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  1. I actually like it. Like the New York Giants Football Team (can't believe I'm saying this), it expresses a more retro/throwback feel, especially the helmet numbers, which is appropriate given the organization's age and influence. Also speaks to a measure of defiance: if we can't have our old name, then no name will suffice.
  2. Jordan Reed was a baller. Had we a legitimate deep threat (or a QB who could throw to one) during the prime of his career, he'd have posted bigger numbers but unfortunately Jordan had to suffer a lot of dink-and-dunkers and defenses never stretched out, so he was in a lot of traffic virtually all of the time.
  3. The 5 minutes he took to fix and clean Tom Brady's legbrace in the Pats game will pay him dividends in his visit to Foxboro this offseason.
  4. Well, DG, people talk. That's what they do. Your job isn't to prove them wrong, and it's pointless stressing yourself over public declarations. Put yourself in the best position to stay healthy and productive, then everything else will fall into place as they will.
  5. He doesn't want to be here. I don't blame him, really. Though we're in a new and more promising regime now, he's under no obligation to suffer through this cluster-**** organization's current reclamation project, taking paychecks from the same man largely responsible for the mess in the first place. Just let him go. It isn't healthy for a team to carry a malcontent, especially if the idea is to start anew.
  6. Trade down and put successful pieces around the QB you do have. If it doesn't work-out, those successful pieces will still be there -- either draft another QB next year or bring in a vet to take advantage of the talent.
  7. Good for Kirk. He's a good guy and a good player. Had the front office created a positive culture here around him he could have been cultivated to be an even better QB. I could never assess a player's potential based on their tenure under BA and JG.
  8. Sure, by the same token a lot of proven talent has withered under his watch as well.
  9. It was the end of an era (2004-2007). Gibbs, GWill, getting Portis, Moss, ST. It was the best era under Snyder IMO and nothing came close as exciting until RG3 landed.
  10. Beat Dallas and get a worse pick or lose and watch Dallas get destroyed a week later and get a better pick. I choose option 2.
  11. Some of you seem to believe that a lack of awareness from an irreconcilable ego is the source of Snyder's failure as an owner. There are enough anecdotes and stories to suspect that he also suffers from some behavioral irregularities. Even if he were to strike gold and win the whole thing, I have serious doubts that the success or at least the template from which that success came about would be sustained with him in charge.
  12. There are too many negative factors linked to the Redskins to arouse any sort of taxpayer sympathy in the organization's cause to have a stadium publicly funded. Too many residents simply do not like Daniel Snyder; they don't like the team name; they don't care to appease the interests of a wealthy corporation when it represents an unneeded complication in the city's current dilemma, namely housing and gentrification as well as other negative externalities as demonstrated in the aftermath of the Nationals Park opening back in 2008. Although Dan is young relative to his contemporaries, he exude
  13. "Strong personal relationship with Dan" = "Agree with his point of view, doesn't have to happen right away just know your opinion up to that point won't matter if by chance it's even heard. Be funny but never ever make Dan the butt of your jokes. Everyone else is free game, though."
  14. Exactly. Jerry Jones "got it" and those 3 trophies served to embolden his recklessness and folly for 20+ years. He'll always reference his 90s success to validate himself as an expert of football much to the detriment of the franchise and the chagrin of Dallas fans. If Dan lucked himself to winning a Lombardi, in his arrogance he'll attribute the victory solely to his football acumen and the Dan we know would suddenly transform overnight from a self-preoccupied egotist to a self-deluded a**h***
  15. If I were a star college player with a bright future ahead of me, I'd pull an Eli/Elway if this organization so much as glances at my direction next Spring.
  16. Why are those kids so bad? Things I'm not interested in hearing are "Bad parents," "awful schools," and "poverty." I am just curious about their failures from an X and Y chromosomes perspective.
  17. It's impossible to evaluate any position of this organization with any semblance of precision while they're encumbered by Allen and Snyder's suffocating influence.
  18. Bill probably isn't going to be here after this season. The hell does he care about the future or evaluating rookies.
  19. The NFL should prohibit Josh from coming to this trainwreck for his own good. After one week here he'll be at Assets sniffing lines off silicon mounds.
  20. The league is steadily losing another football city with these two clowns running the show. At this rate we'll be another St. Louis, a sports town apathetic towards the NFL brand.
  21. He probably thought taking the two minutes to fix Brady's leg brace last month would pay dividends.
  22. Hahahaha... I wonder how Snyder feels now that he'll be forced to juxtapose his dismal team to the local audience this Sunday against yet another vastly-superior local product? It'll be like having to answer to an Aston Martin at an annual auto show with a '75 Chevy Vega.
  23. No, but another team might move here. Maybe Jacksonville. The DMV market is too lucrative to be absent of football.
  24. Haskins looked so deflated on the sidelines.
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