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  1. 1 hour ago, spjunkies said:


    If you're Smith you definitely take that job who knows when or if you get this opportunity again. I think the team should aim higher though. 



    I think you also misunderstood what I was saying.   Alexs plans matter, but alex being 'prepared' for the job matters too.  I don't know why skins fans think any old player can be plopped in a FO position and have instant success.  That's not a knock on Smith, I think he's very intelligent.   But I think hanging your hopes on MR Smith goes to Washington as GM is pie in the sky fantasy.  They would be more likely to promote doug or the other fellow on staff as Tag Alex.


    Now if he retires would I offer him some kind of position with the team?  (That's a different question then a key front office decision making position.)

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  2. 6 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    Not    sure      I'm        gathering that beings       it's the bruce Allen thread   ??


    Yes I'm aware of the 'rumblings' of a FO shake up.  I guess I feel the same today about this as I did above Carolina last monday.   While going in I thought, this could be a trap/fire Ron game for the Panthers.   I didn't have anything before game that would make me think, oh this is the straw....


    That's all I'm saying.


    I think my opinion on bruce is known well enough.

  3. Why is it everyone is acting like this game was some kind of special moment?

    Green Bay is likely NFC Title Berth bound.  Their defense is pretty strong, and their offense is multi purpose, for once.


    We didn't have the horses to compete once we got behind... period.

  4. Look, we have no place in heck winning this game.   The Smith edge rush duo could give us trouble without Trent.

    That being said.  I never in hell thought We'd be in that Carolina game, and they were a half yard away from beating GB.


    We win this game out right, why?  We simply don't deserve too on paper.

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  5. I really don't know why everyone is so excited about an early first round pick.  Is there a single player even worth the top 5 in this draft yet? I mean someone like Sean Taylor, or what Peterson was for so long with the VIkes?

    Plus we likely trade it away, and pick up 'value players' we brag about all off season, but can't keep up on the field.

    It's not the picks, its the person doing the picking.

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  6. 56 minutes ago, stoshuaj said:

    If you were at the press conference and get to ask one question of Bruce Allen, what would it be?



    "So the record of the team since coming here has not been great.   How does it feel to realize yet again, the team is not heading in the wrong direction?  Do you sleep well at night?  Have you thought about bringing in someone to help figure out a plan to rebuild the team moving forward?"

  7. We have a saying in the actual Marketplace. If somebody gets Let Go by a company it says almost nothing about the person let go but it does say a lot about the manager who hired that person a manager who supplied and provided resources for that person. And I can't help but think Bruce's in the hot seat now