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  1. I see the PIT game on the Skins channel. Anyone else see that?
  2. Any other links to stream the ME? I can't move to page 959 even though it shows as a valid page. Edit: nm, my link just came back up.
  3. Any news on the channelsurfing feed? It's down for me Edit: just saw above...that's working
  4. I'm firing up the popemobile as we speak lol
  5. Page 392...You call that a 120 degree angle? You must be drunk :doh: Wait...epic fail, right? If that's 120 degree angle, I'm the pope!
  6. Is it me or is everyone going from Own3d to fail pics? Most of the "fail" pics barely get a smile from me, much less a chuckle. It's like Apple trying to steal from MS after MS stole from them. Edit: Ooooh You 'Fail' because your thong isn't perfectly straight!!! OOOOhhhh you 'Fail' because of <insert retarded activity>
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