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  1. i'm wearing a tan suit to show support
  2. I thought it was weird that they didn't recollect on the regular season at all, especially since they have material for 2 parts. Sendley is a funny dude. glad they moved him off 3rd base so I can appreciate him without the worry
  3. bodes well for the all idiots hitting the pools and beaches this weekend
  4. Flotation devices? I do admire that they have collectively decided that weight classes are not necessary.
  5. can watch it online as well: https://www.mlb.com/nationals online is ahead of the television broadcast
  6. I think he wants that fight more than any fight at 205. probably one of few fights he would be a legit underdog in. I think he could win that fight. He's hard to hit and when he has been hit, he's never really been hurt. Of course, Ngannou has the chin breaker in his arsenal. As impressive as Ngannou has been, I still have no idea if he's any better than the guy who was defeated by Stipe & Lewis. If Bones can get out of the first few minutes of round 1, I think he could outstrike Ngannou over 5 rounds.
  7. He & Ngannou are trying to put a fight together. UFC not trying to give them the money they want
  8. Who gonna speak against that man? A whole lot of "never seen him, or spoke to him", and that's from the people who played with him
  9. Unless he was the kingpin behind Hernandez, Brady's story aint that interesting.
  10. thats not a small measure though. look at those idiots on the Michigan capital. rational people know he's full of ****. 40% of this country is proving to not be rational. that is not some insignificant number that can be brushed aside. they will have it in their dumbass minds that the only possible way he can lose is by the process being rigged against him. at which point, they will do some crazy **** and possibly force me to do some **** I don't want to do.
  11. Next they'll show him taking a cookie from the jar when he was 4.
  12. the midnight gospel on netflix is greatness that last episode might make things a little dusty tho
  13. it ended up being more hagiography than I was led to believe was going to be in it. It was entertaining, especially for the nostalgia, but I don't see myself revisiting the series.
  14. Also Nancy: This is where we are in 2020. So called greatest country reduced to rubbish
  15. So he's taking a drug that he thinks will help a fight a disease he does not have And this wont even be news in 36 hours. Everything is so very ****ing stupid
  16. 2nd half of the series wasn't nearly as strong as the first half. felt more like you could tell MJ had his hands on the 2nd half of the product
  17. Stockton looks like has saved every nba dollar he has made
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