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  1. See if I was Bruce I'd look at this way.

    Alex Smith under contract?  Yes?  Too expensive to cut yet?  Yes? Will he start before week 1?  NO so he probably isn't even available to week 8 is my guess
    Colt McCoy?  Yes?  My gut says no.  Backup has to stay healthy to be worth keeping, and honestly I saw more from JOhnson than McCoy if McCoy has to be cut then so be it.

    As for Sanchez?  Guy should be cut week 17 end of game anyways.

    SO you'll need the following:

    Draft a QB early
    Bring in a couple of arms for camp to find #2
    JOsh JOhnson

    That's your 4 QBs going into Camp, probably.


    Just now, Fred Jones said:

    What happens if Smith is not ready to play next summer? 

    It is December now it will take at least six months before he's even walking again and the end that's before you factor in complications and additional surgeries. Even with aggressive rehab it's going to take time and you do not put this guy on the field until he's 100% because doing otherwise puts him at risk of truly ending his career. Presuming of course that he hasn't already reached

  3. WHo is at QB doesn't matter if we don't improve pass protection.  We need a new Tackle, and a new Left Guard.

    I've been dreaming of taking a LT/LG early then trading up late in the 1st for someone like WIll Grier (but I doubt he lasts that long)

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  4. Yeah... smell the tea leaves... Big D - New Coach... likely Dak is gone...

    NYG - Same thing

    Our two biggest rivals will be retooling and rebuilding while we swim in a sewer of manure.   bleh... tastes horrible too.

    I think its time for a no social media policy during and leading up to the game on game day.  That 'its just business' tweet, OMG..... if this was a business, it would be time to file Bankruptcy!

  5. Crazy thought..... What if Jay Gruden decided to quit?  What if he said he had it with the apathetic way they were playing, handed the clipboard to someone else and said you want to embarass yourselves again, go right ahead.

    Seriously, I don't know if he would, but after tonight, I know people are all over Jay, but players have to execute too.  And Jay, didn't have the personell say that Shanahan or Gibbs had.

  6. I like the core of our D Line, but Kerrigan looks pedestrian, Preston Smith should NOT be extended, Mason and Buddy can stay at MLB.  We need new Outside Backers, and 2 new Corners, oh, and one competent Free safety out of the Nicholson'Swearenger angle.

    On OL.  Yikes, We need like 4 OL. A  new tackle, a new Guard, probably a qualified Center.  And a fist full of receivers... too many holes to fill in one season.