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  1. Brokenstriker

    Petition to Fire Allen and Hire a Qualified GM

    lets post one here in the forum and get it going ...
  2. well we have a overpaid long term one now who promises to give away 15 yards to the other team, miss half of the season and otherwise be the SS we wish wasn't playing while running 4.6s/40yd sprints once a game when we KO, and contribute mediocrity to the 6 punts/game coverage team ... but he knows how to find the stadium so that's something.
  3. of course you need them … my point is he isn't all that special on teams, he's a PI liability, he's slow, he's a failed CB, he's a mediocre SS, he's missing games with a bad injury … and we could use the ST roster positions for players who are either actually "special" on teams, or waiting behind old/over-priced current starters at O or D positions
  4. consider it signed by me ... anyone else?
  5. ... but is he? ... note few KO are returned in the current era (except by crappy teams like the Redskins) ... it's almost exclusively blocking or punt coverage ... 2,006 snaps (1,176 on ST, 830 primarily defense), 58 tackles, 33 assists ... ST leadership hasn't delivered any notable reduction in stupid ST penalties (e.g., holding, blocking in the back) ... fined $48K for dangerous plays as a SS in 2016 ... so ... failed CB ... mediocre SS ... motivated ST guy who's not making much of a difference ... this roster spot could be used for an up and comer who is waiting behind a entrenched starter ... somebody you would be happy to see starting on O or D, or a better depth player especially at a roster spot that is weak
  6. Brokenstriker

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    I'm missing them every week ... the team I'm routing for ... never shows up
  7. Brokenstriker

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    years and years of mediocrity miniture seats at stadium expensive seats at stadium piped in noise at stadium out numbered by visiting team fans at stadium terrible traffic at stadium nothing to do around the stadium the Devil's own franchise destroyer ... Vinnie the Devil's back-up franchise destroyer ... Bruce comedy show rotating door of coaches and the occasional clown-coach universally panned defensive coordinators terrible/no club identity sloppy execution ... players, coordinators, coaches, managers, ownership misuse and waste of the talent in hand bargin shopper-itis ... injured college greats hoping/banking on a recovery ... eventually ... maybe ... while tying up roster positions and putting back-ups in games way too often ... yeah ... my fan status is eroding ... now it's like an addict ... I can't kick them but I really really want to ... get a real GM get a real HC get leading edge creative up and coming coordinators draft solid healthy players change the name change the uniform build a new stadium in Washington fill it with affordable seats large enough for a 90 percentile adult human male stop ripping fans off with consessions build the fan base back up ... yes I'm available to interview for GM
  8. Brokenstriker

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    serious answer … no. I liked Kurt and I would have liked to see him stay but at his contract price he's not worth it. Yes he's doing a good job with the Vikings … but so did Case if you recall. The Skins have more problems than QB and having Kurt here wouldn't fix any of them … in fact it would hurt the potential fixes by tying up a massive amount of cap.
  9. Brokenstriker

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    could be he's all about the contract ... in which case he's a bum could be that he's upset about the medical staff ... in which case there would be a malpractice suit ... which there isn't ... so that's clearly not a good reason for anything ... thinking he's a bum ... already rich ... too busy getting high ... and no longer interested in working unless he can hit an even higher jackpot ... no love here ... he blew drug tests that are reportedly 100% avoidable ... he missed games ... he quit but still wants to be paid ... trade him ASAP
  10. Brokenstriker

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    It's simple really ... Allen is a bad general manager and hasn't delivered anything good ... replace him Williams didn't honor his contract or his teammates ... replace him Callahan isn't the answer for Head Coach ... replace him Manusky isn't the answer for D Coordinator ... replace him Start rebuilding as soon as possible ... take anything you could use to rebuild with for everyone on the roster that isn't part of your rebuilding plan ... keep the healthy, good and young players
  11. Brokenstriker

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I've flipped … trade Williams and get the best deal you can get ... while you're at it trade anyone on the roster who's not an ideal RE-building block if you can get something that would help rebuilding .. ... ideal RE-building block … i.e., a player who's young, good, and healthy … we have some but not many
  12. Brokenstriker

    Bench Norman

    you'd think it's alot like playing zone which he's pretty good at ... and I don't think he's slow. I'd pay to see that experiment
  13. Brokenstriker

    Bench Norman

    Norman excels (in a relative sense) in zone coverage. Man is his weakness. Good example of knowing what your players do well and what they don't do well … and putting them in positions to succeed. Manusky puts Norman in Man most of the time or often enough and Norman looks pretty unexceptional in that role.
  14. Brokenstriker

    Redskins Meme Thread

  15. Brokenstriker Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    good coaches know their players strengths and weaknesses ... devise schemes to put the players in position to take advantage of their strengths without exposing their weaknesses ... bad coaches start with their scheme and jam players into it where their weaknesses are exposed and their strengths aren't realized ... i.e., Manusky is a bad coach ... and Jay wasn't much better ... @DanSnyder ... even you have to see this ... Clemson's Venerable for example completely changed his defensive scheme this past off season based on knowing what his players do and don't do well .... spent the off-season studying new schemes, focused in on Iowa State's and installed it this season ... he doesn't have a scheme ... he has players