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  1. Your eyes are good. I made the edit to the hard ER because I felt it was necessary given what the president meant.
  2. Our president told Iran not to harm their protesters Shoot them n****** in Minneapolis tho
  3. Watch they divorce for some other **** after its all over Not entirely sure what game he's running, but they playing I like Swalwell, but Democratic party cannot have a white male/white male ticket in 2020. It would be a slap in the face to its base of minorities & women
  4. Never thought she should be a serious contender for the spot anyway. This bit of news should tell them to drop the pretense
  5. He kept he knee on his neck after he went silent anyway. Mississippi mayor saw what he wanted, one less "n-word" in the world.
  6. Freeman's statement and the clarification are saying different things. They can take that "misinterpreted" bull**** elsewhere
  7. The Minneapolis Massacre soon cometh
  8. dude read online instructions on how to give himself a circumcision the gods were laughing at that boy
  9. i remember thinking that the kid on Nip/Tuck, who kinda resembled Mike Jackson, took a historic amount of L's on the that show. I never finished the series though
  10. I love Yan & Aldo is probably my favorite fighter ever. That said, Aldo losing to Moraes wasnt some robbery of a decision. It was a close fight. I dont like the idea of ufc disregarding results of fights that happened to suit what they think should happen. Its the same type of **** that i hate about boxing. There are multiple fighters at 135 with a better claim to a title shot than Aldo, who really hasnt looked that good in his last 2 fights. As much as i love him, there's not much evidence of him being the type of fighter that will demonstrably increase ppv buys.
  11. we got superpowers man. we can make any object look like a gun or otherwise threatening object. we can also manipulate our bodies to appear most threatening in the blink of an eye
  12. its becoming increasingly hard for me to acknowledge the "good cops" when so many stay silent about **** like this. not saying anything is statement that speaks loud enough for me.
  13. they wouldn't do a dog the way they did that man i'm at my wits end with this ****
  14. the bloody nine stands alone. its kinda surprising nobody has put that on television or film yet. it has some great characters, potential for amazing battle sequences, and with a story thats not overly complicated......and its finished. I think that book put me off for the very reasons you enjoy it. its one I've said i would revisit sometime in the future, but probably won't. I did like her latest book, The City We Became though. Felt good to read fantasy that used a modern setting as the basis for the worldbuilding. I'll buy a copy to support, but t
  15. just saying, if Kyle Barraclough is getting a ring, we all kinda deserve them to? just thinking out loud if you're him, do you sell the ring, or just tuck it away in the closet for a rainy day?
  16. Max's wife has that same killer look in her eyes, albeit with just one color arguments in their house must be fun
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