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  1. I'm glad that a main event lived up to the hype (for me anyway). I wanted Forest to win, I'm glad he did, and I believe that he deserved the decision. But, I will say that I thought it was a much closer fight than what the score cards said. There's so many good match ups possible in the 205 at this point, it's very exciting to think about it. Destino, you sound like a scorned Pride fan buddy.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of BJ after his post fight anticts, however, I am more than willing to admit that he is a top notch fighter and he owned Sherk for 15 minutes. He barely broke a sweat, I think his cardio was fine.
  3. BJ is a jackass. Just because he shakes Jens' hand, and offers to have Sherk come and train with him, doesn't make his blatant unprofessionalisim and disrepect any better. Does that mean I can do and say anything I want to/about you as long as I shake your hand afterwards? Also, yeah, BJ gassed in the first GSP fight and GSP won it by leaning on a tired Penn. However, with that being said, I think GSP is several levels above where he was in that fight. On another note... I knew someone was getting knocked on in the Jardine vs Silva fight, but I didn't think it would be that quick. Jardi
  4. If only I still lived in Arlington, I'd buy ya' a round.
  5. QFT, that showed me how much a douchebag he really is. He even had the nerve to shake his hand afterwards. Edit - That being said, I don't really like Sherk either.
  6. I don't think Arlovsky has een the same guy after his back to back losses to Timmy.:2cents:
  7. I really want Brock to do good, so I was a bit disappointed, but not too much. I mean, he was facing a former heavyweight champion as his first opponent in the Octagon. Given some time, I think he can be a very dangerous competitor, he clearly has the strength and wrestling knowledge, I think if he concentrates on BJJ for a year or two he is going to be fairly unstoppable. And man, I really started to think that Sylvia had the fight in the bag, as the old saying goes "It ain't over 'till it's over". Here's to looking forward to Silva vs Henderson
  8. Yeah, when you out do the WWE in PPV gross for the year, you know you are rolling in the money. Seriously, the pay offs that UFC fighters get are embarassing. At least IMHO. Their buy rates are much higher than boxings, I don't understand how Mayweather manages to make millions off of each fight and GSP makes a couple hundred thousand? Doesn't seem right to me.
  9. TNA's problem(s) Russo, Jarrett, stealing ROH talent and doing nothing with them, somehow signing all these WWE guys and immediately throwing them into the main event, that stupid six sided ring In a way this whole situation reminds me of 1996. Here is WWE with their tired old gimmicks, turning people off. TNA (WCW) comes along and manages to steal their top guys, but almost turns into WWE Lite. All the while they are also stealing incredible talent from a much smaller, yet much better promotion in ROH (ECW). TNA needs to use a real ring, go head to head, and get a killer angle before th
  10. I noticed if you go to the menu and choose HD channels, there are 20 or so HD channels that do not populate in that list, one of them being the USA network. I know the channels are different in Arlington than they are in So. Maryland, but I originally thought I did not get USa in HD as well. You may want to take a closer look through the full channel listings. ESPNHD doesn't populate on their HD list either:doh:
  11. Yes, Orton is fantastic.. if you like a 20 minute rest hold match. I've never seen so many rear chin locks and sleepers in one match in my life. No match specifically, any Orton match. I think it's pretty bad when even Kurt Angle has a hard time carrying you to a decent match. Their match at ONS 2 nearly had me in tears because it was so painful to watch. The Diamond Cutter >>>>> The RKO. The main point of difference, you always see the RKO comming from a mile away. The best finishers (IMHO of course) are the ones that require very little setup and can be initiated very
  12. It's from a movie called Suicide Club, Japanese flick, not a bad movie if you are into Asian cinema.
  13. *spoilers* I called the Cole vs Wang and Penn vs Pulver fights on the money. Cole Round 1 by KO and Penn round 2 by submission. Grey trying to convince Joe he wasn't knocked out was pretty sad. And yeah, that comment by BJ at the end of the fight was pretty lame. As for Manny vs Diaz, personally, I think Manny would of gassed. He was already looking worn out at the start of the 2nd. In any case, I'm sure there will be a rematch. Not a bad night for a free event.
  14. I definitely feel that BJ is going in wanting it more and has more to prove. He wants to avenge his loss to Jens, but also lost a close decision to GSP and lost to Hughes. He's looking to get back on the horse while Jens is contemplating retirement. I think that pretty much says it all. With that said, I'm still really looking forward to the fight as well as Diaz vs Manny. I've underestimated Manny this whole seaosn, but even so, I am still going with Diaz for the win by submission in the second. Diaz was my pick from the start, so I have to ride this out with him. On a completely dif
  15. I thought the angle was stupid from the start, but the fact they are giving him 10 bell salutes kind of pisses me off. It takes away from all the people who have actually died and received a 10 bell salute. On another note, we won't have to deal with Vinnie Mac on TV for at least a month. After that, who knows. He'll come back to Raw, wearing tattered clothing and talk about how he has found god because he miraculously(sp) survived the explosion. At which point, acting chairman Shane McMahon will launch an investigation into who planted the bomb. After a years worth of build up, it will turn
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