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  1. was that unsportsmanlike conduct about I don't get that
  2. Was Jordan Reed hurt early in this game I was having issues with cable early?
  3. My son says hey that looks like my favorite play on Madden is that pay drag wheel? And now we have two point conversion
  4. Seeing that highlight of Breland intercepting for the Packers for a touchdown makes you wonder what this defense could have been
  5. We are so bad I would have liked to see if Kaepernick would would would bring a spark but I'm not confident that he will
  6. well at least it won't be a s Hutout
  7. By the way I'm going to say it now I hate the Giants.
  8. It is December now it will take at least six months before he's even walking again and the end that's before you factor in complications and additional surgeries. Even with aggressive rehab it's going to take time and you do not put this guy on the field until he's 100% because doing otherwise puts him at risk of truly ending his career. Presuming of course that he hasn't already reached
  9. Veretax

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    I don't even know how to consider at this point.
  10. for those upset about the banging on the Skins because of claiming Reuben Foster off waivers. Remember this is ABC ESPN slash Disney they hate our franchise for Untold numbers of reasons. I am not surprised to see them put this political stink on during the game I would not be surprised if it was planned ahead of time
  11. going back to the Bruce Allen and Dan Schneider appearances one after the other the only thing that would have made that more perfect if is if we had saved Tom Cruise doing one of his patented couch leaps
  12. look like Tres way was run into on the putt there no flag of course
  13. well that picture of Bruce Allen with this with the hair all messed up but like he's been sleeping in his tea or something the entire time he's been up there
  14. Johnn Football Vs Caepernick Vs.. who else crazy could be out there.... best 2 arms get signed....
  15. Pat White is coaching Quarterbacks at Alcorn State.. not sure he is available.
  16. I liked the trailer, the slobbering intro from THe espn Host.. not so much> My understanding, there was a character Marvel... and Captain Marvel was a woman who took his name after he gave it up for earth Fractured Right Fibula for Colt Mccoy why was he walking on it? (Fire the training staffa fter the game) BOdy bag 2.0!!
  17. I'm faking contusion something like that that weird Jason Taylor injury we signed him out of nowhere
  18. Veretax

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    It certainly could be savvy, smart... I'm reserving judgement. However, it is smart in one way... Is anyone talking about the thanksgiving debacle in Dallas anymore? Nope, it might be causing turmoil inside the locker room, but I've not heard anything that would make me think that to be so. Time will tell ultimately.
  19. I dislike domestic violence so strongly..... THe situation with this Ex, Is not clear to me from media reports yet what is going. The investigation is pending. If he's on the Commissioner exempt list, fine, I don't know how you could let a guy play or leave his current zipcode while under investigation anyways. What confuses me is Doug going out and apologizing for something today. I must have missed a bit of news, but we continue to look like a front office with ZERO PR skill. Whether decision is Golden or wasted breath will tell in time, but its frustrating to see our franchise in these situations seemingly all the time.
  20. Veretax

    I'm Not Mad...

    Even with all the injuries, all the dysfunction, I still think the odds are good that 2 of 5 are wins down the stretch, that's 8-8.... is it enough for the playoffs in the end? May depend on whom we beat, and hat dallas does in the same stretch.
  21. Veretax

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Okay so just a rib injury for Trent... that's a relief, I was looking for articles and one NBC article used wording that sounded more like a stroke. We cannot afford to lose Trent long term, whether he's back the rest of the season or not.
  22. I never wanted to keep Perine, and he wasn't healthy enough, I'd let him and Fat Rob go. Vernon. I still like the guy, he's played good at times, but hes' not a number 1 tight end. Jordan, I think took a while to find his feet in season because of the injury. Norman, I don't care either way, same with Thompson, but I'd only trade Thompson if you are planning to Resign AP. NO love for Stacy, and Paul I think did some good things, but may be redundant with the emergency of Quinn. My real worry is the OL. Sherf needs retained, We need a new LG, probably a rookie, and then there is Trent. Some of the reports almost made it sound like he was having a stroke or something. If Trents health is going south, then this team is in serious trouble on the oline, and there is no sugar coating that. You aren't going to See SMith go, I don't think he can be cut until he emerges from rehab, and if that's8-10 months, you can't count on him at all. We need another young Corner, and I think with the addition and retention of Dix, you have some Safety possibilities. I"m not all that big on Swearinger, but i'd not rock the boat for or against him.
  23. Veretax

    Starting QB 2019???

    WHo is at QB doesn't matter if we don't improve pass protection. We need a new Tackle, and a new Left Guard. I've been dreaming of taking a LT/LG early then trading up late in the 1st for someone like WIll Grier (but I doubt he lasts that long)
  24. Veretax

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    So for those thinking back to when JoeyT got knocked out. Who was the Redskins QB the rest of the season?
  25. On the recovery from injury. My wife broke her leg up near the hip several years ago, (not the same injury) she's still not walking without the aid of walker. She got a titanium rod too, but it was almost 2 months before any wait at all could go on that leg, It was multiple months befor she was released from Rehab. 2.5 years later still recovering. Granted Alex is fitter, younger, and healthier, he'll bounace back faster for sure, but will he be ready for camp? I doubt it.