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  1. I hate the off season! Is it September yet? LOL

  2. It's December..we all know what that means in TX...hahaha

    1. skinsmarydu


      Well said! HTTR!

    2. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      romoSUCKS's playoff hopes roasting on an open fire.

    3. Rex Tomb

      Rex Tomb

      Man, the cowboys got absolutely dominated last night. So much for the 100 million dollar man. LOL :)

  3. HTTR! Luv this team!!!

  4. Waiting on the Picks, Pats, & Pardons thread..LOL

  5. Hoping for a win against the Teddy Bears!

  6. Thank God for bye weeks! I can relax, release, relate!