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  1. Reggie Miller is going to end up one of those "you had to see him" type of players because his numbers dont really scream hall of fame
  2. He also refused to acknowledge his set of twins, one that played in the WNBA, for a long time too
  3. just a blatant act of corruption and racism that is now costing actual lives
  4. Walt Harris had exactly 120 seconds of cardio
  5. speed was his best asset at 155, he loses that advantage at 145
  6. just a detestable piece of **** as a human as well
  7. Seeing weigh-ins for tomorrow's card and i had no idea Barboza was dropping to 145. I'm shocked and afraid that he found another 10lbs on his frame to cut.
  8. its the "If I'm corrupt beyond recognition, I know the black guy had to be." type logic
  9. Lindsay will swallow whatever 45 gives him, in all its various meanings. he's worse than stupid, he's a spineless eunuch
  10. "My teeth are falling out." - Anthony smith tells his corner and they just tell him to sell out for the final round. damn shame man
  11. Smith is growing a head on his head and his corner is yelling to him to remember fundamentals it boggles the mind
  12. Glover must have bet on himself to win by submission because he was about 2 punches away from finishing the fight with ground and pound before he went looking for the sub somebody who cares about Anthony Smith would stop this fight right about now
  13. there are only 3 types of HW fight: 1. Quick finish 2. Ugly Fun 3. Ugly
  14. Michael Johnson has a KO win over Prorier, cleanly beat Ferguson & Barboza by decision. Yet that same fighter has some very bad losses to people who you think he would beat easily.
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