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  1. You guys have seen this right? Amanda Blackhorse wants the chiefs to change their name now... This chick is nuts http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/06/26/plaintiff-in-redskins-patent-case-urges-chiefs-to-change-their-name/
  2. It would be sweet if the gloves for this uniform formed the redskins spear logo instead of the standard logo that nike has on all the new team gloves
  3. Does anyone have any idea when the 80th Anniversary Press Conference is today? I have looked everywhere and all i can find out is that today is the day however no one lists a time... MODS If this thread belongs in another thread please shut down... i searched and only found a thread about the 80th anniversary bus and Jersey thread.
  4. I Think it would recharge the fan base just a little.. even though RG3 will already have the covered... I also think it would bring back some of these punk teenagers around here to being Redskins fans again.
  5. I'm Just curious with a culture change at redskins park that's ongoing and a new face of the franchise being drafted this year (RG3). Should the Redskins have Nike give them a 3 jersey ? Don't get me wrong .. ever since I was born in 79 I have loved our traditional jerseys and uniforms .. (well except the white on white and the burgundy on burgundy).. I was just thinking if you're rebooting the culture and franchise with youth and a POSSIBLE franchise QB .. Should the Redskins stop there or also introduce a third alternate jersey with Nike taking over April 3rd? :dallasuck
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