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  1. is this dude under the assumption that racist whites & ethnocentrists are somehow undecided? these numbers dudes gotta get their heads out of their computers sometimes
  2. 1. the concept of legal authority has been pissed on & ripped apart by this president and his contingent of republican eunuchs in the senate 2. is the whole damn point. anyone he accuses of being Antifa will be Antifa
  3. but we really can't though. if we protest with guns, it will turn into a massacre
  4. Black parents have been delivering that lesson to their children for a long time out of necessity. It is not useful when people who are "professionally" trained in how to deal people choose to disregard that training because they feel like they are not dealing with someone who matters
  5. i felt every damn word of this. wanting the next generation to do better, but you can't tell them how because not a damn thing has worked yet. that tone of frustration, that tone of feeling helpless, that tone of feeling hopeless. and now i'm laughing through the ****ing tears because my man in the video is wearing a wife-beater, sweat shorts, & cowboy boots. he was going to do some damage before that talk
  6. 45 probably sitting in the oval office jerking off to seeing the press get abused like this
  7. Cops want to send the message that filming them doing their dirt will get you ****ed up
  8. Racism is a pool shark, it was never really down
  9. somewhere along the line, he just completely abandoned his wrestling he's 38, i wouldn't be surprised if he hangs it up soon if he can afford to do so
  10. they seem to be aiming directly at media
  11. seems like the cops are taking president's call of the press being the "enemy of the people" to heart
  12. he's a boxer who can't box its weird. I've heard him break down other fighters quite accurately, but his own fight IQ is just not there at all
  13. i thought Carlyle won that first 2 rounds of that fight pretty clear. can't do everything at 100% though
  14. I've had similar thoughts. one side one do anything because they're reaping the benefits. the other side has the better message, but is rather **** in coalescing it.
  15. mother****er brought a damn bow and arrow you know the level of hatred you have to have in your heart to fire an arrow into a crowd of people I hope they stomped him proper
  16. Sally Jenkins emptied the clip as well:
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