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  1. CPAllTheWay012

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Like the picks a lot. Great value and filling positions of need! Over the next couple days, I hope we can grab a CB, bolster the O-line, and add some speed on offense in the form of a wide receiver and future RB. Ty Johnson is flying under the radar right now folks. Totally under-utilized by the Terps dysfunctional offense in his career at Maryland-- and still always managed to be explosive. Kid is going to be a beast. His pro day unofficial 40 times were 4.26, 4.32, 4.29, 4.34. Managed 27 reps on bench and 34 inch vertical. The Skins invited Stefon Diggs to their local pro day and didn't draft him. Don't make the same mistake with this guy!
  2. CPAllTheWay012

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    Eric Berry
  3. Speaking of all of the health and durability issues with players... can we hire some quality Free Agent injury-prevention specialists for our team?
  4. If Gruden doesn't get any input into the players that come to Washington during free agency... what else is that true for? The draft? What else is Gruden not consulted on? This makes sense if there's a plan beyond Gruden, except that they gave him a contract extension through 2020 at the beginning of 2017, and let him stay this year. The head coach carousal for our team has been ridiculous since Joe Gibbs left... Can we hire him as a consultant please... or do you think he knows to stay away now?
  5. Eric Berry visiting the Cowboys Tuesday Collins/Berry would be so entertaining.
  6. With all of this talk about player numbers... if we sign Eric Berry, I advocate for Landon Collins and Eric Berry to bring back AREA 51!
  7. I wouldn't mind exploring a trade for John Ross. We need someone to blow the top off opposing defenses. Doubly important if we are going to emphasize our running game this season, to keep opposing safeties honest. Ross's injuries are concerning--only 3 games played his rookie season, and 13 last year--but that could set us up for a good bargain. Definitely worth exploring with Crowder out of the mix. I wonder at draft time though, if DK Metcalf is on the board, would they pull the trigger?
  8. I hope we don't blow it with Adrian Peterson. Our best player on offense last year
  9. CPAllTheWay012

    Starting QB 2019???

    Would you feel more comfortable with Josh Rosen or Colt McCoy as the starter? Gotta be McCoy, right? I'm all for a Rosen experiment on the bench (for the right price) but Colt gives us the best chance to win with his familiarity of the system.
  10. CPAllTheWay012

    Starting QB 2019???

    Voted for Colt McCoy. He knows the system and has proven he can win games. I'm not opposed to bringing a guy like Bridgewater in, but I absolutely think Colt should get the first go. Rely on our strengths. Run 2 back sets with Peterson/Guice. This will solve the problem of who to keep on the field + keep defenses confused. Use Chris Thompson to spell when one or the other gets tired/obvious passing situations. Bring in another fast receiver to stretch the field and to keep defenses honest (sorry Paul Richardson). Although some people may be dissuaded by Antonio Brown and his antics, he's one of the best receivers for this kind of role. I wouldn't be opposed to looking at Desean Jackson again either. He without a doubt still has speed. Continue to rely heavily on 2 tight end sets. This will work well if we run 2 back sets. I would love to see our base packages switch between (5 OL, 2 RB, 2 TE, 1 WR, 1 QB) and (5 OL, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2WR, 1 QB). On average there's something like 60-70 offensive plays per game. i know it's not flashy or the norm right now, but running the ball 40-45 times per game will be our best bet on offense. Gruden ALWAYS has a tendency to abandon the run (the Philadelphia away game this past season was an egregious example). We really need to do the opposite because it's our strength with the offensive line, a long with the type of running backs we'll be rolling with next season (assuming AP is back). 40-45 times per game. 2 back sets. The key to success. Prove me wrong Jay.
  11. CPAllTheWay012

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Even if Derrius Guice comes back 100%, Adrian Peterson brings passion and a work ethic we NEED on our team. Peterson can mentor Guice. We can run 2 back sets with Guice and Peterson on the field at the same time. CT still rotates in. (side note--with our current predicament on offense with QB, you would think we go run heavy next year and search for a deep threat to stretch field... what's the cost for Desean or Antonio Brown?) Why not play to our strengths? Peterson as a viable backup to take bulk carries if Guice goes down. Peterson having a shot to break more records and add to his HOF career. This decision is so obvious. it's too bad we gave Peterson a one year contract. I hope the Redskins don't mess this one up come March.
  12. CPAllTheWay012

    What do YOU want to happen?

    On offense: I want to re-sign Adrian Peterson immediately. He was by far the most entertaining and valuable player on the Skins offense this season. He played extremely tough and kept us in games. He broke records. With Guice coming back next year from injury, we will no doubt see a reduction in Peterson’s carries. I view this as a positive thing for Adrian’s durability and also because we absolutely should run 2 back sets. This would be ridiculous. Thompson still spells on 3rd downs and we look for a young 4th RB to develop. Give Peterson a 3 year contract. This should be done already. I don’t want to speculate on our offensive coaches, but if they manage to stick around, given Alex Smith’s contract and injury, I believe we should roll with Colt McCoy as our starting QB. Draft a young quarterback in the draft but don’t let him touch the field until 2020 minimum. I expect Smith to make a comeback attempt. If our coaches are gone all bets are off at QB. The 2019 WR receiver free agent class looks weak to me. We need a deep threat. Desean Jackson is unhappy in Tampa Bay. I would pull the trigger on him for a 1-2 year contract. Draft another wideout and drink for Josh Doctson’s health.
  13. CPAllTheWay012

    So where do we go from here (QB wise) this year and next?

    What is Jason Campbell up to these days?
  14. CPAllTheWay012

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    The facts remain that Colin Kaepernick has a tremendous TD-Interception ratio compared to Mark Sanchez (turnover machine) and EJ Manuel. He is a dual threat to run and offers good play-action. He played on sub-par 49er teams. The Skins are absolute fools if they don’t workout this man.
  15. CPAllTheWay012

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Yeah, bare minimum... why not work him out? There’s almost no risk.