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  1. As long as we don't do the white-on-white combo again. I doubt it will give us the luck it gave us in '05. I wouldn't mind seeing the burgundy jerseys a bit more though. It would be horrendous though if they came up with a burgundy-on-burgundy combo.
  2. I tried to be nice in my reply post to you, but since you're trying to insult my intelligence, I guess I'm just gonna have to tear you a new one... Yeah, you know more about wrestling. Bashing Flair and Dusty the way you have just shows your real ignorance on the wrestling business, and you're just bashing them based on your own biases to the present era. To be honest with ya, I first started watching wrestling in the late 80s (most of which I didn't really remember), but haven't really gotten into it until the 90s. I probably even have a lot of the same favorite matches that you do (I do als
  3. I read a good amount of your posts in this thread (probably not all, but I may have the gist of it) and I have to say that you are probably just a new age wrestling fan that refuses to appreciate and respect anything that wrestling has done in the past, and think that promos and high spots equal quality sports entertainment. First off, it's wrong for you to bash Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. Have you actually watched any of their old promos or matches? From reading your posts, I judge that you haven't. What they did for wrestling in the 1980s was revolutionary! And as entertaining as the Rock a
  4. Ripping off someone's gimmick just to try to get a wrestler over is probably one of the worst things a wrestling booker can do, IMO. Whoever gave the green light on this should be canned. I'd be willing to let "Black Machismo" pass, since Jay Lethal is actually very talented, but Shark Boy ripping off Stone Cold is just horrible. This just goes to show how inferior TNA is as an organization, not just compared to the WWE, but in general. It's a shame too, because TNA's roster has SO MUCH talent. On a side note, that "Coach" avatar you got is hilarious!!:laugh:
  5. I'm hoping they'd also use the Elimination Chamber on the Smackdown-ECW side as well, to determine Edge's Wrestlemania opponent. They might as well, since that cage is already gonna be there anyway.
  6. In terms of "in-ring product"/the "athleticism" aspect of wrestling, WWE (and the whole wrestling industry in general) is probably a whole lot better now, than it was in the "Attitude era". If you take a look at any credible wrestling sites like "The Observer", more matches in this era was more highly rated than the ones in the previous era. We can't forget, that a main reason why so many people tuned in around that time, was because the promos of the Rock and Austin were actually selling the merch, putting butts in the seats, and getting the ratings, rather than the actual wrestling itself.
  7. This could be a hell of a match that can tell a hell of a story. Definitely looking forward to it.
  8. Rumors have it that this might help set up a JBL-Y2J match at 'Mania, with my guess being the JBL making a wrestling appearance @ the Rumble and continuing a storyline with Y2J from there. Regardless, if a Y2J-JBL match happens, JBL better get in shape. He is a good performer because he's entertaining in the mic, and he was really over when he was the champ, but he does NOT look like he should be in a wrestling ring.
  9. Wow cool! I didn't know there was a wrestling thread here. It's weird I just ran into this. But just some quick thoughts, I like WWE Raw this past week. It's probably one of the best I've seen in a while. They pulled out a lot in order to get all those people back in the reunion show. It's too bad though The Rock and Bret Hart couldn't make an appearance. And even though he is injured, I'm surprised I didn't see John Cena there (whether liked or not, he has been the face of the WWE for the past 3 years). My thoughts on TNA... they stink, the end! It's a shame though that all their great tale
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