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  1. As long we dont select red tails i am good i get that honors Tuskegee airman. But imagine every time we lose. Red tails spanked.....
  2. Basically if name is changed it makes no sense to continue any association with a racial group so forget warriors , braves or other names which can be manipulated in a fashion to create an issue. So any name change most likely going to be to something completely different!
  3. I think most referring to kick returning and i think dont want your starting WR taking that role. If Sims develops into a weapon do you really want him returning kicks .
  4. ANTONIO GIBSON is also a returner so offers value there and we really need a kick returner who can make a difference!
  5. Well just how i feel as well. But is nothing can do to change the direction of the stampede unless you have a position in the media to change the tone of what is being said.
  6. Your on extremeskins talking about fanbase so yea that the reason. Hype is hype posts on forums wont do anything to change that. The media will spin it how they feel and people will follow.
  7. I doubt he give 2 hoots whats said on extreme skins to be honest and the hype will be real same as any prospect selected in the first round. Look at Sweat a lot calling him a bust after first 4 or 5 games. But lets be real if your selected top 5 as a pass rushers your expected to deliver day 1 Year 1 anything less is far from ideal.
  8. Its the Bruce Allen way i think we trying move on from that tho!
  9. Wait till the dust settles before making statements this could work out very well teams that are still desperate now have less time to research the situation eg contract extensions and such. And who knows maybe trent sitting on the couch all season means he not in shape. Big men find pretty easy to pack on pounds especially when they planned on not returning all season. Would not surprise me if Trent was thinking sitting out whole season. Returning week 10 not in game shape.
  10. Pretty much comes down to any symptoms from practicing on wednesday he is out. If DNP thursday he is out for the game. If he practices thursday doesn't mean he is playing. Just means he is more likely to play.
  11. One reason i think TW will return is he border line HOF tackle. If he retires or sits out a season he pretty much throwing that away. He returns or gets trade i think setting him self up for HOF. So sitting out seasons is not a option. Not a good option for him anyway.
  12. Issue is people do this every year they get hyped about new car on the block thinking they could be next Tom Brady low draft hall of famer. When reality is they most likely JAG and replaced next off season by next new crop of young players. At some stage got stop and think we could have 5 our 6 receivers being rookies or 1st year players with no real NFL experience.
  13. Yes crazy to think willing to keep Perine as number 4 back when cant play special teams. That is just waste of a roster spot. He has looked terrible in 2nd preseason and ok in 3rd. Our 4th Running back needs to be able play 3rd down and play special teams ideally.
  14. I think this is true only so many rookie WR you can have on a team. Be nice have some players with a shred of experience. For all the hype on new guys none really done anything in preseason againest other teams number 1 defense. Majority put up numbers vs 2 , 3 and 4 stringers. So that production doesnt translate. Hell Harmon for all his jump ball ability did not actually catch either of those balls but some how now gonna be our number 1 and while trey Quinn had a good camp and yes Doctson did as well he had a thumb injury which prevents him catching punts. Cam Sims was a little impressive but again mostly againest 2nd stringers. Mclauran surposely had an amazing camp then disappeared in preseason. Richardson did nothing of interest and surposely is our number 1. I really think over rating our rookie and 2nd year receivers sure i hope they surprise but no real savings in cutting Doctson so surely better to keep him as he at min a ok number 2. I actually believe Doctson days are numbered and only reason not playing in 4th preseason is make sure doesnt get hurt.
  15. I think cause they losing pretty badly and have a qb in who has attempted 1 pass it was a sack. Pretty depressing 2nd half of the game if was a falcons fan. thats besides the horrible punt returns they had but i find it fun