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  1. We don't have a single #1 receiver here. Our WR corps consists of 2's and 3's. Our star tight end can't stay healthy and our pass catching RB is hurt. Alex Smith had young and explosive probowlers for weapons in KC, we got JAGs or injury proned players. He went from the penthouse to the outhouse by choosing to come here.
  2. Bruce Allen would eat him alive. This hypothetical President of Football Operations would be too involved with his job, too busy making the team a winner to see the knife driving towards his back. This isn't a front office where a true football man can survive much less thrive with cutthroats and politicians infesting its halls.
  3. 1. Redskins Legacy? Check. 2. Has corporate experience? Check. 3. Strong network and ties in the league? Check. 4. Political connections in the Metro area? Check. Honestly, I don't think he really needs to know football to keep his job. Given Snyder's history, the idea of hiring someone strictly for their football experience and acumen is a concept totally absurd to him, like the idea of promoting the in-house guy with the most experience over the outside hire in a better looking suit who can quote Marcel Proust and goes skiing in Gstaad on the 12th hour of every Winter Solstice.
  4. Just very frustrating. I'm no businessman but why put the cart before the horse? Get the right personnel people, build a winning team, then worry about relocation. I'd rather the Skins win in some dilapidated stadium.
  5. I've read on the Post that Bruce is helping Dan to secure a new stadium/location deal. How accurate is that, and if so does this mean Bruce will be in the picture until the Skins find a new home?
  6. Dan is simply not a good leader. He's incapable of forging a winning team himself and is equally incapable of assigning that role to others. We're damned if he does (meddle) and damned if he doesn't (hire others to meddle). Unfortunately, it all starts with him...because it has to. SOMEONE has to build a winner, and it falls to either the owner or the people the owner brings in. If the owner is incompetent, everything else falls apart. Barring a complete personality adjustment on his part, this organization is screwed.
  7. Why? The heritage hasn't affected Sean McVay negatively.
  8. It is about Doug with me. Just like it was about Vinny. Just like it is with Bruce Allen. They're all bums pilfered from abandoned rubbish no one wanted to claim. They're not even up-and-comers. Same ole same ole with this organization. Instead of hiring the best of the best as befitting an iconic franchise, we snatch names from the very bottom of the pile on some "bring the band back together" trip. Imagine us doing this with a QB. It's the same thing. Let's sign up a gunslinger who's been on the couch slinging nothing but empty beer cans into a cardboard box for a year, make him our starting QB. That's the sad equivalent of our front office acquisitions. Out of all areas in this organization to elect to penny pinch or instill unabashed cronyism it's the part that dictates the entire makeup of our team? What's Vinny doing now by the way? Probably the same thing Bruce and Doug will be doing once they're out.
  9. Why beat around the bush? Just say nothing you've seen or heard could compel you to believe he's qualified for the position. That would be a dead-on assessment. He comes to Washington under some buddy pass from Bruce Allen after sitting at home for 2 years following a brief stint in the UFL. Prior to that he was with the Bucs during the downswing years after their SB season. He's another JAG no NFL team wanted a part of except for us. Just like Bruce Allen, another JAG. Two guys who should be working at ESPN or doing radio talk shows, not managing our football team. Teams like the Browns, Bengals, or Jets should be the ones scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for talent, not a franchise like ours.
  10. You have to be on something to think Doug has any real influence on personnel matters in this organization. Look at any article pertaining to Kirk's contract situation and tell me if you see Doug's name anywhere on it, even in the small print.
  11. I, for one, think there's still hope for Dan, but he needs to bring in the right people to show him the way. More importantly, they have to be successful early so as not to give an opportunity to arouse doubt or second-guessing from the owner regarding the process. Bruce Allen is not the guy but unfortunately I don't think firing him will be easy. His family still has strong political ties in the Redskins' backyard and Virginia is still a candidate to host the new stadium. Maybe I'm overstating his influence but Dan should have never went to bed with someone like him.
  12. Tell you what though: as the guy who controlled personnel, I don't think Shanahan did a bad job. It's 2017 and virtually all of our biggest contributors are Shanahan's draft picks.
  13. I thought it was Mike Shanahan and Allen?
  14. The Steelers? From the penthouse to the outhouse, eh? On a more serious note, I think if Dan does away with Bruce and all the directors and all executives with lofty, inflated titles that mean jack **** we can get some semblance of transparency and accountability here. Outside of Dan and Bruce, I don't know who the hell is in charge of what in the front office. The so-called executives under Bruce, I'm oblivious as to the scope of their responsibilities. Just wipe the slate clean, Dan. Hire ONE guy. Give him the role and title of GENERAL MANAGER (i.e., not "Executive Personnel Director of Players Vice President Duke of NY A#1).