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  1. pretty stupid of GSP's corner, i hope it wasn't Greg Jackson as that would potentially mess up alot of fighters in the future
  2. Alves' wrestling is improving, he stuffed alot of Hughes' takedowns and the couple of times Koscheck tried to take him down he was unsuccessful whether he can stop GSP from taking him down is another matter though
  3. apparently Dana was pissed with one of GSP's corner men for rubbing Vaseline on GSP's shoulders between rounds he said it didn't have an impact on the outcome of the fight, but that the guy who did it should never corner again
  4. guida didn't do any damage, but he completely dictated the pace of the fight and controlled where the fight went at all time. Diaz didn't really damage him until the 3rd round with strikes but even then he couldn't stop guida from dictating the action. its one of those fights in which neither guy hurt or threatened the other, but you have to give the decision to guida because he controlled the entire fight. i left out Jon Jones on my list, very impressed by his performance as well. he threw Bonnar like a rag doll for 10minutes. hopefully he works on his cardio because he could be a beast in a couple of years. i just hope the UFC takes their time with him, he's only 21, there's no need to throw him to the wolves of the division
  5. i'm still kinda disappointed in the card overall. only the Karo fight was close, and even that wasn't that exciting. dominant win & performances from GSP & Machida though. i was just expecting a little better back and forth action
  6. i think Dana wants the LHW title to be defended at UFC 100 in july. if Rampage wins his fight, it gives sufficient time for training. if they belt is defended before that, the likelihood of it being on 100 as well is minimal. Dana's gonna wanna go all out for the UFC 100 card and Rashad/Rampage is more marketable than Rashad/Machida. when you have a situation in which 2 guys clearly deserve a title shot, common sense dictates you're going to go with the matchup that will sell more. Machida will get his shot, i just don't think he gets it before Rampage and if Rampage should somehow lose to Jardine, the point becomes moot and Machida will definitely be fighting Rashad at UFC 100
  7. i'm not sure i would say he deserves the shot more than Rampage does. Page lost it on razor thin decision (a fight alot of people felt should've gone his way) i can make equally strong cases for Rampage or Machida at this point.
  8. if Rampage looks impressive against Jardine, he'll probably get the shot at Rashad first, or at least thats what dana said earlier this week. Machida is MMA's version of Floyd Mayweather, someone who understand the name of the game is to hit and not get hit
  9. damn it just dawned on me i lost the gauntlet bet with double damn those judges who gave that fight to Karo :redpunch:
  10. WW division has better overall talent than MW right now. gsp has more contenders on his resume than Anderson. i have Anderson #3
  11. GSP vs. Alves up next could be close if Alves can stop the takedown, but he probably won't be able to
  12. gsp is basically tellin bj penn to stay the hell at 155
  13. close first round, depends on if the judge favors takedown attempts vs. takedown defense
  14. rashad vs. machida will be like a game of tag
  15. this card has been kind of disappointing so far. Outside of Jon Jones, i haven't seen anything memorable. hopefully the 2 big fights bring it up a few notches
  16. dana's gonna hit the vegas strip clubs heavy tonight since he won't have give out any bonus money
  17. every single fight tonight (including the untelevised portion of the card) has gone to a decision i can't remember any other events going down like that
  18. i gave the 3rd round to Bonnar the fight 29-28 Jon Jones easy on the strength of the first 2 rounds
  19. round 2 to Jon Jones as well, some damn good throws this kid is going to be a beast in the future
  20. great round for Jon Jones win or lose, i look forward to seeing more of him. great prospect to be only 21years old
  21. i agree bonnar's song was more of the ghey