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  1. Is this dude going to touch the field this year? When is he coming off IR? With all of the HATE surrounding our organization, we really need some more LOVE
  2. Hope management included an extension option in that contract they gave AP.
  3. Agreed. It's not an abandonment of the team's history, and we can still refer to the team as the Pigskins/skins without any taboo. Hail to the Pigskins Hail victory Hogs on the warpath Fight for ol' DC
  4. It’d be nice to see a fan poll for the name suggestions people have thrown out: Washington Warriors Washington Redtails Washington Hogs
  5. If a name change is inevitable, I’d go with the Washington Hogs. History with Joe Bugel and our Ferocious O-line. We can have pork-themed tail-gates. Pig races, food . Don’t worry vegan pig will be on the menu too. Hail to the pigskins!
  6. AP won't get cut. He's more likely to start week 1. People keeping falling back to the same argument, "he's an aging 35 year old running back". Do people even watch the highlights? What he's done the past two years has been incredible. The Redskins haven't had a good offense and he's still been able to shine through. He's been playing with a sub-par, injured offensive line during his entire tenure here. Not to mention a coach who couldn't commit to the run game. Does anyone remember the Philadlephia game when he busted a 90 yard touchdown run before halftime after Mark Sanchez came in?
  7. Unpopular opinion/prediction: With the failed attempt of pursuing Amari Cooper, I could really see the Skins picking up Antonio Brown. The price tag will be too alluring for the Dan Man to pass up. Of course in this AB scenario, they’d have to add some mental health professionals to the team with some contract contingencies for Brown. And in the end, the Skin’s organization will be missing the point again because it’s the fans who need mental care after years of this circus.
  8. Good Thread. I'll give this a go. I'm going to skip talking about the front-office and coaching personnel because lately it's just been a lot of "Fire this guy! Fire that guy!" blah blah. Hopefully they all are able to adjust and move forward with success. Here's what I would recommend: 1. Improvements for where we play: Our lease at Fed Ex expires in 2027. Right now, I would be shopping for a new location for a multi-use stadium in Washington DC. Bring the team back home to the District. Landover is a far commute for Virginia folks. It's not even
  9. On the Peterson topic... 1. Was Peterson ever asked to play special teams as an option? 2. Does Jay not see the advantage of running 2 back sets with Guice and Peterson?
  10. Overreaction or not? Whoever made the Adrian Peterson decision should be fired. NFL Network is reporting many of the veterans are apparently pissed. If Trent Williams is coming back and we're trying to build rapport back again, how will this help? The run game did nothing today. We lost our ability to control the clock completely with no run game. Talk about a dumb game decision and a way to divide the locker room. Applause. It really is a soap opera.
  11. Speaking of all of the health and durability issues with players... can we hire some quality Free Agent injury-prevention specialists for our team?
  12. Eric Berry visiting the Cowboys Tuesday Collins/Berry would be so entertaining.
  13. With all of this talk about player numbers... if we sign Eric Berry, I advocate for Landon Collins and Eric Berry to bring back AREA 51!
  14. I wouldn't mind exploring a trade for John Ross. We need someone to blow the top off opposing defenses. Doubly important if we are going to emphasize our running game this season, to keep opposing safeties honest. Ross's injuries are concerning--only 3 games played his rookie season, and 13 last year--but that could set us up for a good bargain. Definitely worth exploring with Crowder out of the mix. I wonder at draft time though, if DK Metcalf is on the board, would they pull the trigger?
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