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  1. "Strong personal relationship with Dan" = "Agree with his point of view, doesn't have to happen right away just know your opinion up to that point won't matter if by chance it's even heard. Be funny but never ever make Dan the butt of your jokes. Everyone else is free game, though."


  2. 7 hours ago, dyst said:

    I don’t even want Dan to “get it”, I seriously would rather just win with another owner at the helm.  




    Jerry Jones "got it" and those 3 trophies served to embolden his recklessness and folly for 20+ years. He'll always reference his 90s success to validate himself as an expert of football much to the detriment of the franchise and the chagrin of Dallas fans.


    If Dan lucked himself to winning a Lombardi, in his arrogance he'll attribute the victory solely to his football acumen and the Dan we know would suddenly transform overnight from a self-preoccupied egotist to a self-deluded a**h***

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  3. On 11/11/2019 at 1:54 PM, D’Pablo said:


    The things I’m not interested in hearing are “Snyder,” “Bruce Allen,” or “Front Office.” I am just very curious about our failures from a the “X’s and O’s” perspective.


    Why are those kids so bad?


    Things I'm not interested in hearing are "Bad parents," "awful schools," and "poverty." I am just curious about their failures from an X and Y chromosomes perspective.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Rdskns2000 said:

    Washington loses the Skins, there will be no expansion.  THE NFL isn't expanding.  Washington lose it's football then that's probably it.

    There will be relocation in the future but more than likely to London. 


    No, but another team might move here. Maybe Jacksonville. The DMV market is too lucrative to be absent of football.

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  5. Even if we get the #1 pick, does anyone honestly believe Snyder would resist from making the selection, with all the excitement and media attention that comes with having the 1st overall? If we were talking the 25th pick he probably wouldn't give a **** but a top 5? He's making that call.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Monk4thaHALL said:

    I do think Bruce will retire at the end of the season. Everything that has come out in the last couple years lines up for that exit. He's already got his multi million dollar retirement home in Newport Beach. Finally sold his McLean house a month ago after listing it nearly double digit amount of times. I'm sure the wife has already moved their furniture out to california. He's long since sold off his real estate in Florida. 


    Rule of thumb retirement age used to be 65, he's approaching that number. He doesn't have to continue to work for money, he's already loaded, he came from family wealth anyway. Any work he continues to do is probably just for his "legacy" 😆.


    And there's been a fair amount of twitter talk from people around the league covering the NFL that have intimated that when Dan goes to hire a new coach in the offseason Bruce won't be a part of that procedure.


    There's just enough pieces in place for his tenure to come to an end fairly soon. 


    Of course Bruce deserves to be fired but Dan's mancrush and codependency (I'm sure) on Bruce for dealing with the league and politics, the new stadium, plus their commingled air of corruption, is completely tone deaf to that reality. Dan's just going to let him get up to that podium and wave goodbye, as if he actually did anything of worth beyond bringing back "yellow" pants. 


    I have no idea the current state of the new stadium, clearly Bruce is involved in that operation. Maybe that thing is close to being wrapped up. I always thought the National Harbor area was the most promising location that I heard offered and bandied about over the last handful of years. 


    Somebody go check to see if Bruce has already registered membership with the Newport Beach country club, check the tee times. 


    I also think Bruce will retire after this year.

  7. 4 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:

    A generational talent can change any franchise even when the owner is an asshat.  Wins will only hurt this team as we go forward, we have some good young core players but we desperately need a top 3 pick, I think it's our only hope in getting back to playing competitive football within the next 2 years.


    Andrew Luck?


    By the time he finally got the front protection he desperately needed from the front office, his body/spirit was broken.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, drowland said:


    Shanahan's flaw was recommending Dan hire Bruce and not getting language in the contract about the meddling.  


    The contract you're talking about protects the head coach from Snyder but what protection will this GM person have? How do you put "stop meddling" into a contract and more importantly how do you enforce it?

  9. 1 hour ago, drowland said:


    three things that would get Tomlin to come here


    1) 6-year deal with an annual salary in line with the top 5 highest paid coaches in the NFL


    2) Final say over all player personnel decisions (draft, free agency, roster) and add a clause in his contract that if Dan or anyone representing Dan (Bruce) tries to overrule or push a player on him he can resign with pay for whatever years are left on his contract.


    3) Mike can hire his own personnel executive to run the scouting/player personnel department.  And that person will report to NOT Dan, NOT Bruce but to Mike.  If Bruce stays he's removed from the personnel side and can go do stadium stuff, alumni events and harvest fests.    


    Sounds a lot like Shanahan's conditions.


    Didn't stop Snyder from bringing in McNabb and RG3.

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  10. I could never support tanking a season.


    Despite our record and losing culture, there are still a lot of players on this team who want to compete and win. That sort of spirit is invaluable. By tanking, you're essentially telling them and their teammates to go out there, to risk getting injured for essentially nothing but a paycheck -- which in and of itself forces a strictly mammonistic atmosphere in the locker room that is poison to the success of any team.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, mcgraw238 said:


    I expect the team will be selecting a coach from C. We heard Shanny had total control but that really wasn't the case. Marty had it but only lasted a year. I don't see Dan or Bruce going that route.

    Don't forget Spurrier who seemed convinced Snyder was going to get him a GM only to be double-crossed.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen said:


    I disagree with others who say Dan will sell if he can't get a stadium built. How many NFL owners have done that? None, they all moved their teams. Say hello to the Oakland/San Diego/St Louis/San Antonio/London Redskins.


    Dan wouldn't move the team.


    He'd be a lunatic to abandon the DMV market space.

  13. 25 minutes ago, RWJ said:

    From what I've heard Snyder is somewhat some kind of introvert and Allen is his voice. 


    Snyder isn't an introvert; he's in hiding. When things went well, he's shown brief flashes of being expressive, boisterous, and obnoxious. If this were a winning franchise, he'd be hogging the limelight and urging the media to kiss his *** like he does with Bruce and his other cronies. The guy's a worm.

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