scenario. if they got injured in the fight, they'd be screwed.
  2. i hope he come back from that torn acl. k-1 level striker + olympic caliber wrestler = a bad bad man at 135 or 145
  3. its not that surprising that Machida hasn't gotten a title shot yet. he's riding undefeated, but its not like he's fought top level guys (with the exception of Rich Franklin). I love Machida, but the man couldn't even finish David Heath (whom babalu choked unconscious & Tim Boetsch threw like a rag doll....david heath is made to be finished) he has a victory over sokodjou which diminshes every time sokodjou fights & tito who was a fringe top 10 at the time. i think he should definitely get a shot if he beats Thiago, but i could fully understand the argument against him (especially whe
  4. BJ does have something to lose. he wants to be regarded as the best ever, another loss to GSP and that can't happen. you can't fight for a title in which you cannot physically make the weight for. it happens in boxing sure because the divisions are like 4lbs apart from each other. this is and will remain a rare situation in MMA. and besides Alves, GSP has pretty much cleaned the WW division so it makes sense to give the fans the fight they want to see most, especially when the first fight is seen as disputed by many
  5. :rubeyes: :rubeyes: :insane: :insane: i was with you until i read that paragraph
  6. out of curiosity, who'd he get his black belt from? i know he was training with Renzo for awhile before the back and forth he had with Serra. just asking because not all black belts are created equal (not that i'm questioning his though)
  7. i disagree about GSP not being elite at anything. he is an elite wrestler, he may not be credentialed in the area, but he's outwrestled everybody he's fought, including Hughes and even more impressively Koscheck who was D1 Champ. he is easily the best wrestler at 170, and one of the best in all of MMA
  8. Penn is definitely the underdog. betting lines have GSP as the favorite right now
  9. he'll channel the fighting spirit of I Finish Fights to make up the difference
  10. if GSP wins, he'll have to fight Alves before he gets a crack at Anderson. i still see BJ finding a way to win this fight. he'll be motivated to avenge that loss from the first fight, especially since he doesn't believe he lost. GSP has the physical advantages, BJ has a slight edge in skill. GSP has better cardio and more heart. all things being equal, GSP should win this match, something inside me just keeps telling me BJ will pull it out though. no real rhyme or reason to my logic, just more of a gut feeling
  11. their LW division isn't as deep as FW. there really is no other clear cut next in line for LW title, so i hope they do an immediate rematch.
  12. cerrone needs to work his wrestling, those takedowns helped Varner secure those close rounds. cerrone showed just about no ability to stop them. i don't know if he thought his BJJ was good enough to sub varner, but not stopping those takedowns cost him the match
  13. yeah, Versus probably won't be too happy about the f-bombs. lol i'm surprised though, usually they run live events on cable television at a 15-30 second delay to avoid things like that
  14. it looked like to me that Varner saw a way out and took it. i didn't feel the shot, but it just didn't look that bad to me. Cerrone has one of the best chins in MMA, he took some bombs and kept it moving. good fight, deserves an immediate rematch, especially since their really isn't anyone else in WEC's LW division that would put on a better fight
  15. good body shot by Faber to set up the sub. pulver needs to retire, says he's not though
  16. whoah, brutal knee followed by ground n pound by aldo finishes the fight him vs. Faber is just about guaranteed fight of the year
  17. i wish Aldo was fightin Faber instead of Pulver. that match would make alot more sense
  18. cerrone trains with Greg Jackson and his crew, they've been rolling lately, i think it continues. the fight will be greatness though, Cerrone's battle with Rob McCollugh was one of the best of 08 imo.
  19. my picks for tonight WEC card (starts 9:30(est)): Cerrone by TKO, 3rd Round Faber by TKO, 1st Round Aldo by KO first round Campbell by unanimous decision Miura by unanimous decision
  20. rashad's head never came down far enough for chuck's uppercut to land flush, if it did land it would've been a body shot. AA did kinda fall similar to chuck though. i almost feel bad for AA, he looked like he wanted to shed a tear after he recovered
  21. if fedor doesn't land that punch, that knee would've landed flush and we may be talking about something completely different today. crazy how a split second can change so much like that
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