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  1. Brokenstriker

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Haskins isn't that good. Seriously there isn't a franchise cornerstone QB in this draft. If you want to do the 'all in' sell out for a franchise QB wait for Trevor Lawrence and go for it.
  2. Brokenstriker

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    We need ... at a minimum ... major upgrades at ... Left Guard O-Line Depth Middle Linebacker (I suppose Foster addresses this but what's his status) Both Safeties Right (Weakside) Edge Rusher Speed Receiver Possession/Clutch Receiver TE (injuries are too much) we need to consider improving some mediocre to average positions ... Slot Receiver Quarterback Cornerback the lesson learned from the Griffin Trade is no single player will ever be as good as 3 likely long term starters the lesson learned from the Hogs/Rypien is an average QB is an all-Pro behind a strong O-Line Please don't trade up for a QB ... or waste even one high pick on a QB until there's a decent O-Line and some decent receivers on the roster
  3. Brokenstriker

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

  4. Brokenstriker

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    - install a competent and fully empowered GM whose one and only job is GM - rack up consistent "smart" drafts - install a professional team culture (drop/trade/cut/sit the idiots who get pre-snap penalties, unsportsmanlike penalties, blow assignments, mouth off, get in fights, stay at home, miss or are late at work, etc.) - play home games somewhere in DC or Northern VA that is accessible - build that stadium with seats that are unobstructed and sized for adults ... human adults ... with shoulders and hips - increase the number ticket packages (2 game, 4 game, full season) and reduce the package ticket prices ... DRAMATICALLY, so local regular rank and file Redskins fans can afford to go to games instead of selling them to lobbyists and law firms who comp them to people who only want to see the visiting team - do whatever must be done to have a solid seriously above average to great offensive line - stop settling for players with clear holes in their game - STOP playing canned crowd noise in the stadium - take some notes from the NHL about how they manage to keep home game tickets in the hands of home team fans - refresh the brand ... uniforms if not also name
  5. Brokenstriker

    The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    I beleive that was the original definition of "down" in football what if a running back identifies as a quarterback?
  6. Brokenstriker

    The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    it's as simple as requiring that the tackler use their arms to wrap up the ball carrier and not make contact with the ball carriers head ... it's close to impossible to wrap someone up and spear them at the same time ... or lead with crown your head in general. The definition of the word is grasp or hold ... not collide or hit.
  7. Brokenstriker

    The Conspiracy Thread

    meanwhile back at the farm ... Breeland sits a game because of a recreational drug that is legal in "Washington"
  8. Total redesign please ... built around burgundy that's actually burgundy and gold that doesn't look like safety vest yellow. Use white and black for contracts and complementary colors.
  9. Brokenstriker

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Mara, his lackey/butt-boy Goodell and the Redskins Cap penalty re: ... i.e., patently illegal
  10. I'd be happy to see a complete redesign ... something current and new. Maybe as the lead for a complete new approach to playing/winning football games. Keep the team colors Burgundy and Gold ... tweek them a little as a function of artistic licence (dark burgundy, red "burgundy", gold "gold", yellow "gold", whatever). Something that gets most people saying "damn those are nice ..."
  11. Brokenstriker

    The House that Bruce Built

    nice bump ... I'd nit pick and suggest that the approach to building the offensive line has been FELONY-STUPID ... but I'm still a little PO'd about yet another humilating loss. Even so ... I don't think he has a fair understanding of the importance of the offensive line to the potential of the offense in general, or its ability to take ordinary athletes and make then special ... QBs, RBs and receivers ... and for that matter above average players turn into pro bowlers (e.g., Mark Rypien behind the hogs).
  12. gonna be hard pressed to find anything that looks as good as #21 in any color scheme
  13. got my vote ... this would be awesome! I'm good for 1 home and 1 away jersey if they make this switch.
  14. Your score is: 4352 (Drafting Ability: A, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 21 (CINN): Eric Reid, FS, LSU (A) Round 3 Pick 25 (SEA): Dallas Thomas, OT, Tennessee (B-) Round 4 Pick 21 (CINN): Dwayne Gratz, CB, Connecticut (A) Round 4 Pick 22: Shawn Williams, SS, Georgia (C+) Round 4 Pick 27 (HOU): Tavarres King, WR, Georgia © Round 5 Pick 5 (SEA): Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State (A-) Round 5 Pick 23 (CINN): Kevin Reddick, ILB, North Carolina (A) Round 5 Pick 27 (HOU): Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon (B+) Round 6 Pick 13 (T.B.): Adrian Bushell, CB, Louisville (A) Round 6 Pick 23: Jason Weaver, OT, Southern Mississippi (A) Round 6 Pick 27 (HOU): P.J. Lonergan, C, LSU (A) Round 6 Pick 31 (BALT): T.J. Barnes, DT, Georgia Tech (A) Round 6 Pick 32 (BALT): Brad Wing, P, LSU (A) Round 7 Pick 32 (BALT): Jake Stoneburner, TE, Ohio State (A) Your Future Picks: 2015 Round 1 Pick
  15. ditto ... very dated and more than a fan generation old sure they wore the current uniforms when they won the super bowl ... but as far as holding onto traditions etc. ... they wore the current uniforms through about 20 years of primarily terrible performances and socially humiliating conduct that we've had to suffer through and been associated with. NY, Philly have both updated their uniforms in that time and even Dallas has tweaked their ever so basic and boring blues white and star set. I say go new and cutting edge (and "really" use "burgundy" and "gold" as opposed to cardinal red and green bay yellow) ... or go back to the actual roots like the current 80th anniversary colors and style (with a non-leather helmet design) as the standard uniform