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  1. Remember Snyder's Newsweek quote from 2002? "What model is Art Modell? He owned the team 42 years and won one Super Bowl." Had he known at the time that in his 20th year as the Skins owner he'd win zero Lombardi trophies would he still have uttered that?
  2. Even if we get the #1 pick, does anyone honestly believe Snyder would resist from making the selection, with all the excitement and media attention that comes with having the 1st overall? If we were talking the 25th pick he probably wouldn't give a **** but a top 5? He's making that call.
  3. I also think Bruce will retire after this year.
  4. The fact that he's probably wishing failure on another local sports team should get his Washingtonian license revoked.
  5. Andrew Luck? By the time he finally got the front protection he desperately needed from the front office, his body/spirit was broken.
  6. The contract you're talking about protects the head coach from Snyder but what protection will this GM person have? How do you put "stop meddling" into a contract and more importantly how do you enforce it?
  7. Sounds a lot like Shanahan's conditions. Didn't stop Snyder from bringing in McNabb and RG3.
  8. I could never support tanking a season. Despite our record and losing culture, there are still a lot of players on this team who want to compete and win. That sort of spirit is invaluable. By tanking, you're essentially telling them and their teammates to go out there, to risk getting injured for essentially nothing but a paycheck -- which in and of itself forces a strictly mammonistic atmosphere in the locker room that is poison to the success of any team.
  9. Don't forget Spurrier who seemed convinced Snyder was going to get him a GM only to be double-crossed.
  10. So he's essentially an old Al Davis stuck in a young Al Davis's body.
  11. Dan wouldn't move the team. He'd be a lunatic to abandon the DMV market space.
  12. Classic Snyder. Respond to the 0-5 record by firing Jay at 0500. Gotta hand it to him, his vindictiveness has gotten more subtle over the decades.
  13. Snyder isn't an introvert; he's in hiding. When things went well, he's shown brief flashes of being expressive, boisterous, and obnoxious. If this were a winning franchise, he'd be hogging the limelight and urging the media to kiss his *** like he does with Bruce and his other cronies. The guy's a worm.
  14. The stadium connection is overblown. Snyder kept Vinny for years, too, simply because Dan liked having him around. Dan doesn't need to hand the keys of his organization to the brother of a former senator who hasn't seen office in 12 years. Snyder owns a professional football team, the local politicians would flock to him regardless. As an example, Muriel Bowser is practically begging him to bring the Redskins back to D.C. -- he doesn't need Bruce to cultivate any relationship with her. The governors of both Maryland and Virginia have lobbied their interest to Snyder. Why the F does
  15. Andy Reid wouldn't be Andy Reid if he was forced to work in a culture promoted by Allen and Snyder. The same goes for Belichick. All great coaches need support from the top. That's where everything starts.
  16. I thought Landover Larry was the spinmaster. He has nothing on Baghdad Bruce.
  17. They need to wrest control of the land from the Federal Government to do that, as the terms of the lease specifically state the land can only be used as a venue for sports and recreation. Even if Bowser succeeds in doing that (which is an uphill battle in its own right), she and Snyder will have to come to an agreement on the area's development rights outside of the stadium. I'm guessing he'll not only want his stadium there but will also want a say on the commercial structures built around it. I doubt he gives a **** about affordable housing but businesses like hotels and restaurants and cond
  18. I've read that article and the more substantive Washington Post piece preceding it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/district-to-raze-rfk-stadium-by-2021--but-not-necessarily-so-redskins-can-build-a-new-one/2019/09/05/48b18fc6-cfea-11e9-87fa-8501a456c003_story.html?arc404=true That article suggests they're not even close. As much as Bowser wants the Redskins back, she also wants the RFK land to be used for more than just a losing football team. Her political opponents would have a field day if that space is used exclusively for that and she knows it.
  19. I'm sure Shanahan had to sign an NDA, too, but he was still able to disclose some stuff that suggested his authority was undermined on multiple occasions, including the acquisition of McMabb and drafting of RG3. Bruce can say some stuff if he's careful with it. Maybe have his brother help.
  20. The fact Dan and Bruce left TOGETHER doesn't sit well with me and suggests they're going to be connected at the hip for a lot longer.
  21. Inept coach. Team giving up. Norman helping Brady clean dirt off his legbrace. This is a team of b******, straight up. A reflection of its clueless punk*** coach and dumb**** owner. We're so soft, reminds me of the Zorn era.
  22. Wonder how Landover Larry spins this one. "We kept it close against the Super Bowl champs in the first half, a lot of of NFL teams can't say that. Something to build on."
  23. Typical Norman. 1. Hold 2. Get burnt anyway 3. Argue with ref over hold call.
  24. If anything, Manusky is the one whose execution will be delayed. Jay's offense and QB can't move down the field.
  25. Isn't that cute Norman helping Brady clean dirt off his uniform.
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