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  1. I agree with the call to go for 2.

    The play call however... oy.. what the heck.  cam sims was singled up high... and I hav eno idea what they were running on that side of the field.

  2. I don't think signing Collins was a mistake, the contract might make it seem so.  Kendal Fuller had a few plays where he looked out of sort too and with Covid messing up preseason, no idea how many of these issues are real, and not just a lack of time on field for everyone.  

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  3. I don't disagree that Haskins has not played, not played at Pro level.  He's a C- if that, and frankly if he hasn't picked up the play book well enough to audible out of bad situations or anticipate pressure so he can side step and get the ball out, he's a risk to hurt hismelf.

    Man makes me long for the days of Rypien, Stan Humphreys, Conklin, and Jeff 'Super Backup' Rutledge.

    19 minutes ago, Dissident2 said:

    I don't necessarily disagree with the benching at this point, but what I do have a problem with is the DRASTIC difference in the approach compared to what Rivera was saying just a couple weeks ago, the whole "I'm going to stick with you" thing he said after the Browns loss. Seems like you don't say that if you're going to end up benching the guy AND demoting him to third string just two weeks later. Between that and and everything Rivera has done up until last week acting as if we're solely playing to develop and evaluate ... it's just weird. Then again, it's just this team. So I guess it's normal. Yeah, that's the ticket. Normal. 



    I think Rivera realized his illness was keeping him from having perspective.... so he did what a good coach does dig in to the tape and realized, crap.....this is worse than I thought on the field.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, TrancesWithWolves said:



    My guess is Scott gave Dwayne some “tough love” feedback during the film breakdown and Dwayne snapped and instinctively rocketed a football at his face.


    Luckily, he threw it low and behind.

    That sounds more like Donovan McNabb.. you mean over thrown and behind right?

  5. I have this picture in my head of a load of wood at Fedex for the next game there, and all game long you will see Dwayne is just chopping wood, with an Axe.   

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Califan007 said:


    Daniel Jones approves this message.

    oh my Is this the wrong place to laugh at New York? B oth teams talking about sucking for Trevor?  Jets I get it, but their problems are organizational more than personnel IMO.   But Wasn't Daniel Jones the agreed upon consensus most ready to play last year?  What happened?

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


    You must have thought you were in the Josh Norman thread :)



    That's a ride down memory lane, and look who was balling out last sunday coming off IR>  You guessed it Norman!

    Sheesh.  There are times I think players just don't care when they are here at all.

  8. 1 minute ago, Renegade7 said:


    What do you think ride it out means? : )





    To be honest when I saw that comment, I was thinking Rodeo ride, not hang on to win at the end of the Indy 500.

  9. CBS Sports HQ in my email box, brought up an interesting point, this may have less to do with Haskin's ability, and our already plugging holes at Interrior offensive line.  The implication being.  That since this line no longer has Trent Williams, and Scherf was out hurt, that Haskins 'stay in the pocket' doesn't have a chance to really win, and Rivera knows this. He can't fix the o-line easily mid season, best he can do is plug in a Journey man with a bit more mobility, whom may be more 'expendable' then to let Haskins get munched on.  It may not mean Haskins is done done, it may just mean our Oline is worse then some of us thought.

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  10. 11 hours ago, ggarriso said:


    This is exactly it - everyone outside of about 5 delusional fans in DC know "Simba" is a massive joke, but Rivera is saddled with it because he was a "Danny" pick.  Throwing in the towel before the half and before the end of games because you know "Simba" will throw a pick when he tries to go downfield will ultimately rub the team the wrong way - the other guys who have their paychecks on the line here.  Snyder has found creative ways to run this org into the ground for multiple decades and anyone who thinks the old Riverboat Ron would change things is delusional.   



    So what do we think of this week against the ravens?   If Riverboard Ron says to Scott turner, pass as much as you want, challenge them all around the field, take the gloves off.... do you thin kHaskins will rise to that occasion?  Or would Ron Be proven right?  Which situation is really better here?

  11. 1 hour ago, mistertim said:


    The defenders made plays because Haskins handed them the plays to make.


    First INT he stared his guy down and then the pass sailed high and left over the middle of the field directly into a defender's arms.

    Second INT he again completely stared down the receiver the whole time before throwing, so the DB could make an easy break on the ball.

    Third INT he again stared down the receiver the entire time so the DB could make another easy break and undercut the ball (which was also underthrown).


    If he just tries to brush it off as the defenders making great plays, **** that noise. 

    That's basically what I was saying.  when I hear him talk I her praising the other teams guys, but in my head I hear.   I didn' respect them enough to realize they could make those plays.   .  I mean that one safety... looked lik ea hall of famer, and the announcers were talking about how he worked in practice all week.

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  12. 53 minutes ago, DiscoBob said:

    Y'all blowing the clock management stuff out of proportion.  What, from that game, gave you any confidence that they could've pulled off a minor miracle.  To act like the team is pissed at his decisions is a whole lotta presumption...


    No, you aren't being pessimistic enough, We gave up on the game, in effect, so that Dwayne didn't completely blow what remains of his confidence.  If this was Zorn, Spurrier, We could keep fighting back and through 2-3 times the picks.

  13. The haskins post game interview was telling.  My assessment is the following:

    1. Dwayne mentioned how defenders made the plays.  
    2. While this does happen sometimes, I also felt he was late on some throws, which made it harder to make those throws
    3. The game may not have slowed down for Dwayne yet, this is like rookie year for him still.  In college you can get away with underestimating the defense a bit, not so in the Pros

      That's what I think anyways.  He can learn from this, but given our history, I am not optimistic.  The good thing is, with no fans at fedex there won't bec alls to bench him in the stands for a while.
  14. YEs we had injuries, but this game isn't even blameable on the Norv-SYstem.... Haskins through 3 picks, and fumbled twice...



    Haskins owns this L not Rivera.

    I don't know what was going on in his head, but he has to improve, or we may see Kyle Allen before season's out.  I want to be patient, its still only game 3, but I have not seen enough yet to be settled on him for next year.

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