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  1. They need to wrest control of the land from the Federal Government to do that, as the terms of the lease specifically state the land can only be used as a venue for sports and recreation. Even if Bowser succeeds in doing that (which is an uphill battle in its own right), she and Snyder will have to come to an agreement on the area's development rights outside of the stadium. I'm guessing he'll not only want his stadium there but will also want a say on the commercial structures built around it. I doubt he gives a **** about affordable housing but businesses like hotels and restaurants and condos he'll want to spearhead all of that.
  2. I've read that article and the more substantive Washington Post piece preceding it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/district-to-raze-rfk-stadium-by-2021--but-not-necessarily-so-redskins-can-build-a-new-one/2019/09/05/48b18fc6-cfea-11e9-87fa-8501a456c003_story.html?arc404=true That article suggests they're not even close. As much as Bowser wants the Redskins back, she also wants the RFK land to be used for more than just a losing football team. Her political opponents would have a field day if that space is used exclusively for that and she knows it.
  3. BurgundyBooger

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    I'm sure Shanahan had to sign an NDA, too, but he was still able to disclose some stuff that suggested his authority was undermined on multiple occasions, including the acquisition of McMabb and drafting of RG3. Bruce can say some stuff if he's careful with it. Maybe have his brother help.
  4. BurgundyBooger

    Post Game Thread - Skins 7 Pats Infinity

    The fact Dan and Bruce left TOGETHER doesn't sit well with me and suggests they're going to be connected at the hip for a lot longer.
  5. BurgundyBooger

    Throwing in the towel

    Inept coach. Team giving up. Norman helping Brady clean dirt off his legbrace. This is a team of b******, straight up. A reflection of its clueless punk*** coach and dumb**** owner. We're so soft, reminds me of the Zorn era.
  6. BurgundyBooger

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    Wonder how Landover Larry spins this one. "We kept it close against the Super Bowl champs in the first half, a lot of of NFL teams can't say that. Something to build on."
  7. BurgundyBooger

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    Typical Norman. 1. Hold 2. Get burnt anyway 3. Argue with ref over hold call.
  8. BurgundyBooger

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    If anything, Manusky is the one whose execution will be delayed. Jay's offense and QB can't move down the field.
  9. BurgundyBooger

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    Isn't that cute Norman helping Brady clean dirt off his uniform.
  10. BurgundyBooger

    Next Coach?

    Allen might come back but I think the days of hiring head coaches on the condition they're approved by Allen are over. Snyder will probably go at it alone this time.
  11. BurgundyBooger

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    Deductive reasoning? Why would Jay Gruden, who's had his fill of raw quarterbacks, and has always deferred to a veteran signal-caller all the while knowing he's entering his 6th season on the hot season all of the sudden reverse course and pin his future and this year's hopes on a rookie? Besides, who in this organization has a history of signing quarterbacks arbitrarily regardless of the head coach's wishes? Steve Spurrier and Patrick Ramsey. Mike Shanahan and RG3/Donovan McNabb. Who knows with Jason Campbell and Gibbs, though Vinny always claimed it was a group decision. Jay wanting Haskins at this time makes absolutely no sense to me and reeks of another front office power play.
  12. BurgundyBooger

    Jerry Reese for GM

    Can he get along with Dan? Like, when they watch games together ala Gregg Williams will he make Dan feel good about himself and the direction of the team? No? Then he won't make it past the first interview.
  13. BurgundyBooger

    Louis Riddick as GM?

    If no other team has yet hired or considered him for a GM role, then why should we? After Tampa, we were the only team in the NFL to have the audacity to hire Bruce Allen for his current role. When he's gone, he'll be right back on the couch. Vinny Cerrato? After San Fran gave him the boot, no one wanted anything to do with him except for us and now he's on talk radio. Now, I'm all for second chances and giving people a shot, but the GM seat is too vital to the operation and performance of the team. No one at Redskins Park has the sufficient insight, experience, or instinct to properly unearth the league's hidden gems so they need to bring in someone who's well-known, sought-after, with an impressive resume to boot. The problem is with each passing season, it becomes harder to lure someone like that here for an interview much less hire them. In the past, people used to visit the team to inflate their asking price to other organizations, now those ballclubs are calling that bluff so there's no point in the hot candidates even coming here aside from the all expense paid tours to the national museums. The first step is to fire Bruce. Not demote him to a position where he can still slither his way through the front door, FIRE him. Fire his cronies, his assistants, anyone that liked the guy or generally vouched for his ideas. Then either promote someone from within who's QUALIFIED to take over the position or hire someone externally at their asking price under whatever conditions they feel is necessary, then air those conditions publicly as a show of good faith to the fanbase and league.
  14. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bowser is a 5th or 6th generation Washingtonian whose perception of the Redskins worth to today's District residents is muddied with nostalgic sentiment. Perhaps had the team been entombed from the public all these years there'd be a sort of mystique attached to it to rouse the curiosity and historic indulgence of her present-day voters, enough so to rally their support, but the franchise has been around and been a joke and been the target of many criticisms that attack the sensibilities of current residents so unless she can achieve the impossible feat of siphoning PG county support in any meaningful way then this whole affair is a waste of time.
  15. BurgundyBooger

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    Who would be fans of an organization that does this?
  16. BurgundyBooger

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    All I want to know is does he say anything incriminating about Allen and Snyder?
  17. BurgundyBooger

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    Not a fan of how Jay is playing this one out. If Colt is destroyed, it will only highlight Jay's ineptitude and poor judgment in starting him, shifting the spotlight and attention away from the dysfunction of the front office and towards the absurdity of our head coach. Keeping Case as starter, whom the organization traded for just months ago, would have sent a clearer message.
  18. BurgundyBooger

    Next Coach?

    We need an old school coach, not an offensive or defensive guru. Someone to strengthen the team's football fundamentals, because we're obviously lacking in them. An offensive/defensive genius will want a team already possessing players with a strong grasp of core football principles - tackling, assignments, clock, avoiding dumb penalties - so coming in it'd only be a matter of leading and implementing the mechanics of his playbook.
  19. BurgundyBooger

    Next Coach?

    If I had to choose between a meddlesome Daniel Snyder and a meddlesome Snyder/Allen combo, I'll settle for the former. Bruce Allen is grossly incompetent and, by reports, vindictive and petty. A GM or head coach would stand better chance with direct and immediate access to Snyder than having to negotiate through Allen who's an unnecessary complication. He's a disruptive middleman to an incompetent owner but an owner that can still be manipulated to success by the right person if allowed unobstructed access.
  20. BurgundyBooger

    Current Ticket Prices for the Patriots game...

    Snyder and Allen have mechanisms in place to ensure that doesn't happen, with security on extra notice. They were extra vigilant shutting down anti-Vinny signs during the Cerrato years.
  21. Well, the Mystics lost. That should make them happy for now.
  22. BurgundyBooger

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    What does a Bruce tree look like? Some withered thing with dilapidated branches and shriveled leaves resembling faceshots of coaches?
  23. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I prefer a head coach with a fine eye for the basics. Proper tackling, lack of penalties, clock management, proper practice/training, stuff that our group has forgotten. An offensive-minded or defensive-minded coach will fail here if he arrives with all these elaborate schemes while under the assumption that this team already has a proper grasp of fundamental football.
  24. BurgundyBooger

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    They have plenty. 1. Inability to inspire others 2. Poor communicators 3. Lack creativity and innovation 4. Lack the ability to delegate 5. Lack of self-control
  25. BurgundyBooger

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    I don't know why the broadcast teams never directly call out Snyder or the front office during games. They'll indirectly throw out a blurb about the number of coaches he's hired since being owner and the win % but never pointedly criticize the front office.