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  1. I agree with others, On paper its looking good, but I don't like to judge based on vanilla preseason opposition either. But would we agree that the last time we had a front this strong was during Gibb's Second tenure under Gregg Williams?
  2. I went ahead and reached out. Thanks for letting me know, calmly. I hardly ever want to start threads anymore. Most of what I want to talk about is already there, and don't have the mega hours to lurk like I used to. My comment was not intended as arguing over your interpretation of the rules. I'm actually at a loss here either way. I need to make time to go review them now either way.
  3. I posted it here because I thought it was relevant to Redskins fans, not because of the politics. However, if you think it belongs in the tailgate, I've not got an issue with it being moved. (The line here feels a little gray to me on this particular one). I'll try to reach out
  4. Oh.. for a second I thought you were goint to say it was Kurt Cousins... You know the guy from the Maroon and Black gang?
  5. (Corrected) The fact the *Fake* WshPost article starts off with the WAshington Football team was a dead give away.
  6. Even as we Redskin fans suffer through another season of apparent failure, it seems that not everything you read about the Redskins is true. This afternoon I saw friends posting on Facebook about a planned name change for the organization. My friends on facebook who shared a url that said we were changing the name to the "Red Hawks". However, when I came to the Washington Post Site below, and looked to see what the Post thought, I found out it was not so at all, somewhat relieved actually.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/?utm_term=.49b6f8775607 Clearl
  7. Ha ha ha Romo sucks! Dallas Sucks!
  8. Veretax

    Cut or Keep - RB Edition

    Here is what I don't get. we had 1 fullback on the roster (Joe Jerridge) and reportedly Niles Paul could play that role. If we aren't keeping a true FB, then I think we actually have a possible 4th spot for a RB Which to me means we could keep JOnes, Brown, Kelley, and Thompson, at least for week 1. The fact that we are stronger at Tight End this year and might be able to cut Paulsen I think also adds to that. The rub? DO you keep 6 WRs between: Jackson, Garcon, Crowder, Grant, and Ross.... with Dotson as #6.. or do you drop Ross and go with 5? I don't think any of us
  9. It's a shame Roma will probably get traded to some lower-level team finish out his career in obscurity all because they couldn't protect him well I will not be crying a river that's for certain
  10. So I just saw news that (Loosen up Sandy baby. You're wound way to tight.) may have injured his back against the Seahawks And their rookie RB, Elliot, was seen at a Colorado Marijuana store... (facepalm)
  11. I voted we're doomed, but I don't think we are doomed. I think we are intentionally looking bad... so as to catch early game opposition of guard.
  12. I haven't seen enough of Geno to jump to a conclusion on him. The jets are quite the dysfunctional franchise right now. I don't think he's top echelon, and he's got similar issues that RG3 has of holding the ball too long and being afraid to make mistakes (at least the last time I saw him play). I'm not convinced we've seen the last of him in the NFL, but he's not had much support from what I can tell from where I sit.
  13. I honestly don't think that Sanchez and Geno Smith are that bad. But I feel like the O for the JEts was held together with duct tape and tire sealant.
  14. I'd post a video I just found on Youtube, but I don't know if its appropriate to post a youtube video of a cowboys fan ranting and cursing about the win. And then I found this one... oh and then this one of a Dallas fan crying
  15. LOL. That Bryant reverse TD is essentially the reason that Catch rules were revised in light of the Calvin Johnson play a few years ago.. Even if its a TD in the end, I still suspect Green bay wins this one. The sad part is Tony Romo, Noone will believe he actually beat the Lions last week And noone will believe he lost this one to the Packers. ROFL
  16. I don't know who to feel more sorry for. The officials for giving Dallas their play off game against Detroit, or For Romo, as noone will believe he actually won this game.
  17. Well I already replaced the Hazard switch today, and the part worked at least for the hazard lights, but the left and right individuals still were not working right. I mean they work when the lights aren't on the dash, but when they are, they don't. Weird. I went over to advance because I was pricing the switch for my AC Fan speed controller, and saw they do free Starter and Alternator Checks. So I had them try it. Sure enough the car didn't want to start. Battery has plenty of cranking amps (its rated at 875, and was at I think 809 on his read out, which for a 2yr battery is probably go
  18. Got one possibly two different problems with my car and need some Mechanic advice. I have a 2000 Chevy Impala (3.8L V6). The two problems are this: 1. The turn signals seem to work almost none of the time. Every now and then they'll decide to work, but mostly they don't and sometimes I get a 'buzzing' sound when I try to actuate them while driving. The four way hazard switch works (and I tried replacing it as some articles I saw online lead me to think that maybe that was the problem.) On top of that, other lights in the Instrument cluster light up but don't appear to be actually having
  19. Yeah the 3.8 L sits sideways with the belts on the passenger side. Something tells me your right about ti being near the bottom, which means I'll probably have to take it to a mechanic as a lift is just not an option on my hillside street lol.
  20. Mass airflow sensor? No clue where that would be either. What I'm trying to diagnose is whether this is something me and a buddy can do in a couple of hours one weekend. Or am I going to have to take it to a garage because of where the CPS is located. That and I think its time to change plugs too.
  21. Well after my car stalled on me a few times in traffic, the check Eng lite finally came on so I took it down to advance to read the computer. Computer points to the Crankshaft Position Sensor (or is that ignition sensor?) Amazing the Advance guy guessed it was that a few days ago, but we had no way to prove it. So I'm looking around the engine (3.8L 3800) for my Chevy Impala (2000) and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is based on the picture they showed me at the parts store. Does anyone have any idea whether this is a bottom/top side part or how to locate it?
  22. Okay ran my car about 40 miles or so while out yesterday, I think the brakes are fine now. I think maybe i was treating them with such a delicate touch before because I wanted the last bit to last longer or something LOL
  23. Actually no I haven't checked the reservoir. I'd need to figure out where it is to check it.
  24. I wouldn't describe it as a bleed.... The brakes do slow the car with the very light pressure. Just they don't really seem to hammer down unless I go to the floor. TH eold brakes were almost done so... i'm assuming its because they've not worn in yet.
  25. No. The breaks slow the car as soon as you apply pressure, but they don't really do so quickly unless i push the pedal almost to the floor (this after the new pads were put on). Before I hardly had to use little if any additional pressure at all to get the brakes to do that.
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