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  1. I'm OK with it ... what I'm not OK with is the play calling. Too many better things ... that new tall WR ... the multi-talented yards after catch Gibson ... Montez Sweat in at TB with Chase Young in a FB ... Need the OC to step. There were WR running routes free and clear tripping over one and another (earlier in the game) ... Think perhaps that would be my post game HC focus ... jack the OC up and let him know he's got to do better. Beyond that ... considering the increasingly glaring holes in the roster ... I think Ron is doing about as well as anyone could.
  2. Coach's statements and body language tell me this is about failure to take what the designed/called plays are providing. Turn-overs happen and he did clean that up the next game. It's Turner's comments that resonate the most for me ... they think the plays and the rest of the team are creating opportunities and Haskins hasn't been taking advantage of them. They note that he's hurt by lack of a real pre-season to learn a new offense in game conditions, etc. I don't think they would have started him at all if they didn't think he had the physical and mental ability because they know that Alle
  3. The Team has been in need of a reset for awhile now ... it's sad to me at least about the name change mostly because of memories of being a fan and of course a closet full of Redskins branded things. I've been hoping for the reset, I can roll with the name change. Personally I think they should do a complete reset and kick-off a new hopefully more successful era with no tie to any of the assorted embarrassments they've been carrying around for too long.
  4. <mod edit; member pm'ed concern over potential political content so no penalty>
  5. come now ... Josh got open ... he just couldn't catch balls that hit him in the hands ... remember "50-50?"
  6. I think they're undewhelmed by Piersbacher ... I am. Resume sounds good but plays like a JAG even his college highlight reel is ok but underwhelming.
  7. I took a lot of heat early suggesting the Redskins trade back if they could get Simmons plus a pick. While I still wouldn't mind seeing that, I'm more convinced Young is a steal and shouldn't be passed on. That said ... I would definitely try to work trades for picks offering Trent Williams ... and also Ryan Kerrigan. Not a fan of Trent and want to see him gone. Love Kerrigan but he's worth some real value, older and what's he going to do once Chase Young is starting ... as in from Day 1? Need some day 2 picks to help rebuild.
  8. he's good ... he just didn't take the game away from Clemson. Personally ... I think Simmons is the better immediate and long term player in the NFL ... also a freak ... felony fast at any size and he's got size. Fills the painfully empty Sean Taylor hole in my heart.
  9. the one about Redskins pressure leaders? Yeah 29th sucks ... but seriously think there's larger or at least a number of similarly sucky issues with the D ... and O for that matter.
  10. that was "the" one play of note ... and it was a late hit ... and it was teasing for a personal foul if not targeting ... one play out of ~ 50 the Texans lost with a solid offensive tally because they had no answer on defense ... telling it's not just sacks so I really couldn't say about Mack is zero sacks the only measure of merit ... nope ... what else did they do or not do. 1 tackle is telling ... especially if there's a guy making more in similar circumstances I think he vanished in that game because I watched it ... I expected to see him dominate or at least
  11. ESPN says he had 1 QB hurry in the game if you don't like the stats then impressions ... he didn't take the game over, he didn't make a splash, his one QB moment was a late hit to the helmet after another player has taken the QB out resulting in targeting, there weren't plays where you were left with ... "wow ... Young is a beast." You never had a moment where you were wondering what Clemson could do to avoid Young taking the game away from them. I'm not saying he's not good. I'm saying he wasn't much of a factor in this very important game and personally I think Simmons would b
  12. I watched that game ... Chase was a virtual non factor. He wasn't mentioned for what he was doing in the game much, he got some notice for tackling the QBs helmet and avoiding a targeting penalty ... and that was about it. Did you see something else?
  13. Buckeyes loss to the Clemson Tigers in the semi-final ... Chase Young, DE … 2 tackles, 1 QB hurry, 0 tackles for a loss, 0 sacks Isaiah Simmons LB/S … 4 tackles, 1 INT This season ... Young 46 tackles, 16.7 sacks, Simmons 104 tackles, 7 sacks, 4 INT 2 tackles, 1 hurry, no sacks
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