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  1.  I think that I read that the center from San Diego State is a guy who could play multiple positions along the line. think of utility backup offensive lineman. yes he can do Center but he could also play either guard position

  2. If I'm rivera the last thing I need is players, veteran players who are not bought in.  If Trent isn't committed, then trade him, if Dunbar is going to play games well cut him loose too.

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  3. Dude Isaiah Simmons ran  a 4.39 40-yard dash  as a linebacker safety hybrid. I know most of us are set on Chase young because we lack elite edge skills but man if that guy has any range ability to cover and can tackle could he compared to somebody like Ray Lewis? Cuz I think middle linebacker is more of a need for us than then Edge call me crazy if nothing else I think it made our pic more valuable. Which would be more valuable in Del Rio scheme I wonder

  4. Count me in the 'never convinced on O'Connel' he might be a terrific assistant, but he didn't have enough time to really show much as an OC.  

    Scott Turner was one of three names not named Kevin O, that were on my wish list to interview for this position.

    I am optimistic about what he can do here.

  5. 21 hours ago, skinsmania123 said:

    Why do you not want Trent back?  I mean I still think he a lot left in the tank


    Can we be honest, I love Trent.  In an ideal world he would retire here.  But he's not a long term starter anymore.  he is injured a lot the last three seasons (not counting last year).... He's like a really good car that you love, but needs to be in the shop 2 months of the year for repairs and replacements.   you still love that car, but it might be time to cut bait if you've paid it off and trade it for something more reliable.

  6. 1 minute ago, SoCalSkins said:

    Alex Smith will likely never play again. That injury was devastating. He has to make a good faith effort to rehab in order to collect his guarantee. My best friend is a orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in lower extremities and he’s convinced once the initial hardware was removed and they used the external fixator plus the soft tissue damage due to the infection, his changes of playing again are nearly zero. 

    Even his wife’s video of him running on the treadmill is on a special treadmill that negates your body weight. I doubt any team would trade for him. 

    My post had nothing to do with likelihood or probability.

    Mearly stating that it makes sense to clean out some bad contracts up front, find a way to get more draft picks in year 1 of Revera then let them sit even longer.  My opinion.

  7. 8 minutes ago, repo_4 said:

    Haskins will be the starter and there is no doubt to that I believe. That leaves Smith and his unmovable contract as a back-up. I don't see where we have room for another huge contract for a back-up QB, which is what Newton would get on the market.


    The answer seems obvious... Trade Alex take cap hit, along with kerrigan/williams/maybe norman, 1 other for more draft picks to get cheap depth for next year