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  1. That looked like a Tibia or Fibula fracture at worst, Severe high ankle sprain with perhaps break at worst. at least 6-8 weeks to rehab. Poor Alex. We love you man. You're a fighter! We'll miss you, but now its time for the cult of Colt to Rise again.
  2. Veretax

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    Two options, go all in on rebuilding in season (hard to do) Suck it the rest of the season and draft a QB this year. I like Will Grier but there are many talented guys coming out I bet. Start Alex next year, work draft pick in when you can. That would be my plan... because lets face it, would you ant to send out one of this years First Rd QBs with this Offensive line? Yeah I didn't think so, so that means we are paying Alex to take some lumps, and like it... What if he retires/asks out of the contract? No idea then.
  3. Veretax

    Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden

    So what happens if Smith gets an ACL tar or other year ender?
  4. Veretax

    Has FO given Jay a Playoff Roster for 2018???

    THe roster and injuries are so bad, at this point I'm starting to believe the franchise is cursed, and nothing short of a Name change could fix that. (not that I'm advocating that.) But look, we brought in a slot receiver, did not replace Pryor, have had Mo Harris step up a little bit, and still can't be consistent?? This team needs 3 new OL and quick cause who knows when trent finally hangs it up. We need a STarting caliber WR, a better backup RB then anyone in house right now, and I've not even talked about QB or Defense ?
  5. Veretax

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    THe real question is will this help or provide more confusion in the secondary? Or will it expose Norman or whoever keeps occasionally blowing coverages?
  6. Every time Dallas got flagged you could tell the CBS folks were just salivating all over Dallas. I don't think the issue is Smith, I think the issue is early play calling. Radio play by play said in the first half we had something like 8 first down runds in a row...... Talk about predictible.
  7. THe redskins receivers have no respect.... from anyone including us, why should the Refs bail them out?
  8. I'm starting to wonder if Josh Doctson buys his gloves from the same store as Carlos Rogers once did.
  9. Veretax

    Has FO given Jay a Playoff Roster for 2018???

      I almost feel like Trent deserves his own thread. I'm least upset with him. I never expeted anything from Chase or Bergstrom, but Scheriff and Moses... just wow. horrible game.  I don't know if moving Trent to Guard helps, he's one of the best tackles in the league, which doesn't say much after last night. I'm not ragging on Trent, I am not that confident that Ty NSeke is anything more than a career backup, frankly. So my comments are more about my lack of faith in who they put at LT over Trent, then on trent.
  10. Saying he was held, and not getting calls. He never gets the calls... I'm tired of the excuses. Â
  11. Yeah... smell the tea leaves... Big D - New Coach... likely Dak is gone... NYG - Same thing Our two biggest rivals will be retooling and rebuilding while we swim in a sewer of manure.  bleh... tastes horrible too. I think its time for a no social media policy during and leading up to the game on game day. That 'its just business' tweet, OMG..... if this was a business, it would be time to file Bankruptcy!
  12. I'd be interested in seeing a break down of where the runs were, because a lot of the big plays were screens not runs.
  13. Crazy thought..... What if Jay Gruden decided to quit? What if he said he had it with the apathetic way they were playing, handed the clipboard to someone else and said you want to embarass yourselves again, go right ahead. Seriously, I don't know if he would, but after tonight, I know people are all over Jay, but players have to execute too. And Jay, didn't have the personell say that Shanahan or Gibbs had.
  14. Veretax

    Has FO given Jay a Playoff Roster for 2018???

    Moving Trent will make no difference I'm afraid. MOses is not agile enough (too many injuries) Sherff has brain farts... and Bergstrom... heck I'd love to tell you what he's doing wrong but so much bad around him has to be the Centers fault also right? Why are we so bad against stunts? Oh and stop pointing to Green Bay Game, they were down a few people, and are looking as bad as we are. Not something to write home over.
  15. I like the core of our D Line, but Kerrigan looks pedestrian, Preston Smith should NOT be extended, Mason and Buddy can stay at MLB. We need new Outside Backers, and 2 new Corners, oh, and one competent Free safety out of the Nicholson'Swearenger angle. On OL. Yikes, We need like 4 OL. A new tackle, a new Guard, probably a qualified Center. And a fist full of receivers... too many holes to fill in one season.
  16. Veretax

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Let's just hope this doesn't turn out like that late trade for a RB under Gibbs who I think hardly played at all that year. (thankfully no draft picks exchanged... trying to remember T J Duckett?
  17. I agree with others, On paper its looking good, but I don't like to judge based on vanilla preseason opposition either. But would we agree that the last time we had a front this strong was during Gibb's Second tenure under Gregg Williams?
  18. quinn's on the left?
  19. Lead the NCAA in receptions? Man it will be nice to have a WR who we aren't expecting will drop the ball in a crucial situation.
  20. Here's my take on Dez. Sign him or don't Sign him? - Meh We don't have a legit #1 WR anywhere. Would Dez be that? (I'm thinking no) Is he an upgrade over Doctson or Richardson? (push) So for the right price, sign him or don't sign him. However, I'm an Engineer, I think of thinks as trade offs. Signing Dez gives us a bit more bite in our Receiving corp, even if he gets dropsies, he can't be any worse than pryor, right? However, what if what we really are looking at is Signing Dez for 8-9 mil, or, drafting a WR in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th that will be with the team for ten years, and be a stud to build around that we have not had since Santana Moss. If its a tradeoff between developing a rookie we draft, or signing Dez, I'd rather draft otherwise, I'm indifferent to the move, it doesn't upset me, doesn't elate me.
  21. WHen I looked at it looked like we had mybe 34 people from the main roster this passed year on roster signed for 2019. and 2020 sees even fewer. Cooley mentioned Brandon Scherf (sp?) I didn't see his name. Of course that includes those they haven't signed that were FA this year like Ryan Grant, Spencer Long, Terrrel Pryor, Zach Brown etc.
  22. Veretax

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I know Scott is there now, but the browns were the franchise that traded for Osweiller for a pick then cut him.... with the nasty salary he had in Houston. Not saying that they would do that again.
  23. Veretax

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    yeah I wasn't sure one made sense in the first.
  24. Veretax

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    as i look at the QB Draft class I feel like there's a big gap between 1st and 4th rd. in terms of talent. Thankfully we have Smith so don't have to force the issue. I think I will like next years class better. As for WR, I'd love to have an impact guy, but for which WR position? We are obviously keeping Crowder, I'm expect Ryan Grant to be gone at some point. I think you still have Doctson for next year, and you have Robert Davis who may have been on Practice squad for a while, no idea if he'll be worth moving up they could still extend Pryor for a year because of his injury (they showed a lot of patience with Galette after all) But I half wonder if they will surprise us and reach out for an impact Tight End. I don't think they move on from Reed yet, but Vernon is Serviceable, but we may have seen the best from him. I'm not sure what Sprinkle is at this point, and Niles Paul does whatever is asked of him, but I feel like we might want to start grooming a replacement for Niles, Vernonr, or Jordan. Seems like Cooley was talking about some Tight End a while ago that might be an impact pick.