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  1. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    not simple ... what coaches in the last 20 years coached well and had enough roster talent to take advantage of? None. Need good players ... but seem to have at least a few now and most are pretty good at at least one thing ... if only they can be put in positions to do that thing. Can't get new good players really except for the draft. Can get good coaches at any time. One step at a time ... at this time the only option is to get better coaches.
  2. Brokenstriker

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    I think most folks predicted 0 - 5
  3. Brokenstriker

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    we're on the same page ... good coordinators understand their team's and the opponents' strengths and weaknesses ... and put their players in the best situations to take advantage of their strenths and the opponents weaknesses. It's not some dark mystic art ... it's basic "real" coaching. It's also fundemental to relatable real world experiences ... adapt and overcome
  4. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    it is sad but ... really ... how is the front office f'ing up the game plans? f'ing up the possibility of halftime adjustments? f'ing up the possibility of creativity in game schemes? f'ing up the concept of dressing only one main running back and two undersized players ... neither one runs through tackles and one can't run between the tackles? The drafts have been better ... Snyder has been mostly a fading memory ... Allen is hated but still there's talent on this team ... it's the game plans, game adjustments, creativity and maximizing of that talent's ability to excell ... yeah it's not there ... COACHING but really COORDINATORS are the primary issue. Talent will limit but the Redskins could play 3 times better and still not play beyond their talent. ... Proof ... break your heart and watch the Rams play ...
  5. Brokenstriker

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    game plan sucks ... having Kerrigan rush wide and get ushered down the field ... yeah that should have happened once at the most ... running untouched through this D Line ... repeatedly ... no way these guys don't know how to play, tackle, take on blockers ... what's wrong then? ... scheme ... that's what's wrong. No serous blitzing ... no creative blitzing ... high risk plays with no backup ... no pressure on the receivers ... 10+ YARD CUSHIONS? WTHFO! Sure guys are hurt but the backups need to be given a chance to do the job ... not surrender 10 yards just because and then hope for open field tackles. The D Coord mailed this game in ... and the last one. Never heard of an adjustment? ... didn't watch the first half? Didn't see what they were working into on offense? Didn't see what was working in order to adjust? Didn't see where they were weak and didn't care to adjust and take advantage.
  6. Brokenstriker

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    statistics aren't on our side ... sample size is too small to justify that conclusion. Simply put they haven't brought in a game-oriented defensive coordinator. For the love of God Almighty ... they need to bring in someone like Venables (Clemson) ... creative ... game plan oriented ... demanding ... perfectionist ... adapts his game to his players ... The Redskins have EXCELLENT TALENT on defense ... some weak area perhaps especially when injuries come into play but for Pete's sake ... the D Line are all studs! The safeties are good to very good ... the CBs have played at much higher levels ... the LBs are at least good quite possibly very good (Holcomb BTW looks like he needs to play more). The talent is there ... the game prep, game plan, halftime adjustments, motivation?, leadership? ... those things aren't there.
  7. Brokenstriker

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    you'd think the O-Line would be better at run blocking than what we've seen ... the right side at least ... they didn't suck last season ... this much Keenum ... much better than the masses beleive ... certainly he's good enough to check out of run if given the authority to audible ...
  8. Brokenstriker

    Guice Vs Peterson

    I like CT but backs like CT are a low change for a big gain ... that doesn't move the sticks ... that doesn't sustain drives ... and honestly I don't think he has any better chance to go 80 for a TD than either Guise of Peterson ... I just don't see what Gruden sees in him from a game plan perspective. Yes he's special ... but he is what he is ... small, quick, etc won't run through a good tackle ... won't make his own hole.
  9. Brokenstriker

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    RYAN ... couldn't be worse and already knows how to get to the office ... straight up ... I'm not as confident I understand defensive schemes as I am about offense ... so please ... somebody tell my why 10 yard cushions on receivers when there's no reason to beleive the QB is going to be hurried? ... and when at least one of the CBs is paid like a Pro Bowl player with the attitude to go with it?
  10. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I know ... but the #4 back is his back-up and also a special teamer ... so if you're only going to dress 3 running backs seems like it would be best to make sure you have a legitimate threat to run available (Gruden talked about actual run plays but the defense needs to beleive it could be run or the defense adjusts to focus on pass) if your starter is out ... that would mean Guise and Peterson. That means every 1st and 2nd down and plenty of 3rd downs ... even when it's a pass play ... also known as most of the damn game. Both have decent receiving capabilities leaving only the 3rd and loooong SOL sitautions where a main running back isn't really a good option ... so you roll the dice with a shifty-quick back like Thompson and there aren't many of those plays. Basically we kept only one back who should be on the field for virtually all the 1st and 2nd downs and frankly plenty of 3rd downs ... and we kept 2 back who's only unigue skill set is an occasional play when the **** hit the fan. Can Thompson function as the main back? Maybe Gruden thinks so but I sure as hell don't. If the holes are massive and he doesn't see a potential tackler until he's 3+ yards beyond the LOS then maybe but that's not happening and even when it does you shouldn't plan on it and torpedo your ability to put a legit main running back on the field as a back-up.
  11. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    if you need to sit a running back to compensate for anything else ... sit Thompson ... he doesn't play teams and he's not a back-up primary running back. We have 4 guys ... 2 primary backs and 2 specialty guys ... why on earth would you risk not having an alternate primary back available ... sadly the answer is Gruden has a man-crush on Thompson despite the fact that Thompson isn't a between the tackles runner ... I mean sure he'll try to but come on coach ... try the smelling salts and have a gatoraid or something for pete's sake
  12. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Gruden could learn something about attacking the other teams weaknesses like a steally eyed killer from these ... oh and I agree
  13. Brokenstriker

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    lazy ass that I am I haven't read all the entries before shooting this in ... I thought Case played a very good game, I thought the rookies played pretty well to excellent, the defense is about as talented as you could hope for ... maybe missing a scary definitely will hit the QB most every down rusher but perhaps Sweat grows into that. I have to agree with the thread title. There's no apparent crafty coaching happening at half time ... thank goodness Gruden didn't pitch in his usual excessively passive game plan like every other first game of the season but ... seriously ... any adjustments were lost on me (and apparently everyone else). Also we're left with 2 choices ... either our O-Line is completely incompetent in the run game ... or the game plan was terrible. Not sure I know which but I'm leaning towards game plan. Saw a lot of dropped ball-hits-both-hands passes that would have changed the game ... and of course the over throw to McLaurin will haunt my dreams tonight. ... Sick ... and ... f-ing ... tired of watching the opposition come out of half time with adjustments ... adjustments that mostly work great ... and the Redskins coming out and getting stuffed by them ... on offense and defense. ... Praying for the ghost of Richie Petitbon ... the absolute GREATEST ALL TIME HALFTIME COACH ... to pour a little wizdom out all the F over the coaching staff ... a staff that I kinda like ... until the second half whooping happens.
  14. Brokenstriker

    Welcome to the Redskins Bryce Love RB Stanford

    yeah ... that ACL thing ... Peterson - 2011 (first ACL tear) - Redskins '18: 1,042 yards, 7 TDs ... 4.2 yd/carry ... 12 year vet Allen - 1993 (second ACL tear) - Redskins '95: 1,309 yards, 10 TDs ... 3.9 yd/carry ... 4 year vet - Redskins '96: 1,353 yards, 21 TDs ... 3.9 yd/carry ... Pro Bowl - Redskins '97: 724 yards, 4 TDs ... 3.5 yd/carry - Redskins '98: 700 yards, 2 TDs ... 4.7 yd/carry
  15. Brokenstriker

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Haskins isn't that good. Seriously there isn't a franchise cornerstone QB in this draft. If you want to do the 'all in' sell out for a franchise QB wait for Trevor Lawrence and go for it.