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  1. guida deserved the decision, not much damage done, but he clearly controlled the fight and i'm 0-1 to start the night
  2. diaz better finish in round 3 if he wants to win
  3. nate diaz already sounds punchdrunk.........not a good sign for someone that young
  4. Round 1 Gono walks down in full drag: wig, sparkly silver dress and glamour shades. He’s with two other dancing "women" and performs a choreographed dance routine at the base of the Octagon. Gomo now puts on traditional red shorts. Fitch enters the cage dressed like ... Jon Fitch. gono is a different character :rotflmao:
  5. *gsp* i am not impressed by your imitation *gsp* (the irony, you quote BJ Penn and i reply with GSP when we've picked the opposite in the fight)
  6. karo looked worse than usual at the weigh-ins, i mean he's never been the ripped type, but he really looked bad at the weigh-ins. if he does fight, Kim is going to hurt that boy
  7. i demand some form of payment for the use of my thoughts :redpunch:
  8. of course it will, and it will probably break the record for PPV sells that i expect tomorrows card to pull Lesnar/Mir virtually sells itself and Dana will throw all he has behind that card
  9. my picks: Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones: Jones is supposed to be a pretty good prospect at only 21 years old (only started fighting last April). i saw few interviews with him, very humble and respectful dude. he has some flashy strikes but still not that technical, he is a JUCO wrestling champ though. Bonnar is coming off a long layoff, his experience should carry him, but i'll say he's going to be rusty and the young gun will pull the upset. Jon Jones by Unanimous Decision Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim: if Karo makes it to the cage, its obvious something is not right with him mentally. he
  10. all fighters made weight although there are some reports that Karo may be pull out for some reason or another
  11. http://sherdog.com/news/articles/1/Pros-Pick-St-Pierre-vs-Penn-II-15992 Pros who picked St. Pierre: 15 Pros who picked Penn: 14 Pros who couldn’t decide: 1 once again, an even split on this match. nobody has a clue to any certainty about whats going to happen tomorrow. this match will be greatness
  12. latest odds for this weekends event (not the final odds): if i were betting $$$, i'd lay some cash on Jon Jones, Dong Hyun Kim, & BJ
  13. i hope every standing strike doesn't have that affect of snapping the opponents head back, not very realistic. hopefully they just did that for the promos. on another note though, the ground transitions look pretty fluid. far better than what i was expecting. it will be impossible for them to get all elements of the ground game into the game, but i definitely like what i see so far on that front.
  14. rudeboy is an idiot if he's comparing the individual talents of the respective camps, but like u said, that alone doesnt win fights. i want to see what happens if gsp should end up on his back. i'm sure he's prepared but its not a positio? he's had to deal witb much in his career. i've gone over this fight almost more than any other fight i can remember.......can't wait until saturday.
  15. helio was probably still tapping people into his 90's. his impact is too great for words. R.I.P. to a true legend of combat sports anyone who thought BJ wasn't taking this match serious, just listen to him getting choked up about how much he wants this fight. both fighters are ready for this one, should be a classic. on another note the little intro they gave Rashad was funny, kinda reminded me of something from 70's blaxploitation films
  16. yeah it does, but apparently he has some nagging injuries from the championship fight. if i'm doing the math right, ufc 100 will be early mid july. at the rate he's improving though, the time off may serve him well. he was off for almost a year before he murdered chuck
  17. http://www.mmaweekly.com/blog/2009/01/quinton-jackson-title-shot-with-win.asp so basically the only way the winner of Machida/Silva gets a shot at the title is if Rampage loses. if he wins w/o any lasting injuries, i would imagine Rashad/Rampage would be one of the fights at UFC 100
  18. http://www.fightnews.com/?p=2558#more-2558 if its determined he was loading his gloves, he should be suspended for a minimum of two years and heavily fined if i were in charge he'd be permanently suspended from boxing, loading your gloves is playing with the life of your opponent. never was fan of his, but if that charge holds up, i'd lose my respect for that dude
  19. my only problem with holding two titles, is that the other contenders in each divisions would essentially be held hostage for an undetermined length of time.
  20. polarized is the best way to describe him, he has his hardcore fans as well as hardcore haters. nobody really hates GSP (at least i don't think)
  21. http://www.sherdog.com/news/articles/legendary-bjj-trainers-handicap-gsp-penn-2-15954 pretty good article of Legendary BJJ trainers comparing the ground games of GSP & BJ Penn: :rotflmao:
  22. and this is why Lesnar gets paid the big bucks:
  23. http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=8063&zoneid=2 good news for WEC, bad news for Condit. he won't get close to the UFC title
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